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Fencing at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Games:

Men's Foil, Individual

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Host City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue(s): Östermalm Sporting Grounds, Stockholm
Date Started: July 6, 1912
Date Finished: July 8, 1912

Gold: ITA Nedo Nadi
Silver: ITA Pietro Speciale
Bronze: AUT Richard Verderber


In international fencing shortly after 1900, the top swordsmen were divided between two styles - the French school and the Italian school. But the French boycotted the Olympic fencing competition, upset with the rules. They proposed that the touch surfaces should include the upper arm but this was rejected. With the best French fencers absent, the foil event was left to the Italians.

The foil gold medal went to Italy’s [Nedo Nadi], who advanced through four rounds with the loss of only one match. In 1920 at Antwerp, Nadi defended his foil gold medal, and won five gold medals in fencing at the 1920 Olympics.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Nedo Nadi 17 Italy ITA Gold
2 Pietro Speciale 35 Italy ITA Silver
3 Richard Verderber 28 Austria AUT Bronze
4 László Berti 36 Hungary HUN
5 Edoardo Alaimo Italy ITA
6 Edgar Seligman 45 Great Britain GBR
7 Béla Békessy 36 Hungary HUN
8 Robert Montgomerie 32 Great Britain GBR
3 p3 r3/4 Péter Tóth 29 Hungary HUN
3 p4 r3/4 Sherman Hall 26 United States USA
3T p1 r3/4 Pál Pajzs Hungary HUN
3T p1 r3/4 Zoltán Schenker 31 Hungary HUN
3T p2 r3/4 Emil Schön 39 Germany GER
3T p2 r3/4 Paul Anspach 30 Belgium BEL
4 p4 r3/4 Victor Willems 35 Belgium BEL
4T p3 r3/4 Béla Zulawszky 42 Hungary HUN
4T p3 r3/4 Henri Anspach 29 Belgium BEL
4T p3 r3/4 Julius Lichtenfels 27 Germany GER
5 p1 r3/4 Robert Hennet 26 Belgium BEL
5 p2 r3/4 Ivan Osiier 23 Denmark DEN
6 p1 r3/4 Vilém Tvrzský Bohemia BOH
AC p2 r3/4 Edgar Amphlett 44 Great Britain GBR DNF
AC p4 r3/4 Dezső Földes 31 Hungary HUN DNF
AC p4 r3/4 Fernando Cavallini 19 Italy ITA DNF
4 p1 r2/4 Gordon Alexander Great Britain GBR
4 p2 r2/4 Jens Berthelsen 21 Denmark DEN
4 p6 r2/4 Karl Hjorth 36 Sweden SWE
4T p3 r2/4 Marcel Berré 29 Belgium BEL
4T p3 r2/4 Scott Breckinridge 29 United States USA
4T p4 r2/4 Adolf Davids 44 Germany GER
4T p4 r2/4 Axel Jöhncke 34 Sweden SWE
4T p4 r2/4 Fernand de Montigny 27 Belgium BEL
4T p5 r2/4 Sotirios Notaris Greece GRE
4T p5 r2/4 Wilhelm Löffler 26 Germany GER
4T p7 r2/4 Lauritz Christian Østrup 30 Denmark DEN
4T p7 r2/4 Vilém Goppold z Lobsdorfu, Jr. 18 Bohemia BOH
4T p8 r2/4 Bjarne Eriksen 25 Norway NOR
4T p8 r2/4 Ejnar Levison 31 Denmark DEN
4T p8 r2/4 Jacques Ochs 29 Belgium BEL
5 p2 r2/4 Francesco Pietrasanta Italy ITA
5T p1 r2/4 Léon Tom 23 Belgium BEL
5T p1 r2/4 Marc Larimer 21 United States USA
5T p6 r2/4 Arthur Fagan 21 Great Britain GBR
5T p6 r2/4 Friedrich Golling 28 Austria AUT
6 p3 r2/4 Josef Pfeiffer Bohemia BOH
6 p5 r2/4 Harold Rayner 23 United States USA
6 p7 r2/4 Hermann Plaskuda 33 Germany GER
DNS p2 r2/4 Albertson Van Zo Post 45 United States USA
4 p3 r1/4 Bertalan Dunay 34 Hungary HUN
4 p4 r1/4 Miloš Klika Bohemia BOH
4 p8 r1/4 Ragnar Grönvall 17 Sweden SWE
4 p9 r1/4 Josef Javůrek 35 Bohemia BOH
4 p11 r1/4 Gavriil Bertrain Russia RUS
4 p12 r1/4 Alfred Sauer 31 United States USA
4 p14 r1/4 Arie de Jong 29 Netherlands NED
4 p15 r1/4 Heinrich Ziegler 20 Germany GER
4 p16 r1/4 George Breed 35 United States USA
4T p1 r1/4 Dmitry Knyazhevich 37 Russia RUS
4T p1 r1/4 Andreas Suttner 35 Austria AUT
4T p2 r1/4 Johann Adam Germany GER
4T p2 r1/4 Feliks Leparsky Russia RUS
4T p5 r1/4 Gaston Salmon 34 Belgium BEL
4T p5 r1/4 Graeme Hammond 54 United States USA
4T p6 r1/4 Ernest Stenson-Cooke 37 Great Britain GBR
4T p6 r1/4 Lars Aas 33 Norway NOR
4T p6 r1/4 John MacLaughlin 22 United States USA
4T p7 r1/4 Sydney Martineau 49 Great Britain GBR
4T p7 r1/4 Aleksandr Mordovin 39 Russia RUS
4T p10 r1/4 Josef Puhm 35 Austria AUT
4T p10 r1/4 William Bowman 30 United States USA
4T p13 r1/4 Leonid Martuchev Russia RUS
4T p13 r1/4 Oluf Berntsen 20 Denmark DEN
5 p3 r1/4 Pavel Guvorsky Russia RUS
5 p8 r1/4 Vladimir Samoylov 35 Russia RUS
5 p9 r1/4 Franz Dereani 36 Austria AUT
5 p14 r1/4 Anatoly Zhakovlev Russia RUS
5 p15 r1/4 Rudolf Cvetko 31 Austria AUT
5 p16 r1/4 Leonid Grinyov Russia RUS
5T p4 r1/4 Walter Gates 40 South Africa RSA
5T p4 r1/4 Percival Davson 34 Great Britain GBR
5T p12 r1/4 Vladimir Sarnavsky 36 Russia RUS
5T p12 r1/4 Albert Naumann 36 Germany GER
6 p5 r1/4 Gustaf Armgarth 33 Sweden SWE
6 p9 r1/4 Ernest Gignoux 37 United States USA
6 p10 r1/4 Zdeněk Vávra 20 Bohemia BOH
6 p15 r1/4 František Kříž 27 Bohemia BOH
6 p16 r1/4 Gunnar Böös 17 Sweden SWE
6T p7 r1/4 Birger Personne 23 Sweden SWE
6T p7 r1/4 Hans Olsen 26 Denmark DEN
6T p13 r1/4 Georges von Tangen 34 Norway NOR
6T p13 r1/4 Reinhold Trampler 34 Austria AUT
7 p4 r1/4 Julius Thomson 23 Germany GER
7 p5 r1/4 Vladimir Keyser Russia RUS
7 p6 r1/4 Nikolay Goredetsky Russia RUS