Award Winners

Award Winners Table
Year Award Player Pos School Summary
2012Defensive Player of the YearKhaseem GreeneLBRutgers70 Solo, 66 Ast, 6.0 Sk, 2 Int
2012Offensive Player of the YearTeddy BridgewaterQBLouisville287 Cmp, 419 Att, 3718 Yds, 27 TD, 8 Int
2011Defensive Player of the YearKhaseem Greene (tie)DBRutgers74 Solo, 67 Ast, 3.5 Sk, 0 Int
2011Defensive Player of the YearDerek Wolfe (tie)DLCincinnati37 Solo, 33 Ast, 9.5 Sk
2011Offensive Player of the YearIsaiah PeadRBCincinnati237 Att, 1259 Yds, 5.3 Avg, 12 TD
2010Defensive Player of the YearJabaal SheardDLPitt34 Solo, 18 Ast, 9.0 Sk
2010Offensive Player of the YearJordan TodmanRBConnecticut334 Att, 1695 Yds, 5.1 Avg, 14 TD
2009Defensive Player of the YearGreg Romeus (tie)DLPitt22 Solo, 21 Ast, 8.0 Sk, 1 Int
2009Defensive Player of the YearErnest (Mick) Williams (tie)DLPitt28 Solo, 14 Ast, 5.0 Sk
2009Offensive Player of the YearDion LewisRBPitt325 Att, 1799 Yds, 5.5 Avg, 17 TD
2008Defensive Player of the YearScott McKillopLBPitt82 Solo, 55 Ast, 4.0 Sk, 2 Int
2008Offensive Player of the YearDonald BrownRBConnecticut367 Att, 2083 Yds, 5.7 Avg, 18 TD
2007Defensive Player of the YearGeorge SelvieDLSouth Florida45 Solo, 13 Ast, 14.5 Sk
2007Offensive Player of the YearPat WhiteQBWest Virginia144 Cmp, 216 Att, 1724 Yds, 14 TD, 4 Int
2006Defensive Player of the YearH.B. BladesLBPitt86 Solo, 61 Ast, 1.0 Sk, 2 Int
2006Offensive Player of the YearPat WhiteQBWest Virginia118 Cmp, 179 Att, 1655 Yds, 13 TD, 7 Int
2005Defensive Player of the YearElvis DumervilDLLouisville36 Solo, 27 Ast, 20.0 Sk, 1 Int
2005Offensive Player of the YearBrian BrohmQBLouisville207 Cmp, 301 Att, 2883 Yds, 19 TD, 5 Int
2004Defensive Player of the YearMathias KiwanukaDLBoston College2 Int, 32 Yds, 1 TD
2004Offensive Player of the YearRasheed MarshallQBWest Virginia102 Cmp, 171 Att, 1426 Yds, 16 TD, 6 Int
2003Defensive Player of the YearSean TaylorDBMiami (FL)10 Int, 184 Yds, 3 TD
2003Offensive Player of the YearLarry FitzgeraldWRPitt92 Rec, 1672 Yds, 18.2 Avg, 22 TD
2002Defensive Player of the YearDan KleckoTemple
2002Offensive Player of the YearKen Dorsey (tie)QBMiami (FL)222 Cmp, 393 Att, 3369 Yds, 28 TD, 12 Int
2002Offensive Player of the YearWillis McGahee (tie)RBMiami (FL)282 Att, 1753 Yds, 6.2 Avg, 28 TD
2001Defensive Player of the YearEd Reed (tie)DBMiami (FL)9 Int, 206 Yds, 2 TD
2001Defensive Player of the YearDwight Freeney (tie)DLSyracuse
2001Offensive Player of the YearKen Dorsey (tie)QBMiami (FL)184 Cmp, 318 Att, 2652 Yds, 23 TD, 9 Int
2001Offensive Player of the YearWilliam Green (tie)RBBoston College265 Att, 1559 Yds, 5.9 Avg, 15 TD
2000Defensive Player of the YearDan MorganLBMiami (FL)2 Int, 34 Yds, 0 TD
2000Offensive Player of the YearSantana Moss (tie)WRMiami (FL)45 Rec, 748 Yds, 16.6 Avg, 5 TD
2000Offensive Player of the YearLee Suggs (tie)RBVirginia Tech222 Att, 1207 Yds, 5.4 Avg, 27 TD
2000Offensive Player of the YearAntonio Bryant (tie)WRPitt68 Rec, 1302 Yds, 19.1 Avg, 11 TD
1999Defensive Player of the YearCorey MooreVirginia Tech
1999Offensive Player of the YearMichael VickQBVirginia Tech105 Cmp, 182 Att, 2065 Yds, 13 TD, 5 Int
1998Defensive Player of the YearCorey MooreVirginia Tech
1998Offensive Player of the YearDonovan McNabbQBSyracuse157 Cmp, 251 Att, 2134 Yds, 22 TD, 5 Int
1997Defensive Player of the YearDonovin DariusDBSyracuse7 Int, 56 Yds, 0 TD
1997Offensive Player of the YearDonovan McNabbQBSyracuse145 Cmp, 265 Att, 2488 Yds, 20 TD, 6 Int
1996Defensive Player of the YearCanute CurtisLBWest Virginia1 Int, 0 Yds, 0 TD
1996Offensive Player of the YearDonovan McNabb (tie)QBSyracuse118 Cmp, 215 Att, 1776 Yds, 19 TD, 9 Int
1996Offensive Player of the YearJim Druckenmiller (tie)QBVirginia Tech142 Cmp, 250 Att, 2071 Yds, 17 TD, 5 Int
1995Defensive Player of the YearCornell BrownVirginia Tech
1995Offensive Player of the YearMarco BattagliaTERutgers69 Rec, 894 Yds, 13.0 Avg, 10 TD
1994Defensive Player of the YearWarren SappMiami (FL)
1994Offensive Player of the YearBilly WestRBPitt252 Att, 1358 Yds, 5.4 Avg, 6 TD
1993Defensive Player of the YearKevin PatrickMiami (FL)
1993Offensive Player of the YearGlenn FoleyQBBoston College222 Cmp, 363 Att, 3397 Yds, 25 TD, 10 Int
1992Defensive Player of the YearMicheal BarrowMiami (FL)
1992Offensive Player of the YearGino TorrettaQBMiami (FL)228 Cmp, 402 Att, 3060 Yds, 19 TD, 7 Int
1991Defensive Player of the YearDarrin Smith (tie)LBMiami (FL)1 Int, 0 Yds, 0 TD
1991Defensive Player of the YearGeorge Rooks (tie)Syracuse
1991Offensive Player of the YearGino TorrettaQBMiami (FL)205 Cmp, 371 Att, 3095 Yds, 20 TD, 8 Int
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