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Gymnastics at the 1908 London Summer Games:

Men's Individual All-Around

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Host City: London, Great Britain
Venue(s): White City Stadium, London
Date Started: July 14, 1908
Date Finished: July 15, 1908
Format: Horizontal Bar (swinging and slow movements), Parallel Bars, Pommelled Horse, Rings (stationary and swinging movements), and Rope Climb.

Gold: ITA Alberto Braglia
Silver: GBR Walter Tysall
Bronze: FRA Louis Ségura


The individual championship was known in the Official Report as "The Heptathlon" because it encompassed seven events, although they were conducted on only five apparatuses. The winner was the Italian [Alberto Braglia], who had been runner-up in both individual events at the 1906 Olympics in Athens. Braglia used his Olympic fame to become a circus performer. Working on a trapeze, he sustained a serious injury from a fall in 1910. But he recovered from that setback to return in 1912 at Stockholm, where he defended his Olympic title in individual gymnastics. He then turned professional, returning to the circus as an acrobat. Braglia later returned to gymnastics and coached the Italian team at the 1932 Olympics.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Alberto Braglia 25 Italy ITA Gold 317.00
2 Walter Tysall 28 Great Britain GBR Silver 312.00
3 Louis Ségura 18 France FRA Bronze 297.00
4 Curt Steuernagel Germany GER 273.50
5 Fritz Wolf 28 Germany GER 267.00
6 Samuel Hodgetts 30 Great Britain GBR 266.00
7 Marcel Lalu 26 France FRA 258.75
8 Robert Diaz France FRA 258.50
9 Edward Potts 26 Great Britain GBR 252.50
10 Jules Rolland 31 France FRA 249.50
11 François Nidal France FRA 249.00
12T George Bailey Great Britain GBR 246.00
12T Karl Borchert Germany GER 246.00
14 Antoine Costa 23 France FRA 241.75
15 János Nyisztor 20 Hungary HUN 236.00
16T Thomas Dick 27 Great Britain GBR 233.50
16T Alfred Hodges Great Britain GBR 233.50
18 Georges Thurnherr 22 France FRA 232.00
19 Guido Romano 20 Italy ITA 230.00
20 Joseph Castiglioni 30 France FRA 227.00
25 Josef Čada 27 Bohemia BOH
34 Kálmán Szabó Hungary HUN 209.00
36 Boris Honzátko 32 Bohemia BOH
39 Imre Gellért 19 Hungary HUN 202.00
45 Mihály Antos Hungary HUN 198.00
49 Michel Biet 24 Netherlands NED 187.50
59 Allan Keith 19 Canada CAN
60 Gerardus Wesling 22 Netherlands NED 165.00
61 Reinier Blom 41 Netherlands NED 160.50
62T Isidore Goudeket 24 Netherlands NED 159.00
62T Johannes Stikkelman 22 Netherlands NED 159.00
64 Emanuel Brouwer 26 Netherlands NED 158.00
66 Johannes Posthumus 20 Netherlands NED 155.50
69 Dirk Janssen 26 Netherlands NED 153.50
71 Cornelus Becker 21 Netherlands NED 152.50
72 Jan Janssen 28 Netherlands NED 150.50
74 Jan Kieft 31 Netherlands NED 149.50
75 Riku Korhonen 25 Finland FIN 143.50
78 Abraham Mok 19 Netherlands NED 141.00
80 Orville Elliott 22 Canada CAN
83 Hendricus Thijsen 26 Netherlands NED 127.00
90 Johann Flemer 20 Netherlands NED 118.50
93 Constantijn van Daalen 24 Netherlands NED 116.50
95 Herman van Leeuwen 23 Netherlands NED 101.00
96 Jonas Slier 22 Netherlands NED 96.00
AC Edmund Aspinall Great Britain GBR
AC Otto Bauscher 27 Great Britain GBR
AC Édouard Boislèvé France FRA
AC Otello Capitani 18 Italy ITA
AC Conrad Carlsrud 24 Norway NOR
AC Auguste Castille 24 France FRA
AC Fernand Castille 34 France FRA
AC Georges Charmoille France FRA
AC Joseph Cook 27 Great Britain GBR
AC Antoine De Buck Belgium BEL
AC Sidney Domville Great Britain GBR
AC Victor Dubois France FRA
AC E. Dyson Great Britain GBR
AC August Ehrich Germany GER
AC William Fergus 21 Great Britain GBR
AC Paul Fischer Germany GER
AC Dominique Follacci 28 France FRA
AC A. V. Ford Great Britain GBR
AC E. Gauthier France FRA
AC James Graham Great Britain GBR
AC Robert Hanley Great Britain GBR
AC Leonard Hanson 20 Great Britain GBR
AC Peter Hol 25 Norway NOR
AC Eugen Ingebretsen 23 Norway NOR
AC Ole Iversen 24 Norway NOR
AC Per Jespersen 20 Norway NOR
AC Georg Karth Germany GER
AC Wilhelm Kaufmann 36 Germany GER
AC Carl Klæth 20 Norway NOR
AC Carl Körting Germany GER
AC Eetu Kosonen Finland FIN
AC Josef Krämer 29 Germany GER
AC Félicien Lekim 25 France FRA
AC Joseph Lux 28 France FRA
AC G. Meade Great Britain GBR
AC G. Mounier France FRA
AC Frithjof Olsen 24 Norway NOR
AC Iivari Partanen 27 Finland FIN
AC Georges Ratelot France FRA
AC Jaska Saarivuori 19 Finland FIN
AC Heinrich Siebenhaar Germany GER
AC John Skrataas 17 Norway NOR
AC C. H. Smith Great Britain GBR
AC Vilmos Szűcs 16 Hungary HUN
AC David Teivonen 18 Finland FIN
AC Jean Van Guysse Belgium BEL
AC John Watters Great Britain GBR
AC William Watters Great Britain GBR
AC Wilhelm Weber Germany GER
AC Frigyes Gráf Hungary HUN DNF