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115 Years Table
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
12016ACC1410.93320.086.5522Dabo Swinney (14-1)Fiesta Bowl-W, College Football Championship-W
22015ACC1410.93318.885.211212Dabo Swinney (14-1)Orange Bowl-W, College Football Championship-L
32014ACC1030.76911.632.86161515Dabo Swinney (10-3)Russell Athletic Bowl-W
42013ACC1120.84614.983.06838Dabo Swinney (11-2)Orange Bowl-W
52012ACC1120.84614.751.14141011Dabo Swinney (11-2)Chick-fil-A Bowl-W
62011ACC1040.7146.541.18622Dabo Swinney (10-4)Orange Bowl-L
72010ACC670.4627.353.74Dabo Swinney (6-7)Meineke Car Care Bowl-L
82009ACC950.64311.734.011524Dabo Swinney (9-5)Music City Bowl-W
92008ACC760.5386.972.5199Tommy Bowden (3-3), Dabo Swinney (4-3)Gator Bowl-L
102007ACC940.69211.401.711321Tommy Bowden (9-4)Chick-fil-A Bowl-L
112006ACC850.6158.190.651810Tommy Bowden (8-5)Music City Bowl-L
122005ACC840.66711.093.422021Tommy Bowden (8-4)Champs Sports Bowl-W
132004ACC650.5455.235.231515Tommy Bowden (6-5)
142003ACC940.69210.494.262222Tommy Bowden (9-4)Peach Bowl-W
152002ACC760.5384.164.23Tommy Bowden (7-6)Tangerine Bowl II-L
162001ACC750.5834.341.591913Tommy Bowden (7-5)Humanitarian Bowl-W
172000ACC930.75011.542.0417516Tommy Bowden (9-3)Gator Bowl-L
181999ACC660.5007.555.30Tommy Bowden (6-6)Peach Bowl-L
191998ACC380.273-1.951.42Tommy West (3-8)
201997ACC750.5838.413.332016Tommy West (7-5)Peach Bowl-L
Rk Year Conf W L T Pct SRS SOS AP Pre AP High AP Post Coach(es) Bowl Notes
211996ACC750.5832.901.242522Tommy West (7-5)Peach Bowl-L
221995ACC840.6676.09-0.0723Tommy West (8-4)Gator Bowl-L
231994ACC560.455-0.122.162522Tommy West (5-6)
241993ACC930.7503.05-0.87232123Ken Hatfield (8-3), Tommy West (1-0)Peach Bowl-W
251992ACC560.4553.171.901313Ken Hatfield (5-6)
261991ACC921.79210.120.789618Ken Hatfield (9-2-1)Citrus Bowl-L
271990ACC1020.83315.362.611099Ken Hatfield (10-2)Hall of Fame Bowl-W
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