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Fencing at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Games:

Men's Sabre, Individual

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Host City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue(s): Östermalm Sporting Grounds, Stockholm
Date Started: July 16, 1912
Date Finished: July 18, 1912

Gold: HUN Jenő Fuchs
Silver: HUN Béla Békessy
Bronze: HUN Ervin Mészáros


In 1908 at London, Hungary began their dominance of Olympic sabre fencing. They won the team event, and [Jenő Fuchs] won the individual sabre gold medal. Fuchs was back in Stockholm, the leader of a powerful Hungarian sabre team. Seven of the eight finalists were Hungarian, and Fuchs defended his Olympic gold medal.

From 1908 through 1964 a Hungarian fencer always won the sabre gold medal at the Olympics, with the exception of 1920, when Hungary was not invited as they were considered an aggressor nation in World War I. Hungarians also won all the world championships in individual sabre from 1923 through 1937 and, after World War II, 1951-55.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Jenő Fuchs 29 Hungary HUN Gold
2 Béla Békessy 36 Hungary HUN Silver
3 Ervin Mészáros 35 Hungary HUN Bronze
4 Zoltán Schenker 31 Hungary HUN
5 Nedo Nadi 17 Italy ITA
6 Péter Tóth 29 Hungary HUN
7 Lajos Werkner 28 Hungary HUN
8 Dezső Földes 31 Hungary HUN
3 p1 r3/4 Béla Zulawszky 42 Hungary HUN
3 p2 r3/4 Alfred Syson 32 Great Britain GBR
3 p3 r3/4 Pál Pajzs Hungary HUN
3 p4 r3/4 László Berti 36 Hungary HUN
4 p1 r3/4 Bertalan Dunay 34 Hungary HUN
4 p3 r3/4 Charles Van Der Byl 38 Great Britain GBR
4 p4 r3/4 Apollon Giber von Greifenfels 24 Russia RUS
5 p1 r3/4 Friedrich Schwarz Germany GER
5 p3 r3/4 Boris Arsenyev Russia RUS
5 p4 r3/4 William Marsh 35 Great Britain GBR
6 p3 r3/4 Birger Personne 23 Sweden SWE
6 p4 r3/4 Oluf Berntsen 20 Denmark DEN
DNS p1 r3/4 Anatoly Timofeyev 24 Russia RUS
DNS p2 r3/4 Julius Lichtenfels 27 Germany GER
DNS p2 r3/4 Oszkár Gerde 28 Hungary HUN
DNS p2 r3/4 Vladimir Andreyev 33 Russia RUS
4 p1 r2/4 Giovanni Benfratello Italy ITA
4 p3 r2/4 Ernst zu Hohenlohe 20 Austria AUT
4 p5 r2/4 Hans Thomson 23 Germany GER
4 p6 r2/4 Jens Berthelsen 21 Denmark DEN
4 p7 r2/4 Alfred Keene Great Britain GBR
4 p8 r2/4 Francesco Pietrasanta Italy ITA
4T p2 r2/4 Alfred Sauer 31 United States USA
4T p2 r2/4 Harry Butterworth Great Britain GBR
4T p2 r2/4 Aristide Pontenani Italy ITA
4T p2 r2/4 Nikolay Kuznetsov Russia RUS
5 p5 r2/4 Edward Brookfield 31 Great Britain GBR
5 p7 r2/4 Martin Nordenström 23 Sweden SWE
5 p8 r2/4 Alfred Ridley-Martin 30 Great Britain GBR
5T p1 r2/4 Ejnar Levison 31 Denmark DEN
5T p1 r2/4 Georg Stöhr 26 Germany GER
DNS p2 r2/4 Albert Bógathy 30 Austria AUT
DNS p3 r2/4 Edoardo Alaimo Italy ITA
DNS p3 r2/4 Vladimir Danich 25 Russia RUS
DNS p4 r2/4 Karl Münich 63 Austria AUT
DNS p5 r2/4 Franz Dereani 36 Austria AUT
DNS p6 r2/4 Hendrik de Iongh 34 Netherlands NED
DNS p6 r2/4 Josef Javůrek 35 Bohemia BOH
DNS p7 r2/4 Josef Puhm 35 Austria AUT
DNS p8 r2/4 Albertson Van Zo Post 45 United States USA
4 p1 r1/4 Gustaf Armgarth 33 Sweden SWE
4 p2 r1/4 Friedrich Golling 28 Austria AUT
4 p3 r1/4 Boris Nepokupnoy Russia RUS
4 p6 r1/4 Johannes Kolling 25 Netherlands NED
4 p7 r1/4 Konstantin Vaterkampf Russia RUS
4 p12 r1/4 Pavel Filatov Russia RUS
4 p13 r1/4 Walter Gates 40 South Africa RSA
4 p14 r1/4 Archie Corble 28 Great Britain GBR
4 p16 r1/4 Gunnar Lindholm 24 Sweden SWE
4T p4 r1/4 Aleksandr Shkylev Russia RUS
4T p4 r1/4 Zdeněk Bárta 20 Bohemia BOH
4T p5 r1/4 Carl-Gustaf Klerck 26 Sweden SWE
4T p5 r1/4 Georgy Zakyrich Russia RUS
4T p8 r1/4 Douglas Godfree 30 Great Britain GBR
4T p8 r1/4 Aleksandr Mordovin 39 Russia RUS
5 p2 r1/4 Helge Werner 28 Sweden SWE