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Fencing at the 1908 London Summer Games:

Men's Sabre, Individual

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Host City: London, Great Britain
Venue(s): Fencing Ground just outside White City Stadium, London
Date Started: July 17, 1908
Date Finished: July 24, 1908

Gold: HUN Jenő Fuchs
Silver: HUN Béla Zulawszky
Bronze: BOH Vilém Goppold z Lobsdorfu, Sr.


[Jenő Fuchs] won his first gold medal in this event. He would eventually win four Olympic gold medals in sabre fencing - 1908 individual and team, and 1912 individual and team. Fuchs was also a top ranked rower and bobsledder in Hungary.

Fuchs' individual victory began the Hungarian streak in this event. From 1908 through 1964 a Hungarian fencer always won the sabre gold medal at the Olympics, with the exception of 1920, when Hungary was not invited as they were considered an aggressor nation in World War I. Hungarians also won all the world championships in individual sabre from 1923 through 1937 and, after World War II, 1951-55.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Jenő Fuchs 25 Hungary HUN Gold
2 Béla Zulawszky 38 Hungary HUN Silver
3 Vilém Goppold z Lobsdorfu, Sr. 38 Bohemia BOH Bronze
4 Jenő Szántay 27 Hungary HUN
5 Péter Tóth 25 Hungary HUN
6 Lajos Werkner 24 Hungary HUN
7T Gabriel, Count de la Falaise 42 France FRA
7T Jetze Doorman 26 Netherlands NED
5 p2 r3/4 Oszkár Gerde 24 Hungary HUN
5T p1 r3/4 Marcello Bertinetti 23 Italy ITA
5T p1 r3/4 Dezső Földes 27 Hungary HUN
6 p2 r3/4 Lauritz Christian Østrup 26 Denmark DEN
7 p1 r3/4 Barry Notley 28 Great Britain GBR
7 p2 r3/4 Joseph Van der Voodt Belgium BEL
8 p1 r3/4 Bertrand, Count de Lesseps 33 France FRA
AC p2 r3/4 Sante Ceccherini 44 Italy ITA DNF
3 p2 r2/4 George van Rossem 25 Netherlands NED
3 p3 r2/4 William Marsh 31 Great Britain GBR
3 p4 r2/4 Bedřich Schejbal Bohemia BOH
3 p5 r2/4 Otakar Lada 24 Bohemia BOH
3 p7 r2/4 August Petri Germany GER
3 p8 r2/4 Jenő Apáthy Hungary HUN
3T p1 r2/4 Richard Schoemaker 21 Netherlands NED
3T p1 r2/4 Étienne Grade 33 Belgium BEL
3T p6 r2/4 Alfred Labouchere 41 Netherlands NED
3T p6 r2/4 Fritz Flesch 36 Austria AUT
3T p6 r2/4 Willem Hubert van Blijenburgh 26 Netherlands NED
4 p2 r2/4 Richard Badman Great Britain GBR
4 p4 r2/4 Vilém Tvrzský Bohemia BOH
4 p5 r2/4 Emil Schön 35 Germany GER
4 p8 r2/4 Einar Schwarz-Nielsen 24 Denmark DEN
4T p3 r2/4 Riccardo Nowak 23 Italy ITA
4T p3 r2/4 Arie de Jong 25 Netherlands NED
4T p7 r2/4 Alessandro Pirzio Biroli 30 Italy ITA
4T p7 r2/4 Vlastimil Lada-Sázavský 22 Bohemia BOH
5 p1 r2/4 René Lateux France FRA
5 p2 r2/4 Fritz Jack 28 Germany GER
5 p5 r2/4 Paul Anspach 26 Belgium BEL
2 p11 r1/4 Gustaaf van Hulstijn 23 Netherlands NED
4 p1 r1/4 Jean de Mas Latrie 28 France FRA
4 p2 r1/4 Arthur Murray Great Britain GBR
4 p3 r1/4 Jean-Joseph Renaud 35 France FRA
4 p4 r1/4 Julius Lichtenfels 23 Germany GER
4 p5 r1/4 Georges Langevin 19 France FRA
4 p6 r1/4 Antoine Van Tomme Belgium BEL
4 p7 r1/4 Lion van Minden 27 Netherlands NED
4 p11 r1/4 Luigi Pinelli Italy ITA
4 p12 r1/4 Louis Chapuis France FRA
4 p13 r1/4 Marc Perrodon 29 France FRA
4T p8 r1/4 Robert Krünert 42 Germany GER
4T p8 r1/4 Charles Wilson Great Britain GBR
4T p9 r1/4 André du Bosch Belgium BEL
4T p9 r1/4 Alfred Keene Great Britain GBR
4T p10 r1/4 Edward Brookfield 27 Great Britain GBR
4T p10 r1/4 Johan van Schreven 33 Netherlands NED
5 p2 r1/4 Johann Adam Germany GER
5 p3 r1/4 Dino Diana Italy ITA
5 p4 r1/4 Harald Krenchel 23 Denmark DEN
5 p6 r1/4 Maurits van Löben Sels 31 Netherlands NED
5 p11 r1/4 Ernst Moldenhauer Germany GER
5 p12 r1/4 Alexis Simonson Belgium BEL
5T p1 r1/4 Henri Six 35 Belgium BEL
5T p1 r1/4 Jaroslav Tuček 25 Bohemia BOH
5T p7 r1/4 Jakob Erckrath de Bary 44 Germany GER
5T p7 r1/4 Ismaël de Lesseps 36 France FRA
5T p13 r1/4 Jan de Beaufort 27 Netherlands NED
5T p13 r1/4 František Dušek Bohemia BOH
6 p3 r1/4 Douglas Godfree 26 Great Britain GBR
6 p8 r1/4 Walter Gates 36 South Africa RSA
6 p9 r1/4 Joseph, Marquis de Saint Brisson 40 France FRA
6 p11 r1/4 Lockhart Leith 31 Great Britain GBR
6 p12 r1/4 Albert Naumann 32 Germany GER
6T p10 r1/4 Pietro Sarzano Italy ITA
6T p10 r1/4 Georg Stöhr 22 Germany GER
7 p13 r1/4 Anthony Chalke Great Britain GBR
8 p10 r1/4 Jean Mikorski France FRA