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Wrestling at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Games:

Men's Middleweight B, Greco-Roman

Wrestling at the 1912 Summer Games:


Host City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue(s): Stockholm Olympic Stadium, Stockholm
Date Started: July 7, 1912
Date Finished: July 15, 1912
Format: Double-elimination tournament. When three or fewer wrestlers remained, they advanced to a final-round tournament.

Silver: FIN Ivar Böhling
SWE Anders Ahlgren
Bronze: HUN Béla Varga


In the Official Report, this class was termed the "Middleweight B" class, which differentiated it from the [75 kg. class], which was called the )Middleweight A) class. In modern sources, it is usually called the light-heavyweight class.

[Anders Ahlgren] of Sweden had won medals at three international competitions in 1910-1911, while Finland's [Ivar Böling] was less well known. After eight rounds, Ahlgren had thrown four opponents, and received four byes or walkovers. Böling had been less impressive, advancing through eight rounds with two throws, two decisions, two wins by default, and two byes. But in the final match, which started at 0920 and continued until 2000, no decision was reached. With a short intervalk every 30th minute, they effectively wrestled for nine hours. The three judges then ruled the match a double loss, usually called, erroneously, a draw. As there was no winner, a gold medal was not awarded, so Ahlgren and Böling were declared co-silver medalists.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
2T Anders Ahlgren 24 Sweden SWE Silver
2T Ivar Böhling 22 Finland FIN Silver
3 Béla Varga 22 Hungary HUN Bronze
AC r6/7 August Rajala 20 Finland FIN
AC r6/7 Fritz Lange 27 Germany GER
AC r5/7 Harald Christensen 28 Denmark DEN
AC r5/7 Johannes Eriksen 22 Denmark DEN
AC r5/7 Knut Lindberg 32 Finland FIN
AC r5/7 Sigurjón Pétursson 24 Iceland ISL
AC r4/7 Oskar Wiklund 23 Finland FIN
AC r4/7 Peter Öhler 28 Germany GER
AC r4/7 Oreste Arpè 22 Italy ITA
AC r4/7 Renato Gardini 23 Italy ITA
AC r4/7 Johan Andersson 23 Sweden SWE
AC r4/7 Ernst Nilsson 20 Sweden SWE
AC r3/7 Karl Barl 31 Austria AUT
AC r3/7 Karl Lind 31 Finland FIN
AC r3/7 Jussi Salila 27 Finland FIN
AC r2/7 Johann Trestler 24 Austria AUT
AC r2/7 Otto Nagel 23 Denmark DEN
AC r2/7 Oskar Kumpu 23 Finland FIN
AC r2/7 Lennart Lind 18 Finland FIN
AC r2/7 Édouard Martin 22 France FRA
AC r2/7 Karl Groß 28 Germany GER
AC r2/7 Ansgar Løvold 23 Norway NOR
AC r2/7 August Pikker 23 Russia RUS
AC r2/7 Karl Ekman 20 Sweden SWE
AC r2/7 Ragnar Fogelmark 24 Sweden SWE
AC r2/7 František Kopřiva 19 Bohemia BOH