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Art Competitions at the 1924 Paris Summer Games

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Host City: Paris, France
Date Started: May 4, 1924
Date Finished: July 27, 1924
Events: 5

Participants: 189 (168 men and 21 women) from 24 countries
Youngest Participant: FRA René Andrei (18 years, 69 days)
Oldest Participant: FRA Louis Tauzin (81 years, 287 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): 15 athletes with 1 medal
Most Medals (Country): FRA France (3 medals)


There was no art catalogue printed for the 1924 Paris Games. The single information available is the Official Report of the Paris Games, listing only the competitors with their works and the medal winners. As in 1920 there were five art categories without any further divisions\: architecture, literature, music, painting and sculpture. In all 193 artists from 24 countries exhibited in these five categories. The exhibition took place in the Grand Palais and was held by the Société National des Beaux-Arts. Five juries were installed for the five categories consisting of more than 20 members in each. The works had to be inspired by sport-related themes.

The contests were taken seriously for the first time, as the number of submitted works shows. Remarkably, the participants included three artists from the Soviet Union, even though this country officially did not take part in the Olympic Games, which they considered to be a "bourgeois" festival.