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Wrestling at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Games:

Men's Lightweight, Greco-Roman

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Host City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue(s): Stockholm Olympic Stadium, Stockholm
Date Started: July 6, 1912
Date Finished: July 15, 1912
Format: Double-elimination tournament. When three or fewer wrestlers remained, they advanced to a final-round tournament.

Gold: FIN Emil Väre
Silver: SWE Gustaf Malmström
Bronze: SWE Edvin Mathiasson


[Emil Väre (Vilén)] of Finland was the likely favorite. In 1911 he had won one of four international championships which were contested that year, and in 1912 he also won the European championship. In the competition, he threw all six of his opponents, although the final against [Gustaf Malmström] (SWE) was a closely fought match, which took Väre a full hour to win. Väre returned in 1920 to defend his Olympic gold medal at Antwerp.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Emil Väre 26 Finland FIN Gold
2 Gustaf Malmström 27 Sweden SWE Silver
3 Edvin Mathiasson 22 Sweden SWE Bronze
AC r7/8 Ödön Radvány 23 Hungary HUN
AC r7/8 Carl Erik Lund 27 Sweden SWE
AC r6/8 Tatu Kolehmainen 26 Finland FIN
AC r6/8 Volmar Wikström 22 Finland FIN
AC r6/8 Oskar Kaplur 22 Russia RUS
AC r6/8 Johan Nilsson 21 Sweden SWE
AC r6/8 Jan Balej 18 Bohemia BOH
AC r5/8 Frederik Hansen 26 Denmark DEN
AC r5/8 Alfred Salonen 28 Finland FIN
AC r5/8 Aatami Tanttu 24 Finland FIN
AC r5/8 Bruno Heckel 25 Germany GER
AC r5/8 Herbrand Lofthus 22 Norway NOR
AC r4/8 Viktor Fischer 19 Austria AUT
AC r4/8 Armas Laitinen 20 Finland FIN
AC r4/8 Vihtori Urvikko 23 Finland FIN
AC r4/8 Ludwig Sauerhöfer 29 Germany GER
AC r4/8 Dezső Orosz 25 Hungary HUN
AC r4/8 Richard Frydenlund 21 Norway NOR
AC r4/8 Gottfrid Svensson 22 Sweden SWE
AC r3/8 Ville Pukkila 21 Finland FIN
AC r3/8 Ernő Márkus 22 Hungary HUN
AC r3/8 József Sándor 19 Hungary HUN
AC r3/8 Alessandro Covre Italy ITA
AC r3/8 Hugo Björklund 26 Sweden SWE
AC r3/8 Karel Halík 28 Bohemia BOH
AC r2/8 Josef Stejskal 22 Austria AUT
AC r2/8 Paul Tirkkonen 27 Finland FIN
AC r2/8 Jean Bouffechoux 31 France FRA
AC r2/8 Raymond Cabal 24 France FRA
AC r2/8 Eugène Lesieur 22 France FRA
AC r2/8 William Hayes 21 Great Britain GBR
AC r2/8 William Lupton 27 Great Britain GBR
AC r2/8 Robert Phelps 21 Great Britain GBR
AC r2/8 William Ruff 29 Great Britain GBR
AC r2/8 Andreas Dumrauf 23 Germany GER
AC r2/8 Bert Eillebrecht 23 Netherlands NED
AC r2/8 Thorbjørn Frydenlund 19 Norway NOR
AC r2/8 Thorvald Olsen 22 Norway NOR
AC r2/8 Georg Baumann 19 Russia RUS
AC r2/8 August Kippasto 24 Russia RUS
AC r2/8 Bror Flygare 23 Sweden SWE
AC r2/8 Carl Johnson 28 Sweden SWE
AC r2/8 Rudolf Rydström 26 Sweden SWE
AC r1/8 Arthur Gould 20 Great Britain GBR
AC r1/8 Árpád Szántó 22 Hungary HUN