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Wrestling at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Games:

Men's Heavyweight, Greco-Roman

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Host City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue(s): Stockholm Olympic Stadium, Stockholm
Date Started: July 7, 1912
Date Finished: July 14, 1912
Format: Double-elimination tournament. When three or fewer wrestlers remained, they advanced to a final-round tournament.

Gold: FIN Yrjö Saarela
Silver: FIN Johan Olin
Bronze: DEN Søren Jensen


The deciding match came down to [Yrjö Saarela] of Finland and [Søren Jensen] of Denmark. Both were top international wrestlers. During his career, Jensen won eight medals at the Olympics, World Championships, and European championships, including a gold medal in the [heavyweight class at the 1906 Olympic Games]. Saarela had won one of the World Championships held in 1911, this one in Helsinki. But at Stockholm, Saarela prevailed, although only after three hours under a hot sun, when Jensen was forced to retire. Saarela had also won a silver medal at the 1908 Olympics in the [light-heavyweight (93 kg.) class]. In 1912, he earned, in addition to his gold medal, possession of the Challenge Trophy for the heavyweight Greco-Roman Wrestling, which had been donated in 1908 by The Gold and Silversmiths of Great Britain.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Yrjö Saarela 29 Finland FIN Gold
2 Johan Olin 28 Finland FIN Silver
3 Søren Jensen 33 Denmark DEN Bronze
4 Jakob Neser 28 Germany GER
AC r5/7 Emil Backenius 28 Finland FIN
AC r5/7 Kalle Viljamaa 27 Finland FIN
AC r4/7 Adolf Lindfors 33 Finland FIN
AC r4/7 Uuno Pelander 24 Finland FIN
AC r3/7 Barend Bonneveld 24 Netherlands NED
AC r3/7 Gustaf Lindstrand 29 Sweden SWE
AC r3/7 Ned Barrett 34 Great Britain GBR
AC r2/7 Laurent Gerstmans 27 Belgium BEL
AC r2/7 Jean Hauptmanns 26 Germany GER
AC r2/7 Nikolajs Fārnasts 26 Russia RUS
AC r2/7 David Karlsson 31 Sweden SWE
AC r2/7 Alrik Sandberg 27 Sweden SWE
AC r2/7 Raoul Paoli 24 France FRA