Extra Point Attempts Year-by-Year Leaders and Records

An asterisk (*) after a player's name indicates bowl stats are included.
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  • Since 1956
Leaders Table
Year Player XPA School
2017Matthew Wright77Central Florida
2016Jonathan Barnes*78Louisiana Tech
2015Chris Callahan*83Baylor
2014Sean Nuernberger*89Ohio State
2013Roberto Aguayo*94Florida State
2012Matt Nelson80Louisiana Tech
2011Matt Hogan*92Houston
2010Anthony Martinez*77Nevada
2009Jacob Rogers*65Cincinnati
2009Jake Rogers*65Cincinnati
2008Jimmy Stevens*99Oklahoma
2007Garrett Hartley*76Oklahoma
2007Jarod Tracy*76Tulsa
2006Anthony Montgomery*63Boise State
2005Mario Danelo*86Southern California
2004Art Carmody*77Louisville
2004Arthur Carmody*77Louisville
2003Trey Dicarlo*76Oklahoma
2003Tyler Jones*76Boise State
2002Todd Sievers*69Miami (FL)
2001Matt Payne76Brigham Young
2000Nick Calaycay61Boise State
2000Tim Duncan*61Oklahoma
1999Shayne Graham*59Virginia Tech
1998Brad Palazzo*73Tulane
1997Kris Brown62Nebraska
1996Bart Edmiston66Florida
1995Scott Bentley71Florida State
1995Bart Edmiston71Florida
1994Judd Davis65Florida
1993Scott Bentley65Florida State
1992Derek Mahoney*63Fresno State
1991Derek Mahoney*67Fresno State
1990Earl Kauffman59Brigham Young
1989Roman Anderson67Houston
1988Cary Blanchard67Oklahoma State
1987R.D. Lashar63Oklahoma
1986Tim Lashar*66Oklahoma
1985Gary Webster55Brigham Young
1984Kevin Snow*55Boston College
1983Lee Johnson55Brigham Young
1982Kevin Seibel60Nebraska
1981Kurt Gunther63Brigham Young
1980Kurt Gunther71Brigham Young
1979Brent Johnson56Brigham Young
1978Uwe von Schamann59Oklahoma
1977Larry Scrubbs*62Grambling State
1976Bob Wood*57Michigan

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