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Shooting at the 1908 London Summer Games:

Men's Small-Bore Rifle, Prone, 50 and 100 yards

Shooting at the 1908 Summer Games:


Host City: London, Great Britain
Venue(s): Bisley Rifle Range, Bisley
Date Started: July 11, 1908
Date Finished: July 11, 1908
Format: Prone position. 50 yards and 100 yards. 40 shots at each distance. 200 possible at each distance, 400 total possible.

Gold: GBR Arthur Carnell
Silver: GBR Harry Humby
Bronze: GBR George Barnes


In a very controversial event, [Arthur Carnell] eventually led a British sweep of the first nine places. But Carnell did not have the highest score in this event. That honor was left to British shooter [Philip Plater], who is not actually considered to have even taken part.

The limit for entrants per nation in all individual shooting events was 12. But the entry forms for [George Barnes], the eventual bronze medalist, were lost, and Plater was named as the 12th British entrant in his place. However, an extension of the deadline for entries was made and Barnes's application was eventually accepted. On the day of the competition, the British team officials lost count of the number of British shooters who had competed in this event. With only -hour to go before the time limit, they called on Plater to shoot, thinking he was the 12th British shooter in the small-bore rifle when, in fact, he was the 13th - one beyond the limit. In varying light, a gusty wind, and fine drizzle, he fired his 80 rounds in less than 30 minutes, scoring 391, the leading score and a new world record. In the initial results issued by the National Rifle Association, and published in The Sporting Life, Plater was listed as the winner.

But the error of Britain having 13 competitors was then discovered and it took several days to sort out the error. It was not certain if Plater's or Barnes' mark would be deleted from the official results, but eventually Plater was declared an unofficial entrant and not given an Olympic medal. But in October 1908, Philip Plater was presented a special gold medal and a record diploma by the British Olympic Council.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS 5dP 1cP
1 Arthur Carnell 46 Great Britain GBR Gold 387 192 195
2 Harry Humby 29 Great Britain GBR Silver 386 197 189
3 George Barnes Great Britain GBR Bronze 385 189 196
4 Maurice Matthews 27 Great Britain GBR 384 195 189
5 Edward Amoore 31 Great Britain GBR 383 194 189
6 William Pimm 43 Great Britain GBR 379 192 187
7 Albert Taylor Great Britain GBR 376 189 187
8 Harold Hawkins 21 Great Britain GBR 374 185 189
9 Jack Warner Great Britain GBR 373 191 182
10T Vilhelm Carlberg 28 Sweden SWE 370 184 186
10T Arthur Wilde Great Britain GBR 370 194 176
12 James Milne Great Britain GBR 368 182 186
13 André Mercier France FRA 366 178 188
14 William Milne 56 Great Britain GBR 363 183 180
15 Georgios Orfanidis Greece GRE 357 180 177
16 William Hill Australasia ANZ 354 183 171
17 Léon Tétart France FRA 350 176 174
18 Hübner von Holst 26 Sweden SWE 349 172 177
19 Henri Bonnefoy 20 France FRA 304 147 157
AC Philip Plater 41 Great Britain GBR [391] [195] [196] Non-scoring.