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Athletics at the 1920 Antwerpen Summer Games:

Men's Triple Jump

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Host City: Antwerpen, Belgium
Venue(s): Olympic Stadium, Antwerpen
Date Started: August 19, 1920
Date Finished: August 21, 1920

Gold: FIN Ville Tuulos
Silver: SWE Folke Jansson
Bronze: SWE Erik Almlöf


This competition ended early when [Ville Tuulos] recorded 14.505 metres in the first round. That mark held up to win the gold medal for the Finn. Tuulos did not approach the Olympic record (14.92), nor the world record (15.52), marks that had been set by the Ahearn(e) brothers. The Olympic mark was set by [Tim Ahearne] in London in 1908. His brother, [Dan Ahearn], finished 6th in Antwerp but had set the world record at a meet in New York on 30 May 1911. Both Irish emigrants, the family name was Ahearne but Dan changed the spelling after arriving in the United States.

Dan Ahearn was lucky to be able to compete at all in the event. The American team was less than pleased with their accommodations in Antwerp, which were in an old school building. The team members protested to their officials, to no avail. The athletes had a 10 PM curfew, but one night, Ahearn did not return at all, having rented a room for himself in a tavern, in protest against his sleeping quarters. For this he was removed from the Olympic team. In response, the 200 members of the U.S. Olympic team signed a petition demanding better accomodations and that Ahearn be reinstated, threatening to withdraw en masse if their demands were not met. Eventually Ahearn was returned to the Olympic team and was thus able to compete.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal D
1 Ville Tuulos 25 Finland FIN Gold 14.505
2 Folke Jansson 23 Sweden SWE Silver 14.480
3 Erik Almlöf 28 Sweden SWE Bronze 14.270
4 Ivar Sahlin 24 Sweden SWE 14.175
5 Sherman Landers 22 United States USA 14.170
6 Dan Ahearn 32 United States USA 14.080
7 QR Ossian Nylund 26 Finland FIN
8 QR Howard Baker 28 Great Britain GBR
9 QR Kaare Bache 21 Norway NOR
10 QR Sven Runström 24 Sweden SWE
11 QR Erling Juul 23 Norway NOR
12 QR Kaufman Geist 25 United States USA
13 QR Erling Vinne 27 Norway NOR
14 QR Charles Lively Great Britain GBR
15 QR Clarence Jaquith 24 United States USA
16 QR Étienne Proux France FRA
17 QR André Chilo 21 France FRA
18 QR Menelaos Ponireas Greece GRE
19 QR Gustave Remouet France FRA
AC QR František Šretr Czechoslovakia TCH
AC QR František Stejskal 24 Czechoslovakia TCH