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Wrestling at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Games:

Men's Featherweight, Greco-Roman

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Host City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue(s): Stockholm Olympic Stadium, Stockholm
Date Started: July 6, 1912
Date Finished: July 15, 1912
Format: Double-elimination tournament. When three or fewer wrestlers remained, they advanced to a final-round tournament.

Gold: FIN Kaarlo Koskelo
Silver: GER Georg Gerstacker
Bronze: FIN Otto Lasanen


In 1910 and 1911, there had been six different competitions considered as world championships, more properly called international meets. They had been won by Karl Wernicke (GER - 1910 in Düsseldorf), Antti Hyvönen (FIN - 1911 in Helsinki), Hans Lachnit (GER - 1911 in Stuttgart), Erich Kockel (GER - 1911 in Berlin), R. Walter (GER - 1911 in Dresden), and [Heinrich Rauß] (AUT - 1911 in Vienna). Of these, only Rauß competed in this event at Stockholm, but he was eliminated after four rounds. The winner was [Kaarlo Koskelo], who never again competed at the Olympics, and never competed in a world or European championship. Finnish wrestlers dominated this class, taking the gold and bronze medal, and six of the top eight places.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Kaarlo Koskelo 24 Finland FIN Gold
2 Georg Gerstacker 22 Germany GER Silver
3 Otto Lasanen 21 Finland FIN Bronze
AC r7/8 Kalle Leivonen 25 Finland FIN
AC r7/8 Erik Öberg 23 Sweden SWE
AC r6/8 Lauri Haapanen 22 Finland FIN
AC r6/8 Arvo Kangas 25 Finland FIN
AC r6/8 Ville Lehmusvirta 22 Finland FIN
AC r5/8 Verner Hetmar 21 Denmark DEN
AC r5/8 Hugo Johansson 24 Sweden SWE
AC r5/8 Harry Larsson 23 Sweden SWE
AC r4/8 Heinrich Rauß 21 Austria AUT
AC r4/8 Friedrich Scharrer 20 Austria AUT
AC r4/8 József Pongrácz 20 Hungary HUN
AC r4/8 Pavel Pavlovich 19 Russia RUS
AC r4/8 Carl-Georg Andersson 26 Sweden SWE
AC r4/8 Arvid Beckman 22 Sweden SWE
AC r4/8 Josef Beránek 20 Bohemia BOH
AC r3/8 António Pereira 24 Portugal POR
AC r3/8 Christian Arnesen 21 Norway NOR
AC r3/8 Ragnvald Gullaksen 21 Norway NOR
AC r3/8 Mikael Hestdahl 21 Norway NOR
AC r3/8 Aleksandr Akondinov 20 Russia RUS
AC r2/8 Carl Hansen 25 Denmark DEN
AC r2/8 Risto Mustonen 37 Finland FIN
AC r2/8 Percy Cockings 26 Great Britain GBR
AC r2/8 George MacKenzie 23 Great Britain GBR
AC r2/8 Alfred Taylor 23 Great Britain GBR
AC r2/8 Jonny Andersen 24 Germany GER
AC r2/8 Konrad Stein 20 Germany GER
AC r2/8 András Szoszky 23 Hungary HUN
AC r2/8 Mariano Ciai Italy ITA
AC r2/8 Aleksandrs Miezītis Russia RUS
AC r2/8 Karl Karlsson 24 Sweden SWE
AC r2/8 Ewald Persson 20 Sweden SWE
AC r2/8 Bruno Åkesson 25 Sweden SWE
AC r2/8 William Lyshon 24 United States USA
AC r2/8 George Retzer 29 United States USA