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Boxing at the 1920 Antwerpen Summer Games

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Host City: Antwerpen, Belgium
Date Started: August 21, 1920
Date Finished: August 24, 1920
Events: 8

Participants: 116 (116 men and 0 women) from 12 countries
Youngest Participant: BEL Henri Hébrans (16 years, 194 days)
Oldest Participant: GBR Fred Grace (36 years, 174 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): 24 athletes with 1 medal
Most Medals (Country): GBR Great Britain (6 medals)


The 1920 Olympic boxing matches were conducted in the Auditorium at the Zoological Gardens in Antwerp. This was the first Olympic boxing tournament since 1908, as boxing was not contested in Sweden in 1912, when the Games were held in Stockholm. Matches at Antwerp were contested over three rounds, the first two lasting three minutes each and the last round of four minutes. Extra rounds, if they were necessary to decide draws, consisted of two minutes each. Two judges and a referee judged each match. All judges were European and more than half of them were Belgian. There were two sessions held each of the four days of the boxing tournament (21-24 August 1920). The afternoon session was held from 1400-1800, while the evening sessions lasted from 2000-2300.

There were a few controversies in 1920 Olympic boxing, but nothing approaching that of later Olympics. Two of the decisions upset the Americans a great deal, but Belgian sources seem to indicate that they were scoring and reporting errors, not actual judging errors.