Roster includes most starters and key reserves. Starters are marked with an asterisk (*). Read more about our data coverage.


Roster Table
Player Class Pos Summary
Ron Calcagni*QB62 Cmp, 103 Att, 807 Yds, 4 TD
Mike ScottQB
Randy WessingerQB
Jerry Eckwood*RB110 Att, 596 Yds, 5.4 Avg
Ben Cowins*RB188 Att, 1006 Yds, 5.4 Avg
Michael ForrestRB64 Att, 318 Yds, 5.0 Avg
Roland SalesRB45 Att, 216 Yds, 4.8 Avg
Thomas BrownRB35 Att, 207 Yds, 5.9 Avg
Hiram WrightRB13 Att, 87 Yds, 6.7 Avg
James TolbertRB9 Att, 60 Yds, 6.7 Avg
Gary WoodsRB3 Att, 21 Yds, 7.0 Avg
Stan WilliamsRB2 Att, 2 Yds, 1.0 Avg
Danny Bobo*WR8 Rec, 101 Yds, 12.6 Avg
Robert Farrell*WR13 Rec, 229 Yds, 17.6 Avg
Gary StiggersWR10 Rec, 218 Yds, 21.8 Avg
Bobby DuckworthWR7 Rec, 140 Yds, 20.0 Avg
Bruce HayWR1 Rec, 15 Yds, 15.0 Avg
Charles Clay*TE8 Rec, 118 Yds, 14.8 Avg
Chuck Herman*OL
Greg Kolenda*OL
Phil Moon*OL
Rick Shumaker*OL
George Stewart*OL
Mike BurlingameOL
Dan Hampton*DL
Jim Howard*DL
Marty Mitcham*DL
Jimmy Walker*DL
Dale White*DL
William Hampton*LB
Larry Jackson*LB
Kevin Evans*DB
Hugh Jernigan*DB
Vaughn Lusby*DB
Brad Shoup*DB