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Mohammad Asif

Full name: Mohammad Asif
Original name: محمد آصف
Gender: Male
Born: March 12, 1919
Died: 1998
Title: Shazada
Country: AFG Afghanistan
Sport: Hockey

Related Olympians: Brother-in-law of Mohammad Sultan.


The youngest member of Afghanistan’s delegation to the 1936 Summer Olympics, Mohammad Asif was a member of Afghanistan’s royal Durrani dynasty and held the title of Shazada, or “prince”, throughout his life. His father, [Mohammad Yusuf], served as the country’s Minister of Agriculture and Sports and also filled the role of team captain, having introduced the sport to the nation a mere five years prior. Asif’s great-great-great-great grandfather was Ahmed Shah Durrani, who founded the royal lineage and, arguably, the modern state of Afghanistan. At the Olympics, Asif played in at least half of the squad’s four matches and helped them achieve a joint fifth place finish in a field of eleven teams. He was married to another member of the royal family Bilqis Bergum, whose grandfather Kamran Shah had been the Governor of the Herat Province. After the Games Asif served as a magistrate in Punjab.


Games Age City Sport Event Team NOC Rank Medal
1936 Summer 17 Berlin Hockey Men's Hockey Afghanistan AFG 5T

Men's Hockey

Games Age City Sport Team NOC Phase Unit Rank Date Result GP G
1936 Summer 17 Berlin Hockey Afghanistan AFG Final Standings 5T 1936-08-04 2 0
1936 Summer 17 Berlin Hockey Afghanistan AFG Group B Match #1 1T 1936-08-04 DEN 6, AFG 6
1936 Summer 17 Berlin Hockey Afghanistan AFG Group B Match #3 2 1936-08-08 GER 4, AFG 1 0
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