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Weightlifting at the 1906 Athina Summer Games:

Men's Unlimited, One Hand

Weightlifting at the 1906 Summer Games: Previous Summer Games


Host City: Athina, Greece
Venue(s): Panathenaic Stadium, Athina
Date Started: April 27, 1906
Date Finished: April 27, 1906

Gold: AUT Josef Steinbach
Silver: ITA Tullio Camillotti
Bronze: GER Heinrich Schneidereit


Josef Steinbach achieved some measure of revenge by easily winning the dumbbell contest after his loss in the barbell event. He was probably the strongest man of his day. He was born on 21 March 1879 at Horschau, near Pilsen, Bohemia. When he was 15 he moved to Vienna where he began his weightlifting career in 1898. He quickly became the greatest Austrian lifter and in 1900 was judged the champion of the association of Austrian athletic clubs. In 1902 he won the Austro-Hungarian championship and in 1904 he won the world weightlifting championship for the first time. In 1905 he was world champion twice, as three competitions were held that year, one in Berlin, and another in Duisburg, Germany. After the Olympic Games he turned professional, mainly as a wrestler, although he continued to perform exhibition weightlifting as a professional. In 1910 he issued a challenge to the well-known strong man, Arthur Saxon, to compete against him for the professional weightlifting championship of the world. The challenge was issued repeatedly, and published in several popular physical culture magazines of the time, but Saxon never responded to the challenge, obviously fearing Steinbach in such an event. Steinbach died in Vienna on 15 January 1937. Later that year a huge granite monument was erected in his honor from a fund raised from Austrian and German weighlifters and wrestlers.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal K
1 Josef Steinbach 27 Austria AUT Gold 73.75 OR
2 Tullio Camillotti 26 Italy ITA Silver 73.75 OR
3 Heinrich Schneidereit 21 Germany GER Bronze 70.75
4 Alexandre Maspoli 30 France FRA 70.75
5 Carl Svensson 26 Sweden SWE 65.45
6T Heinrich Rondi 28 Germany GER 65.45
6T Ioannis Varanakis Greece GRE 65.45
8 Marcel Dubois 19 Belgium BEL 60.40
9 Nikolaos Anagnostopoulos Greece GRE 55.30
10 Theodoros Georgiadis Greece GRE 40.00
11 Stefanos Khristopoulos Greece GRE 40.00
AC Dimitrios Tofalos 22 Greece GRE 0.00