The SRS columns are SRS broken up into offensive and defensive components.
The Scoring columns are points per game adjusted for strength of opposition.
The Passing, Rushing, and Total columns are yards per attempt adjusted for strength of opposition.
AP Rank reflects the current AP poll ranking or the last ranking from the year.

6 Schools

6 Schools Table
Overall SRS Scoring Passing Rushing Total
Rk School AP Rank W L OSRS DSRS SRS Off Def Off Def Off Def Off Def
1Boise State1029.85-3.076.7849.7616.7110.716.234.383.417.414.61
3New Mexico State380.66-9.47-8.8236.6523.487.936.815.844.476.825.17
4Utah State56-0.32-10.84-11.1634.0823.947.846.604.344.236.384.98
5Arkansas State110-2.94-10.46-13.4032.8025.977.856.224.644.166.294.83
6North Texas38-15.041.53-13.5121.2117.036.454.983.593.964.774.17