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Cycling at the 1906 Athina Summer Games:

Men's 20 kilometres

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Host City: Athina, Greece
Venue(s): Neo Faliro Velodrome, Peiraias
Date Started: April 25, 1906
Date Finished: April 25, 1906
Format: Paced event. First round races were 10 kilometres.

Gold: GBR Billy Pett
Silver: FRA Maurice Bardonneau
Bronze: FRA Fernand Vast


The 20-kilometer track event was a paced event. Apparently, the cyclists could have either motor-pacing or tandem pacers, as there is a picture in the Official Report showing the final, one rider paced by a tandem, one by a motorized gurney.

The winner of the race, [Billy Pett], was paced by the tandem gold medalists at the Athens Olympics, [Johnnie Matthews] and [Arthur Rushen]. However, Pett was a very accomplished cyclist. He had already won three NCU titles at 50 miles, and in 1905 he was the runner-up at the world championships in the motor-paced event at Antwerp. He did not take up cycling until he was 20 years old and he was definitely a true amateur. He was employed in the wine cellars at Harrod's working from 8 AM to 7 PM and was able to compete only on weekends.

Later in 1906, the runner-up at Athens, [Maurice Bardonneau], won the world championships in Geneva in the motor-paced event. Pett did not finish in the top three and it is not known if he competed.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Billy Pett 32 Great Britain GBR Gold
2 Maurice Bardonneau 20 France FRA Silver
3 Fernand Vast 19 France FRA Bronze
4 Hans Holly Austria AUT
5 Erich Dannenberg Germany GER
6 Edmond Luguet 20 France FRA
AC r2/2 Adolf Böhm 35 Germany GER DNF
DNS r2/2 François Verstraeten 19 Belgium BEL
2 h2 r1/2 Ioannis Petritsis Greece GRE
AC h1 r1/2 Aristidis Albanopoulos Greece GRE
AC h1 r1/2 Karl Arnold Germany GER
AC h1 r1/2 Bert Bouffler 25 Great Britain GBR
AC h1 r1/2 Eugenio Colombani Egypt EGY
AC h1 r1/2 Herbert Crowther 23 Great Britain GBR
AC h1 r1/2 Carl Andresen Denmark DEN DNF
AC h2 r1/2 Martin Klöb Germany GER
AC h2 r1/2 Aristidis Konstantinidis Greece GRE
AC h3 r1/2 Henri Menjou France FRA
AC h3 r1/2 Johnnie Matthews 21 Great Britain GBR
AC h3 r1/2 Ernst Meyer Switzerland SUI
AC h3 r1/2 Arthur Rushen Great Britain GBR
AC h3 r1/2 Romeo Verschelden Belgium BEL
AC h3 r1/2 Hans Studer Switzerland SUI
AC h3 r1/2 Konstantinos Tzortzakis Greece GRE