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Archery at the 1904 St. Louis Summer Games:

Women's Double National Round

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Host City: St. Louis, United States
Venue(s): Francis Field, Washington University, St. Louis
Date Started: September 20, 1904
Date Finished: September 20, 1904
Format: Two National Rounds consisted of 48 arrows at 60 yards (54.9 metres), and 24 arrows at 50 yards (45.7 metres). Placings in individual events determined on a point basis. Two points awarded for highest total score, two points awarded for most total targets hit, one point awarded for highest score at each distance, and one point awarded for most targets hit at each distance. Ties broken on total score, and then on total targets hit.

Gold: USA Lida Howell
Silver: USA Emma Cooke
Bronze: USA Eliza Pollock


[Lida Howell] won this event by more than 200 points, scoring 620 to the 419 score of the silver and bronze medalists, [Emma Cooke] and [Eliza Pollock]. Howell was the dominant American archer of this era, winning 17 US Championships between 1883 and 1907, and she only competed 20 times. She also won the title in 1904 in the Double Columbia Round. Cooke and Pollock also finished 2-3, respectively, in the Double Columbia Round, and oddly, both had the same overall score in that event. This was the only time this event was contested at the Olympics.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS TH S
1 Lida Howell 44 United States USA Gold 7.5 130 620
2 Emma Cooke 55 United States USA Silver 0.5 103 419
3 Eliza Pollock 63 United States USA Bronze 0.0 103 419
4 Emily Woodruff 58 United States USA 0.0 66 234
5 Mabel Taylor 24 United States USA 0.0 46 160
6 Leonie Taylor United States USA 0.0 39 159