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Fencing at the 1900 Paris Summer Games:

Men's Foil, Individual Round One

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Host City: Paris, France
Venue(s): Grand Celebration Hall of the Exposition, Field of Mars, Paris
Date Started: May 14, 1900
Date Finished: May 15, 1900
Format: Matches were contested among the participants in round one. The actual results of the matches was not of primary importance. Rather, a jury decided which fencers were the best and advanced those to the next round.

Gold: FRA Ã‰mile Coste
Silver: FRA Henri Masson
Bronze: FRA Marcel Boulenger
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Round One

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC
AC G. Béllot France FRA QU
AC Calvet France FRA QU
AC Clément de Boissière 25 France FRA QU
AC de Saint-Aignan France FRA QU
AC Felix Debax 35 France FRA QU
AC Ferrand France FRA QU
AC Charles Guérin France FRA QU
AC Jactel France FRA QU
AC Martini France FRA QU
AC Raphaël Perrissoud France FRA QU
AC Henri Plommet 28 France FRA QU
AC Frédéric Soudois 35 France FRA QU
AC van der Stoppen Austria AUT QU
AC Wattelier France FRA QU
AC Adrien Guyon 33 France FRA QU
AC Albert Cahen France FRA QU
AC Tony Smet 30 Belgium BEL QU
AC André, Baron de Schonen 31 France FRA QU
AC Carlos de Candamo 29 Peru PER QU
AC Olivier Collarini 36 Italy ITA QU
AC Joseph Ducrot 33 France FRA QU
AC Georges, Baron Dillon-Kavanagh 27 France FRA QU
AC H. Valarche France FRA QU
AC Henri Jobier 20 France FRA QU
AC Henri Masson 28 France FRA QU
AC Jean-Joseph Renaud 27 France FRA QU
AC Jean Taillefer 31 France FRA QU
AC Léon Thiébaut France FRA QU
AC Marcel Boulenger 26 France FRA QU
AC Paul Robert Switzerland SUI QU
AC Pierre d'Hugues 26 France FRA QU
AC Joseph Sénat 35 France FRA QU
AC Robert Marc France FRA QU
AC Rudolf Brosch Austria AUT QU
AC Mauricio, Duke de Gor 35 Spain ESP QU
AC Émile Coste 38 France FRA QU
AC André Corvington 22 Haiti HAI
AC Giunio Fedreghini Italy ITA
AC Gardiès France FRA
AC Grossard France FRA
AC Palardi Italy ITA
AC Passerat France FRA
AC Piot France FRA
AC Pélabon France FRA
AC Albert Gauthier France FRA
AC Emil Fick 36 Sweden SWE
AC Eugène des Logis Berges France FRA
AC F. Weill United States USA
AC Giuseppe Giurato Italy ITA
AC Heinrich Rischtoff 35 Austria AUT
AC H. Georges Berger 24 France FRA
AC Jean Weill Switzerland SUI
AC Paul Leroy France FRA
AC Édouard Fouchier France FRA

Round One

Unit Date Result
Bout #1 Debax (FRA) advanced, de Gor (ESP) advanced
Bout #2 Robert (SUI) advanced, Dillon-Kavanagh (FRA) advanced
Bout #3 de Candamo (PER) advanced, Cahen (FRA) advanced
Bout #4 Collarini (ITA) advanced, Masson (FRA) advanced
Bout #5 Béllot (FRA) advanced, Marc (FRA) advanced
Bout #6 Jobier (FRA) advanced, Martini (FRA) advanced
Bout #7 Guérin (FRA) advanced, Smet (BEL) advanced
Bout #8 Ferrand (FRA) advanced, Sénat (FRA) advanced
Bout #9 Grossard (FRA) , Taillefer (FRA) advanced
Bout #10 Fick (SWE) , Calvet (FRA) advanced
Bout #11 Palardi (ITA) , Guyon (FRA) advanced
Bout #12 Giurato (ITA) , Jactel (FRA) advanced
Bout #13 Gardiès (FRA) , de Boissière (FRA) advanced
Bout #14 Weill (USA) , Thiébaut (FRA) advanced
Bout #15 Fedreghini (ITA) , Piot (FRA)
Bout #16 Pélabon (FRA) , Rischtoff (AUT)
Bout #17 Weill (SUI) , Passerat (FRA)
Bout #18 Corvington (HAI) , Fouchier (FRA)
Bout #19 Coste (FRA) advanced, d'Hugues (FRA) advanced
Bout #20 Boulenger (FRA) advanced, Brosch (AUT) advanced
Bout #21 de Saint-Aignan (FRA) advanced, Valarche (FRA) advanced
Bout #22 Plommet (FRA) advanced, van der Stoppen (AUT) advanced
Bout #23 Soudois (FRA) advanced, Perrissoud (FRA) advanced
Bout #24 Gauthier (FRA) , Ducrot (FRA) advanced
Bout #25 Leroy (FRA) , de Schonen (FRA) advanced
Bout #26 des Logis Berges (FRA) , Renaud (FRA) advanced
Bout #27 Berger (FRA) , Wattelier (FRA) advanced