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Figure Skating at the 1908 London Summer Games:

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Figure Skating at the 1908 Summer Games: Next Summer Games


Host City: London, Great Britain
Venue(s): Prince's Skating Club, Montpelier Square, Knightsbridge
Date Started: October 28, 1908
Date Finished: October 29, 1908
Format: Each judge ranked each skater by Ordinal Placement from first through last place. The Ordinal Placement for each judge was based on Total Points awarded by that judge to the skaters. The points were based on 60% for Compulsory Figures and 40% for Free Skating. Final placement was determined by a Majority Placement rule. Thus, if a skater was ranked first by a majority of the judges, that skater was placed first overall, and the process was repeated for each place. If no absolute majority for a place existed, the tiebreakers were, in order: 1) Total Ordinals, 2) Total Points, 3) Compulsory Figure Points.

Gold: SWE Ulrich Salchow
Silver: SWE Richard Johansson
Bronze: SWE Per Thorén


Ulrich Salchow opened a large lead in the school figures. Although his countryman, Richard Johansson, defeated him in the free skating, it was not by a sufficient margin to prevent Salchow from winning the gold medal. Nikolay Panin was second after the compulsory figures, but withdrew before the free skating. Various reasons are given for the withdrawal, with two main possibilities: 1) he was upset at the judging which gave Salchow the lead, and 2) he became ill and was unable to continue.

Salchow was the dominant figure skater of the era. He was World Champion in 1901-1905, and 1907-1911. He did not compete in 1906, the only year of the decade in which he failed to win the title. In his career, Salchow also won nine European championships - 1898-1900, 1904, 1906-1907, 1909-1910, and 1913. He retired after 1913 but returned for the 1920 Olympics, finishing fourth, before retiring for good. He is today remembered by the popular figure skating jump termed the Salchow, in which the skater takes off from the back inside edge of one foot and lands backwards on the outside edge of the opposite foot. He also served as President of the International Skating Union from 1925-1937.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal MP TO TP
1 Ulrich Salchow 30 Sweden SWE Gold 3×1+ 7.0 1,886.5
2 Richard Johansson 25 Sweden SWE Silver 3×2+ 10.0 1,826.0
3 Per Thorén 23 Sweden SWE Bronze 4×3+ 14.0 1,787.0
4 Keiller Greig 26 Great Britain GBR 5×4+ 19.0 1,554.5
5 Albert March Great Britain GBR 4×6+ 29.0 1,160.0
6 Irving Brokaw 38 United States USA 3×6+ 30.0 1,201.0
7 Horatio Torromé Argentina ARG 3×6+ 31.0 1,144.5
AC Henry Yglesias 40 Great Britain GBR
AC Nikolay Kolomenkin 34 Russia RUS