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Wrestling at the 1920 Antwerpen Summer Games:

Men's Lightweight, Greco-Roman

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Host City: Antwerpen, Belgium
Venue(s): Celebration Hall, Royal Zoological Society, Antwerpen
Date Started: August 16, 1920
Date Finished: August 20, 1920
Format: Single-elimination tournament. All those losing to the winner wrestle in a single-elimination tournament for 2nd-place. All those losing to the runner-up then wrestle in a single-elimination tournament for 3rd-place.

Gold: FIN Emil Väre
Silver: FIN Taavi Tamminen
Bronze: NOR Frithjof Andersen


[Karel Halík] of Czechoslovakia had won the Inter-Allied Championship at this class. He competed in Antwerp but lost early. [Auguste Savonnet] of Belgium had been runner-up to Halík at Paris, but he abandoned during his first match. The defending champion in this class was [Emil Väre] of Finland. Väre was likely the favorite. In 1911 he had won one of )four) different world championships that were contested that year. In 1912 he also won the European championship, in addition to his Olympic gold medal that year. At Antwerp, Väre won four of his five matches by pins.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Emil Väre 34 Finland FIN Gold
2 Taavi Tamminen 31 Finland FIN Silver
3 Frithjof Andersen 27 Norway NOR Bronze
AC r4/5 Charles Frisenfeldt 30 Denmark DEN
AC r3/5 Frits Janssens Belgium BEL
AC r3/5 Carl Coerse 27 Netherlands NED
AC r3/5 Richard Frydenlund 28 Norway NOR
AC r3/5 George Metropoulos 24 United States USA
AC r2/5 Auguste Savonnet Belgium BEL
AC r2/5 Maurice Rohon France FRA
AC r2/5 Vasileios Vougoukos Greece GRE
AC r2/5 Holger Lindberg 25 Sweden SWE
AC r2/5 Gustaf Nilsson 21 Sweden SWE
AC r2/5 Karel Halík 36 Czechoslovakia TCH
AC r2/5 František Kopřiva 27 Czechoslovakia TCH
AC r2/5 Oral Swigart 22 United States USA
AC r1/5 Fritz Christiansen 31 Denmark DEN
AC r1/5 Ahmed Rahmy Egypt EGY
AC r1/5 Théodore Bainconneau France FRA
AC r1/5 Vasilios Pavlidis Greece GRE
AC r1/5 Walter Ranghieri Italy ITA
AC r1/5 Johannes Nolten, Sr. 31 Netherlands NED