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Golf at the 1900 Paris Summer Games:

Women's Individual

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Host City: Paris, France
Venue(s): Compiègne Golf Club, Compiègne
Date Started: October 3, 1900
Date Finished: October 3, 1900
Format: 9 holes stroke play

Gold: USA Margaret Abbott
Silver: USA Polly Whittier
Bronze: USA Abbie Pratt


The ladies’ event took place the day after the men’s event and was won by [Margaret Abbott] of the Chicago Golf Club, who played her requisite nine holes in 47 strokes. Behind Margaret Abbott in the women’s tournament came [Polly Whittier] and a lady listed in the past as [Mrs. J. Huger Pratt] of Dinard, France. The three women were mysteries until research by Dr. Paula Welch, a sports historian at the University of Florida, unearthed their identities.

[Margaret Abbott] was born in Calcutta (Kolkata), India in 1876 to wealthy parents. She learned her golf at the Chicago Golf Club but in 1900 was studying art in Paris, accompanied by her mother, who also played in the Olympic golf tournament (she finished seventh). By winning the Olympic golf tournament she became the first American woman to win an Olympic event (and only the second overall).

[Polly Whittier], often listed as being from Switzerland, was actually Pauline Whittier of Boston. Also from a wealthy family, Whittier was a descendent of the famous poet, John Greenleaf Whittier, and in 1900 was studying in St. Moritz, hence the mistaken affiliation.

[Mrs. J. Huger Pratt] of Dinard was the former Daria Pankhurst. Vacationing in France in 1900, she played her golf at the Dinard Club. A short time after the Olympics, Daria Pratt’s second husband, Mr. Thomas Huger Pratt, died an early death. She later married Prince Alexis Karageorgevitch of Serbia, thus becoming the Princess Karageorgevitch of Serbia.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal S
1 Margaret Abbott 23 United States USA Gold 47
2 Polly Whittier 23 United States USA Silver 49
3 Abbie Pratt 41 United States USA Bronze 53
4 Mme. Froment-Meurice France FRA 56
5 Ellen Ridgway 33 United States USA 57
6 Madeleine Fournier-Sarlovèze 26 France FRA 58
7T Mary Abbott 42 United States USA 65
7T Lucile, Baroness Fain 32 France FRA 65
9 Rose Gelbert 26 France FRA 76
10 A. Brun France FRA 80