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Athletics at the 1904 St. Louis Summer Games

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Host City: St. Louis, United States
Date Started: July 4, 1904
Date Finished: July 4, 1904
Events: 24

Participants: 116 (116 men and 0 women) from 11 countries
Youngest Participant: USA Walter Dray (18 years, 166 days)
Oldest Participant: USA Jim Mitchel (40 years, 217 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): USA Jim Lightbody (4 medals)
Most Medals (Country): USA United States (64 medals)


The track & field athletics events held from 29 August through 3 September 1904 at [Francis Field] in St. Louis were considered to be the main event of the Olympic Games by all the media which covered them in that year. To some media, they were the only event worthy of being considered a )true) Olympic event.

There were many other track & field meets held during the summer of 1904 in St. Louis and James Sullivan, Director of the Department of Physical Culture at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, insisted on calling all of them "Olympic" events. There were also handicap events conducted during the same days as the Olympic meet. We've included the results of everything below, although the "true" Olympic events are listed first and with the most detail.

Although there were a few foreign competitors, the meet was essentially a U.S. championship, although the Olympic meet was not the 1904 AAU Championship. That had been held in St. Louis, however, but earlier in the summer, on 4 June (results given below).

The track was specially built for the Olympic Games and was very modern - for 1904. It was 1/3 of a mile in length (586 yards, 2 feet = 536.44 metres), with one very long straightwaway, four turns, and three shorter straights. It was built on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis and was composed of cinders. (Through the mid-1980s, the track existed in its original form, but Washington University has now replaced it with a synthetic surface track. Amazingly, however, the stadium still exists in its original form.) The weather was excellent. It was sunny every day of the Games, with temperatures in the high-70's to mid-80's (F.) (25-30° C.).


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's 60 metres USA Archie Hahn USA Bill Hogenson USA Fay Moulton
Men's 100 metres USA Archie Hahn USA Nate Cartmell USA Bill Hogenson
Men's 200 metres USA Archie Hahn USA Nate Cartmell USA Bill Hogenson
Men's 400 metres USA Harry Hillman USA Frank Waller USA Herman Groman
Men's 800 metres USA Jim Lightbody USA Howard Valentine USA Emil Breitkreutz
Men's 1,500 metres USA Jim Lightbody USA Bill Verner USA Lacey Hearn
Men's Marathon USA Tom Hicks FRA Albert Corey USA Arthur Newton
Men's 110 metres Hurdles USA Fred Schule USA Thad Shideler USA Lesley Ashburner
Men's 200 metres Hurdles USA Harry Hillman USA Frank Castleman USA George Poage
Men's 400 metres Hurdles USA Harry Hillman USA Frank Waller USA George Poage
Men's 2,590 metres Steeplechase USA Jim Lightbody GBR John Daly USA Arthur Newton
Men's 4 mile, Team USA United States MIX Mixed team
Men's High Jump USA Sam Jones USA Garrett Serviss GER Paul Weinstein
Men's Standing High Jump USA Ray Ewry USA Joseph Stadler USA Lawson Robertson
Men's Pole Vault USA Charles Dvorak USA LeRoy Samse USA Lou Wilkins
Men's Long Jump USA Meyer Prinstein USA Dan Frank USA Robert Stangland
Men's Standing Long Jump USA Ray Ewry USA Con King USA John Biller
Men's Triple Jump USA Meyer Prinstein USA Fred Engelhardt USA Robert Stangland
Men's Standing Triple Jump USA Ray Ewry USA Con King USA Joseph Stadler
Men's Shot Put USA Ralph Rose USA Wesley Coe USA Lawrence Feuerbach
Men's 56-pound Weight Throw CAN Ã‰tienne Desmarteau USA John Flanagan USA Jim Mitchel
Men's Discus Throw USA Martin Sheridan USA Ralph Rose GRE Nikolaos Georgantas
Men's Hammer Throw USA John Flanagan USA John DeWitt USA Ralph Rose
Men's All-Around Championship GBR Tom Kiely USA Adam Gunn USA Truxtun Hare