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Golf at the 1900 Paris Summer Games:

Men's Individual, Handicap

Golf at the 1900 Summer Games:


Host City: Paris, France
Venue(s): Compiègne Golf Club, Compiègne
Date Started: October 3, 1900
Date Finished: October 3, 1900
Format: 18 holes stroke play with handicaps.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Al Lambert 24 United States USA
2 Pierre Deschamps France FRA
3 Arthur Lord 31 United States USA
4 George Thorne Great Britain GBR
5 Mackenzie Turpie Great Britain GBR
6 William Dove 28 Great Britain GBR
7 Frederick Taylor 44 United States USA
8T Huger Pratt United States USA
8T Charles Sands 34 United States USA
10 Hector Béeche Chile CHI
11 George Hetley Great Britain GBR
12 Alexandros, Count Merkati 25 Greece GRE
13 Walter Rutherford 30 Great Britain GBR
14T E. H. Robinson Great Britain GBR
14T F. Brewster Great Britain GBR
14T John Daunt 34 France FRA
14T Edward Essex Digby Great Britain GBR
18 A. Hamilton Markes 40 Great Britain GBR
19 Léon Legrand France FRA