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Equestrianism at the 1920 Antwerpen Summer Games:

Men's Vaulting, Individual

Equestrianism at the 1920 Summer Games:


Host City: Antwerpen, Belgium
Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Antwerpen
Date Started: September 11, 1920
Date Finished: September 11, 1920
Format: I - Jump on the horse from a standing position, then after that, jump from the horse back to the ground. Then jump back on the horse over the left side and after that, over the right side. II - Running: A - Jump on the horse from the back. B - Land on the horse in a standing position. C - Jump over the horse without support from left to right. D - Jump over the horse without support from right to left. E - Jump over two horses without support, from left to right. F - Jump over two horses without support, from right to left. III - With Jumping Board:~ A - Jump from right to left over the horse with a salto. B - Jump with a salto over two, three, four and more horses. IV - Riding with a Walking Horse.

Gold: BEL Daniël Bouckaert
Silver: FRA  Field
Bronze: BEL Louis Finet


An event loosely called figure riding or vaulting (l’epreuve de voltige = the acrobatic event) was held for the only time in Olympic history. It was contested by Army officers from Sweden, Belgium, and France and consisted of a strange combination of figure riding, along with acrobatic jumping on and off the horses. An individual and team event was held. It was also termed “vaulting” in the English translation of the General Programme for 1920, although acrobatic riding is probably the best English translation. Switzerland also entered and wanted to compete but were stopped at the last minute by the Swiss government, who were concerned about rumors of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Belgium.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Horse Medal PTS
1 Daniël Bouckaert 25 Belgium BEL Gold 30.500
2 Field France FRA Silver 29.500
3 Louis Finet 26 Belgium BEL Bronze 29.000
4 Van Ranst Belgium BEL 28.000
5 Van Schauwenbroeck Belgium BEL 27.250
6 Albert Van Cauwenburg 29 Belgium BEL 26.666
7 Salins France FRA 26.333
8 Victor Claes 23 Belgium BEL 26.163
9 Cauchy France FRA 25.250
10 Cabanac France FRA 24.333
11 Alfred Badu France FRA 23.000
12 Formal I France FRA 22.833
13T Formal II France FRA 20.500
13T Carl Green 26 Sweden SWE 20.500
15 Anders MÃ¥rtensson 27 Sweden SWE 20.250
16 Oskar Nilsson 23 Sweden SWE 18.666
17 Oscar Nilsson 24 Sweden SWE 14.916
AC Herman Kristoffersson 24 Sweden SWE DNF