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Equestrianism at the 1900 Paris Summer Games:

Mixed Four-In-Hand Competition

Equestrianism at the 1900 Summer Games:


Host City: Paris, France
Venue(s): Breteuil Square, Paris
Date Started: June 2, 1900
Date Finished: June 2, 1900

Gold: BEL Georges Nagelmackers
Silver: FRA Léon Thome
Bronze: FRA Jean, Baron de Neuflize


The four-in-hand competition is a carriage driven by four horses, with the reins arranged so that one driver can control all four horses. It is actually now part of an FEI (Fédération Équestre Internationale) World Cup Driving series, which was initiated in 2001. Very little is known of the 1900 event, which had at least 28 carriages entered, although drivers could enter more than once. The title was won by Belgian [Georges Nagelmackers], although he had a second entry in the event as well. The four-in-hand event has never again been contested at the Olympics.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Horse Medal
1 Georges Nagelmackers 54 Belgium-1 BEL Gold
2 Léon Thome France-1 FRA Silver
3 Jean, Baron de Neuflize 49 France-1 FRA Bronze
4 Philippe Vernes France-1 FRA
AC Étienne, Baron Van Zuylen Van Nijevelt 39 Belgium-1 BEL
AC Étienne, Baron Van Zuylen Van Nijevelt 39 Belgium-2 BEL
AC Georges Nagelmackers 54 Belgium-2 BEL
AC Vladimir, Prince Orlov 31 Russia-1 RUS
AC Charles-Eugène, Baron de Veauce 32 France-1 FRA
AC Luis Antonio, Marquis de Guadalmina 52 Spain-1 ESP
AC Élie de Polyakov Russia-1 RUS
AC Octave Gallice 42 France-1 FRA
AC Jacques, Baron la Caze France-1 FRA
AC Jacques, Baron la Caze France-2 FRA
AC James Hennessy 32 France-1 FRA
AC Gaston Saint-Paul de Sinçay 45 Belgium-1 BEL
AC Adrien, Duke de Noailles 30 France-1 FRA
AC Jacques de Waru 34 France-1 FRA
AC Bertrand Chanu France-1 FRA
AC Geoffroy, Count d'Andigné 42 France-1 FRA
AC Jacques d'Arlincourt France-1 FRA
AC Georges Chaudoir 52 Belgium-1 BEL
AC Louis, Count du Douet de Graville 69 France-1 FRA
AC Max Guilleaume 34 Germany-1 GER
AC Paul Lambert 24 Belgium-1 BEL
AC Ferdinand, Count de Lariboisière 44 France-1 FRA
AC Hermann Mandl Austria-1 AUT
AC Orban Belgium-1 BEL
AC Georges Pauwels 20 Belgium-1 BEL
AC Paul, Baron de Saint-Léger France-1 FRA
AC Georges, Count de Zogheb Austria-1 AUT