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Athletics at the 1900 Paris Summer Games

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Host City: Paris, France
Date Started: July 14, 1900
Date Finished: July 16, 1900
Events: 23

Participants: 119 (119 men and 0 women) from 17 countries
Youngest Participant: USA Arthur Newton (17 years, 165 days)
Oldest Participant: GBR Ion Pool (42 years, 239 days)
Most Medals (Athlete): USA Irv Baxter and USA Walter Tewksbury (5 medals)
Most Medals (Country): USA United States (39 medals)


The athletics events were the only events which received publicity in many countries as a part of the Olympic Games. Even the program to this sport labelled the events as "Championnats Universale." Multiple events were contested. In addition to the standard Olympic events, handicap contest and events for professionals were also held.

The "Sunday question" also muddled the affair. The French organizers wished to hold events, including several finals, on Sunday, 15 July. But the United States' representatives and athletes were vehemently opposed to competing on Sunday. On the Wednesday before competition began, a compromise was apparently reached. The New York Times reported that the organizers had agreed to allow American athletes in field events to compete on either Sunday or Monday, and that their marks would still count. But at the last minute, this ruling was apparently rescinded and the finals held on Sunday were just that – final. The Americans were incensed but there was little they could do, and besides, they had won most of the events.

The track & field athletics events were held on the grounds of the Racing Club de France at the Bois de Boulougne. No track was built; the events were simply run over a grass field, which had several dips and mounds in it. The "track" was 500 metres in length and also wound its way through a grove of trees at the beginning of the final straightaway. The discus throwers found many of their throws landing in the trees which greatly hindered their performance. Attendance was sparse, especially on 14 July, when the French celebrated Bastille Day. The weather was sunny throughout but on 16 and 19 July, it was unbearably hot, with temperatures above 35° C. (95° F.).


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's 60 metres USA Al Kraenzlein USA Walter Tewksbury AUS Stan Rowley
Men's 100 metres USA Frank Jarvis USA Walter Tewksbury AUS Stan Rowley
Men's 200 metres USA Walter Tewksbury IND Norman Pritchard AUS Stan Rowley
Men's 400 metres USA Maxey Long USA Bill Holland DEN Ernst Schultz
Men's 800 metres GBR Alfred Tysoe USA John Cregan USA Dave Hall
Men's 1,500 metres GBR Charles Bennett FRA Henry Deloge USA John Bray
Men's Marathon LUX Michel Théato FRA Ã‰mile Champion SWE Ernst Fast
Men's 110 metres Hurdles USA Al Kraenzlein USA John McLean USA Fred Moloney
Men's 200 metres Hurdles USA Al Kraenzlein IND Norman Pritchard USA Walter Tewksbury
Men's 400 metres Hurdles USA Walter Tewksbury FRA Henri Tauzin CAN George Orton
Men's 2,500 metres Steeplechase CAN George Orton GBR Sidney Robinson FRA Jean Chastanié
Men's 4,000 metres Steeplechase GBR Jack Rimmer GBR Charles Bennett GBR Sidney Robinson
Men's 5,000 metres, Team MIX Mixed team FRA France
Men's High Jump USA Irv Baxter GBR Pat Leahy HUN Lajos Gönczy
Men's Standing High Jump USA Ray Ewry USA Irv Baxter USA Lewis Sheldon
Men's Pole Vault USA Irv Baxter USA Meredith Colket NOR Carl Albert Andersen
Men's Long Jump USA Al Kraenzlein USA Meyer Prinstein GBR Pat Leahy
Men's Standing Long Jump USA Ray Ewry USA Irv Baxter FRA Ã‰mile Torcheboeuf
Men's Triple Jump USA Meyer Prinstein USA James B. Connolly USA Lewis Sheldon
Men's Standing Triple Jump USA Ray Ewry USA Irv Baxter USA Bob Garrett
Men's Shot Put USA Dick Sheldon USA Josiah McCracken USA Bob Garrett
Men's Discus Throw HUN Rudolf Bauer BOH FrantiÅ¡ek Janda-Suk USA Dick Sheldon
Men's Hammer Throw USA John Flanagan USA Truxtun Hare USA Josiah McCracken