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Basque Pelota at the 1900 Paris Summer Games

1900 Summer Games:


Host City: Paris, France
Date Started: June 14, 1900
Date Finished: June 14, 1900
Events: 1

Participants: 2 (2 men and 0 women) from 1 country
Youngest Participant: ESP José de Amézola (26 years, 156 days)
Oldest Participant: ESP Francisco Villota (26 years, 208 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): ESP Francisco Villota and ESP José de Amézola (1 medal)
Most Medals (Country): ESP Spain (1 medal)


Pelota basque is not usually seen listed as an Olympic event in 1900, although Lennartz/Teutenberg did include it in their book. However, it meets all the criteria for inclusion on the Olympic program – amateurs, international competitors, and no restriction of entry.

There were two events contested, one for amateurs and one for professionals. Only the amateur event should be considered the Olympic competition. A third event was scheduled, and this was also for amateurs and would have been an Olympic event as well, except that there were no entrants. The third event was paume à main nués – game of the open palm, which sounds suspiciously like the American version of handball.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Two-Man Teams With Cesta ESP Spain