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Armand Carlsen

Full name: Armand Henning Carlsen
Gender: Male
Born: October 20, 1905 in Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Died: May 8, 1969 in Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Affiliations: Oslo SK, Oslo (NOR)
Country: NOR Norway
Sport: Speed Skating

Related Olympians: Grandfather of Øystein Carlsen.


Armand Carlsen made his breakthrough as a speed skater in 1925. Aged 19, he placed fifth in the national championships and was ninth in the World Championships later in the season. Two years later Carlsen won his only international all-round medal by placing third at the World Championships. Carlsen was a long distance specialist, and had a great start on the 1928 Olympic season, winning the 10,000 at the national championship and taking the bronze medal in total points. One week before the Olympics in 1928, he won the 10,000 at the World Championships in Davos in a new world record time, 17:17.4 – a record unbroken for 10 years. In the Olympics however, he failed to medal. In the 5,000 metres, skating in a late pair under tough conditions, he missed the bronze medal by 0.4 seconds. In the 10,000 metres the day after, the races was cancelled after the fourth pair due to the mild föhn. In the fourth pair Carlsen had finished in 20:56.1 on the melting ice – over 3½ minutes behind his recent world record. Carlsen had a long speed skating career, skating his last national championships in 1937 after competing for 14 consecutive years. He was also an excellent track cyclist, placing second in the Nordic Championships in 1928. In 1929 he was awarded the Egebergs Ærespris.

Carlsen served as president of the Norwegian Skating Association from 1956-1961. His son Armand Carlsen, Jr. was a decent junior skater, and later worked for the Norwegian Olympic Committee, serving in team management at several summer and winter games. His grandson [Øystein Carlsen] competed at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games in short-track speed skating.

Personal Bests: 500 – 46.5 (1931); 1500 – 2:23.6 (1928); 5000 – 8:34.0 (1928); 10000 – 17:17.4 (1928).


Games Age City Sport Event Team NOC Rank Medal
1928 Winter 22 Sankt Moritz Speed Skating Men's 5,000 metres Norway NOR 5
1928 Winter 22 Sankt Moritz Speed Skating Men's 10,000 metres Norway NOR AC

Men's 5,000 metres

Games Age City Sport Country Phase Unit Rank T 6c 1k 1.4k 1.8k 2.2k 2.6k 3k 3.4k 3.8k 4.2k 4.6k
1928 Winter 22 Sankt Moritz Speed Skating Norway Final Standings 5 9:01.5 1:04.0 1:45.0 2:27.0 3:10.0 3:53.0 4:36.0 5:21.0 6:05.0 6:48.0 7:33.0 8:18.0

Men's 10,000 metres

Games Age City Sport Country Phase Unit Rank T 4c 8c 1.2k 1.6k 2k 2.4k 2.8k 3.2k 3.6k 4k 4.4k 4.8k 5.2k 5.6k 6k 6.4k 6.8k 7.2k 7.6k 8k 8.4k 8.8k 9.2k 9.6k
1928 Winter 22 Sankt Moritz Speed Skating Norway Final Standings AC 20:56.1 49 1:36 2:22 3:10 3:51 4:45 5:32 6:21.5 7:11 8:11 8:48 9:40 10:31 11:21 12:13 13:05 13:56 14:48 15:40 16:33.5 17:25 18:19 19:12 20:03
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