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Fencing at the 1920 Antwerpen Summer Games:

Men's Épée, Individual

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Host City: Antwerpen, Belgium
Venue(s): Flower Hall, Middelheim Park, Antwerpen; Royal Beerschot Tennis & Hockey Club, Antwerpen
Date Started: August 20, 1920
Date Finished: August 23, 1920

Gold: FRA Armand Massard
Silver: FRA Alexandre Lippmann
Bronze: FRA Gustave Buchard


This was the only fencing event at the 1920 Olympics at which [Nedo Nadi] did not win a gold medal. The event was won by France’s [Armand Massard]. Massard returned again in 1924 at Paris, finishing fifth in individual épée. The 1919 Inter-Allied épée had been won by France’s E. H. Laurent, who did not compete at Antwerp. The runner-up in 1919 was Portugal’s [Jorge de Paiva], who made the finals in Antwerp, but finished last of the finalists.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Armand Massard 35 France FRA Gold
2 Alexandre Lippmann 38 France FRA Silver
3 Gustave Buchard 30 France FRA Bronze
4 Ernest Gevers 28 Belgium BEL
5 Georges Casanova 29 France FRA
6T Louis Moreau France FRA
6T António de Menezes 29 Portugal POR
6T Abelardo Olivier 42 Italy ITA
9 Gustaf Lindblom 36 Sweden SWE
10T Charles Delporte 27 Belgium BEL
10T Félix, Count Goblet d'Alviella 35 Belgium BEL
12 Jorge de Paiva 32 Portugal POR
7 p2 r3/4 Georges Trombert 45 France FRA
7T p1 r3/4 Frédéric Dubourdieu France FRA
7T p1 r3/4 Fernand de Montigny 35 Belgium BEL
7T p1 r3/4 Dino Urbani 38 Italy ITA
8T p2 r3/4 Nils Hellsten 34 Sweden SWE
8T p2 r3/4 Arie de Jong 37 Netherlands NED
10T p1 r3/4 Fernando Correia Portugal POR
10T p1 r3/4 William Russell 24 United States USA
10T p2 r3/4 Henry Breckinridge 33 United States USA
10T p2 r3/4 Maurice Dewee 29 Belgium BEL
12 p1 r3/4 Ejnar Levison 39 Denmark DEN
12 p2 r3/4 João Sassetti 28 Portugal POR
7 p4 r2/4 Henrique da Silveira 19 Portugal POR
7T p1 r2/4 Tullio Bozza 29 Italy ITA
7T p1 r2/4 Joseph De Craecker 29 Belgium BEL
7T p2 r2/4 Rui Mayer 31 Portugal POR
7T p2 r2/4 Ahmed Mohamed Hassanein 30 Egypt EGY
7T p2 r2/4 Henri Wijnoldy-Daniëls 30 Netherlands NED
7T p3 r2/4 Evangelos Skotidas Greece GRE
7T p3 r2/4 Giovanni Canova 39 Italy ITA
7T p3 r2/4 Roger Ducret 32 France FRA
8T p4 r2/4 Wouter Brouwer 37 Netherlands NED
8T p4 r2/4 Édouard Fitting 21 Switzerland SUI
8T p4 r2/4 Victor Boin 34 Belgium BEL
9 p1 r2/4 Poul Rasmussen 23 Denmark DEN
10 p1 r2/4 Roland Willoughby 49 Great Britain GBR
10 p2 r2/4 Carl Gripenstedt 27 Sweden SWE
10 p3 r2/4 Aage Berntsen 34 Denmark DEN
11 p1 r2/4 Otakar Švorčík 33 Czechoslovakia TCH
11 p2 r2/4 Josef Jungmann 32 Czechoslovakia TCH
11 p3 r2/4 S. Antonidas Greece GRE
11 p4 r2/4 Robin Dalglish 39 Great Britain GBR
12 p3 r2/4 Jan van der Wiel 27 Netherlands NED
5 p9 r1/4 Otto Bærentzen 51 Denmark DEN
6 p1 r1/4 Jack Blake 45 Great Britain GBR
6 p2 r1/4 Kay Schrøder 42 Denmark DEN
6 p4 r1/4 Frederico Paredes 31 Portugal POR
6 p5 r1/4 Eugène Empeyta 27 Switzerland SUI
6 p6 r1/4 Knut Enell 33 Sweden SWE
6 p7 r1/4 Aldo Boni Italy ITA
6 p8 r1/4 David Warholm 31 Sweden SWE
6 p9 r1/4 Louis de Tribolet Switzerland SUI
7 p5 r1/4 Martin Holt 39 Great Britain GBR
7 p6 r1/4 Léon Tom 31 Belgium BEL
7 p7 r1/4 Salomon Zeldenrust 36 Netherlands NED
7 p8 r1/4 Ronald Campbell 41 Great Britain GBR
7 p9 r1/4 Manuel Queiróz Portugal POR
7T p1 r1/4 Paolo, Count Thaon Di Revel 31 Italy ITA
7T p1 r1/4 Willem Hubert van Blijenburgh 38 Netherlands NED
7T p1 r1/4 Ivan Osiier 31 Denmark DEN
7T p2 r1/4 Frédéric Fitting 17 Switzerland SUI
7T p2 r1/4 Bertil Uggla 29 Sweden SWE
7T p3 r1/4 John Dimond 27 United States USA
7T p3 r1/4 Hans Törnblom 31 Sweden SWE
7T p4 r1/4 Ray Dutcher 35 United States USA
7T p4 r1/4 Louis Delaunoij 41 Netherlands NED
7T p4 r1/4 Robert Montgomerie 40 Great Britain GBR
8 p6 r1/4 George Burt 36 Great Britain GBR
8 p7 r1/4 Barry Notley 40 Great Britain GBR
8 p8 r1/4 Henri Jacquet Switzerland SUI
8 p9 r1/4 Félix Vigeveno 39 Netherlands NED
8T p5 r1/4 Vasilios Zarkadis Greece GRE
8T p5 r1/4 Georg Hegner 22 Denmark DEN
9 p7 r1/4 Einar Råberg 29 Sweden SWE
9 p8 r1/4 Vilém Tvrzský Czechoslovakia TCH
9 p9 r1/4 Leon Schoonmaker 38 United States USA
10 p1 r1/4 Jan Černohorský Czechoslovakia TCH
10 p4 r1/4 Josef Javůrek 43 Czechoslovakia TCH