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Shooting at the 1920 Antwerpen Summer Games:

Men's Small-Bore Rifle, Standing, 50 metres

Shooting at the 1920 Summer Games:


Host City: Antwerpen, Belgium
Venue(s): Beverlo Camp, Beverlo
Date Started: August 2, 1920
Date Finished: August 2, 1920
Format: 22-gauge rifles. Four series of ten shots (40 shots) from 50 metres in the standing position. Belgian target of 50 x 50 centimetres with ten areas and the 10-ring 5 cm. in diameter. Individual possible 400.

Gold: USA Larry Nuesslein
Silver: USA Arthur Rothrock
Bronze: USA Dennis Fenton


The United States swept the medals in this event, led by [Larry Nuesslein]. The three American medalists all used their scores from the team event. Most of the foreign shooters used the heavy Schützen rifle, but Nuesslein used a Winchester musket with Pope barrel and set triggers. [Arthur Rothrock] and [Dennis Fenton] used Stevens rifles with set triggers.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Larry Nuesslein 24 United States USA Gold 391
2 Arthur Rothrock 34 United States USA Silver 386
3 Dennis Fenton 31 United States USA Bronze 385
AC Sigvard Hultcrantz 31 Sweden SWE 382
AC Erik Ohlsson 35 Sweden SWE 381
AC Anton Olsen 32 Norway NOR 379
AC Lars Jørgen Madsen 48 Denmark DEN 378
AC Erik Sætter-Lassen 27 Denmark DEN 378
AC Albert Helgerud 43 Norway NOR 375
AC Leon Lagerlöf 50 Sweden SWE 375
AC Anders Peter Nielsen 52 Denmark DEN 374
AC Otto Wegener 39 Denmark DEN 373
AC Sigvart Johansen 38 Norway NOR 373
AC Olaf Sletten 34 Norway NOR 371
AC Willis Lee 31 United States USA 370
AC Oscar Eriksson 30 Sweden SWE 370
AC Østen Østensen 41 Norway NOR 368
AC Ollie Schriver 40 United States USA 367
AC Christen Møller 36 Denmark DEN 359
AC Léon Johnson 44 France FRA
AC Achille Paroche 52 France FRA
AC Émile Rumeau 41 France FRA
AC André Parmentier 43 France FRA
AC Georges Roes 31 France FRA
AC Paul Van Asbroeck 45 Belgium BEL
AC Norbert Van Molle Belgium BEL
AC Philippe Cammaerts 25 Belgium BEL
AC Victor Robert Belgium BEL
AC Louis Andrieu Belgium BEL
AC Alfredo Galli Italy ITA
AC Raffaele Frasca Italy ITA
AC Peppy Campus Italy ITA
AC Franco Micheli Italy ITA
AC Ricardo Ticchi Italy ITA
AC George Lishman South Africa RSA
AC Freddie Morgan 26 South Africa RSA
AC George Harvey 42 South Africa RSA
AC Bob Bodley 41 South Africa RSA
AC Mark Paxton 44 South Africa RSA
AC José Bento 38 Spain ESP
AC Antonio Bonilla 37 Spain ESP
AC Domingo Rodríguez 34 Spain ESP
AC Luis Calvet 32 Spain ESP
AC Antonio Moreira 23 Spain ESP
AC Andreas Vikhos Greece GRE
AC Ioannis Theofilakis Greece GRE
AC Konstantinos Kefalas Greece GRE
AC Vasileios Xylinakis Greece GRE
AC Emmanouil Peristerakis Greece GRE