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Fencing at the 1900 Paris Summer Games:

Men's Foil, Masters, Individual

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Host City: Paris, France
Venue(s): Grand Celebration Hall of the Exposition, Field of Mars, Paris
Date Started: May 22, 1900
Date Finished: May 29, 1900

Gold: FRA Lucien Mérignac
Silver: FRA Alphonse Kirchhoffer
Bronze: FRA Jean-Baptiste Mimiague


Fencing masters events were contested among teaching professionals, and fencing was the only sport that allowed professionals in the early days of the Olympics. This event was only on the Olympic Program in 1896 and 1900. There were 61 competitors from seven nations, but most of them were French, with several rounds that qualified 16 fencers for the semi-finals. They consisted of individual bouts among the fencers, but a jury decided on who would advance, rather than going strictly by the results of matches. In the semi-finals and finals, round-robin pools were conducted, and here the match results did determine the placements. In the final [Lucien Mérignac] and [Alphonse Kirchhoffer] tied with 6 wins and 1 loss, and fought a barrage to determine the title, which went to Mérignac. Third-place was also tied with Italy’s [Antonio Conte] and France’s [Jean-Baptiste Mimiague] both with 4 wins and 3 losses, with Mimiague taking third on a barrage victory over Conte.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Lucien Mérignac 26 France FRA Gold
2 Alphonse Kirchhoffer 26 France FRA Silver
3 Jean-Baptiste Mimiague 29 France FRA Bronze
4 Antonio Conte 32 Italy ITA
5 Jules Rossignol 30 France FRA
6 Léopold Ramus 41 France FRA
7 Italo Santelli 33 Italy ITA
8 Adolphe Rouleau 32 France FRA
9 Louis Haller 35 France FRA
10 Pierre Selderslagh 27 Belgium BEL
11 Adjutant Lemoine France FRA
12 Georges Lefèvre France FRA
13 Marcel Boulanger France FRA
14 Lucien Millet France FRA
15 Cyrille Verbrugge 33 Belgium BEL
16 Michel Filippi 24 France FRA
AC r3/5 Xavier Anchetti 34 France FRA
AC r3/5 Alexandre Bergès 31 France FRA
AC r3/5 Michel Bettenfeld 46 France FRA
AC r3/5 Bormel France FRA
AC r3/5 Jean-Marie Borringes 33 France FRA
AC r3/5 Jean Boulège France FRA
AC r3/5 J. Brassard France FRA
AC r3/5 Brau France FRA
AC r3/5 Paul Carrichon 43 France FRA
AC r3/5 François Delibes 26 France FRA
AC r3/5 Dizier France FRA
AC r3/5 Joseph Fontaine France FRA
AC r3/5 Louis Gauthier France FRA
AC r3/5 Ludovic Laborderie France FRA
AC r3/5 Joseph-Auguste Métais France FRA
AC r3/5 Marcel Montuel France FRA
AC r3/5 Muller France FRA
AC r3/5 Henri Pantin 26 France FRA
AC r3/5 René Raynaud France FRA
AC r3/5 Jules Ringnet 38 France FRA
AC r3/5 Francis Sabourin France FRA
AC r3/5 Pierre Samiac France FRA
AC r3/5 Ernest Tassart 31 France FRA
AC r3/5 Armand Viguier 31 France FRA
AC r3/5 Henri Yvon France FRA
AC r3/5 Lucien Largé 26 France FRA
AC r3/5 Charles Marty 34 France FRA
AC r3/5 Jules Large France FRA
AC r3/5 Cannesson France FRA
AC r1/5 Charles Bersin France FRA
AC r1/5 Jens Peter Berthelsen 45 Denmark DEN
AC r1/5 Émile Bouard France FRA
AC r1/5 François Brun-Buisson 37 France FRA
AC r1/5 Henri Coquelin France FRA
AC r1/5 Louis Coudurier France FRA
AC r1/5 Georges Daussy 22 France FRA
AC r1/5 F. Després Belgium BEL
AC r1/5 Márton Endrédi Hungary HUN
AC r1/5 Louis Garnoty France FRA
AC r1/5 Jolliet France FRA
AC r1/5 Gustave Masselin 33 France FRA
AC r1/5 Piétory France FRA
AC r1/5 Eugène Plisson Great Britain GBR
AC r1/5 Léon Thiércelin Haiti HAI
AC r1/5 Wineuwanheim France FRA