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Equestrianism at the 1900 Paris Summer Games

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Host City: Paris, France
Date Started: May 29, 1900
Date Finished: May 29, 1900
Events: 5

Participants: 58 (56 men and 2 women) from 8 countries
Youngest Participant: BEL Georges Pauwels (20 years, 155 days)
Oldest Participant: FRA Louis, Count du Douet de Graville (69 years, 95 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): ITA Giangiorgio, Count Trissino and BEL Georges Van Der Poele (2 medals)
Most Medals (Country): FRA France (8 medals)


Very little is known about the 1900 equestrian events. However, all previous sources prior to 1996 listed only three Olympic events – jumping, high jump, and long jump. Karl Lennartz and Walter Teutenberg, in their book, II. Olympische Spiele 1900 in Paris, noted two other events - Chevaux de Selle, and Attelages … quatre chevaux. These would be known in English as the “Hacks and Hunter Combined” and the “Four-in-Hand Mail Coach” competitions.

Lennartz and Teutenberg are absolutely correct. All five events are listed in the 1900 Official Report, and there is no reason why the two extra events should not be accorded Olympic status. They are listed and described in Journal des Sports, and The New York Herald (Paris Edition), as well as in La Vie au Grand Air.

What is not exactly certain in the 1900 equestrian events is who competed exactly. The 1900 Official Report gives precise details about entrants, but it is not certain if all the entrants competed, and it is unlikely that they all did. In addition, similar to the chariot races at the Ancient Olympics, there is some confusion about the listing of the winners. In most cases, we have been able to discover the rider’s name, but in a few cases, only the owner of the horse is known.