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Athletics at the 1896 Athina Summer Games:

Men's Triple Jump

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Host City: Athina, Greece
Venue(s): Panathenaic Stadium, Athina
Date Started: April 6, 1896
Date Finished: April 6, 1896
Format: Final only.

Gold: USA James B. Connolly
Silver: FRA Alexandre Tuffèri
Bronze: GRE Ioannis Persakis


The hop, step and jump was the first final contested at the 1896 Olympic Games. The competition occurred on 6 April 1896. The honor of being the first Modern Olympic Champion thus went to the winner of this event, [James B. Connolly] of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, the [Suffolk Athletic Club], and briefly, [Harvard University].

Connolly led a field of seven competitors, with France's [Alexandre Tuffèri] finishing second, and Greece's [Ioannis Persakis] third. Tuffèri was the first jumper and Connolly the last. There were no precise rules at the style required. The styles of the medalists were described in The Field as follows: Connolly took two hops on his right foot and then a jump; Tuffèri performed a hop, step and a jump in the standard English method; and Persakis used two steps and a jump. Persakis' method was apparently the common one used in Greece where the event was popular and often held at various village festivals.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal D
1 James B. Connolly 27 United States USA Gold 13.71 OR
2 Alexandre Tuffèri 19 France FRA Silver 12.70
3 Ioannis Persakis Greece GRE Bronze 12.52
4 Alajos Szokoly 24 Hungary HUN 11.26
5 Carl Schuhmann 26 Germany GER
AC Khristos Zoumis Greece GRE
AC Fritz Hofmann 24 Germany GER