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Wrestling at the 1920 Antwerpen Summer Games:

Men's Featherweight, Greco-Roman

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Host City: Antwerpen, Belgium
Venue(s): Celebration Hall, Royal Zoological Society, Antwerpen
Date Started: August 16, 1920
Date Finished: August 20, 1920
Format: Single-elimination tournament. All those losing to the winner wrestle in a single-elimination tournament for 2nd-place. All those losing to the runner-up then wrestle in a single-elimination tournament for 3rd-place.

Gold: FIN Oskari Friman
Silver: FIN Heikki Kähkönen
Bronze: SWE Fritiof Svensson


In the featherweight class, [Josef Beránek] of Czechoslovakia had won the Inter-Allied Competition. He competed at Antwerp, but lost in the quarter-finals to [Eduard Pütsep] of Estonia. Pütsep then lost to [Heikki Kähkönen] of Finland, who lost in the finals to his countryman, [Oskari Friman]. None of those wrestlers had competed in 1919 or the 1913 world championships. In 1924, Friman moved up a class and won the [lightweight] gold medal at Paris. Also competing in this class was [Enrico Porro] (ITA), the 1908 gold medalist in [lightweight Greco-Roman] who had lost to Beránek at the Pershing Games, but Porro was eliminated after the quarter-finals.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Oskari Friman 27 Finland FIN Gold
2 Heikki Kähkönen 28 Finland FIN Silver
3 Fritiof Svensson 23 Sweden SWE Bronze
AC r4/5 Sander Boumans 27 Belgium BEL
AC r4/5 Eduard Pütsep 21 Estonia EST
AC r3/5 Aage Torgensen 20 Denmark DEN
AC r3/5 Enrico Porro 35 Italy ITA
AC r3/5 Josef Beránek 28 Czechoslovakia TCH
AC r2/5 Edvin Jensen 19 Denmark DEN
AC r2/5 Jules Bouquet 31 France FRA
AC r2/5 Maurice Bovis France FRA
AC r2/5 Piero Vaglio 32 Italy ITA
AC r2/5 Wilhelm Olsen 28 Norway NOR
AC r2/5 Gottfrid Svensson 30 Sweden SWE
AC r2/5 Adrian Brian 28 United States USA
AC r2/5 Daniel Gallery 18 United States USA
AC r1/5 Henri Dierickx 26 Belgium BEL
AC r1/5 Ioannis Dialetis Greece GRE
AC r1/5 Willem Roels 30 Netherlands NED
AC r1/5 Johannes van Maaren 30 Netherlands NED
AC r1/5 František Řezáč Czechoslovakia TCH