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Olympic Wrestling Medalists in Both Freestyle and Greco-Roman

Athlete Gender Country Sport Notes
Olle Anderberg Male SWE WRE 1948 Greco-Roman Featherweight Silver; 1952 Freestyle Lightweight Gold.
Kalle Anttila Male FIN WRE 1920 Freestyle Lightweight Gold; 1924 Greco-Roman Featherweight Gold.
Károly Bajkó Male HUN WRE 1968 Greco-Roman Welterweight Bronze; 1972 Freestyle Light-heavyweight Bronze.
Per Berlin Male SWE WRE 1952 Freestyle Welterweight Silver; 1956 Greco-Roman Welterweight Bronze.
Wilfried Dietrich Male GER, FRG WRE 1960 Freestyle Heavyweight Gold; 1968 Freestyle Heavyweight Bronze; 1956 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Silver; 1960 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Silver; 1964 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Bronze.
Wolfgang Ehrl Male GER WRE 1932 Greco-Roman Featherweight Silver; 1936 Freestyle Lightweight Silver.
Nikolaus Hirschl Male AUT WRE 1932 Freestyle Heavyweight Bronze; 1932 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Bronze.
Ivar Johansson Male SWE WRE 1932 Freestyle Middleweight Gold; 1932 Greco-Roman Welterweight Gold; 1936 Greco-Roman Middleweight Gold.
Einar Karlsson Male SWE WRE 1932 Freestyle Featherweight Bronze; 1936 Greco-Roman Featherweight Bronze.
Jan Karlsson Male SWE WRE 1972 Freestyle Welterweight Silver; 1972 Greco-Roman Welterweight Bronze.
Ahmet Kireççi Male TUR WRE 1936 Freestyle Middleweight Bronze; 1948 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Gold.
August Neo Male EST WRE 1936 Freestyle Light-heavyweight Silver; 1936 Greco-Roman Light-heavyweight Bronze.
Hjalmar Nyström Male FIN WRE 1928 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Silver; 1936 Freestyle Heavyweight Bronze.
Kristjan Palusalu Male EST WRE 1936 Freestyle Heavyweight Gold; 1936 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Gold.
Daniel Robin Male FRA WRE 1968 Freestyle Welterweight Silver; 1968 Greco-Roman Welterweight Silver.
Rudolf Svensson Male SWE WRE 1924 Freestyle Light-heavyweight Silver; 1924 Greco-Roman Light-heavyweight Silver; 1928 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Gold; 1936 Greco-Roman Light-heavyweight Gold.