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Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
1Keith BalzerSR1991-92FSan Diego StateWAC613622.
2Terrance BaileySO1984-85GWagnerECACM2798236.47.614.
3Earl ThompsonFR1993-94GSacramento StateInd921724.
4Dwight MoodyJR1984-85FNorthwestern StateGSC1853229.
5Josh SharkeySR2019-20GSamfordSouthern30102434.15.612.
6Avery JohnsonSR1987-88GSouthernSWAC30114538.
7Antawn DobieSR2002-03GLong Island UniversityNEC2699838.46.315.54.910.
8Thad WilkinsonSR1980-81GTexas-Rio Grande ValleyInd6355.
9Tracy BerganSO1990-91GLoyola (MD)MAAC2898335.14.910.
10Brian AllenJR2001-02GTowsonCAA2885230.
11B.B. FontenetJR1980-81GNevadaBig Sky26100638.76.715.
12Randy LivingstonFR1994-95GLouisiana StateSEC1655034.
13Mike TaylorJR2006-07GIowa StateBig 1231108635.05.314.
14Isaiah CollierFR2023-24GSouthern CaliforniaPac-12618631.
15David CorbittSO1991-92GCentral Connecticut StateECC2895834.
16Brian JohnsonSO1985-86GUC Santa BarbaraPCAA915016.
17Dion LeeFR1991-92GNorthwesternBig Ten918820.
18Cedric WinsFR1981-82GVirginia Military InstituteSouthern2686933.
19Michael AndersonSR1987-88GDrexelECC28102136.
20Jerome HallJR1986-87GEastern WashingtonInd2881028.
Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
21Andy HipsherSO2000-01FAkronMAC620834.
22Tito MaddoxSO2000-01GFresno StateWAC2580732.34.411.
23Anthony ManuelSR1988-89GBradleyMVC27100237.16.414.
24Ja MorantSO2018-19GMurray StateOVC33120736.
25Isaac SpencerSR2000-01FMurray StateOVC29103035.57.815.97.614.
26Trae YoungFR2017-18GOklahomaBig 1232113335.
27Gregory BurksSO1999-00GPrairie ViewSWAC2797536.16.516.
28Darrik ClarkJR1992-93GMcNeese StateSouthland2792634.34.510.
29Omar CookFR2000-01GSt. John's (NY)Big East29110738.24.913.
30Courtney FortsonSO2009-10GArkansasSEC1859933.35.414.
31Terrell LoweryJR1990-91GLoyola MarymountWCC31105534.09.620.06.311.
32Terrance BaileyJR1985-86GWagnerECACM29109237.711.
33John BlalockSR1991-92GBuffaloECC28107138.36.915.
34Tierre BrownJR1999-00GMcNeese StateSouthland2796235.
35Claude CrudupSO1994-95GColumbiaIvy618030.
36Craig FranklinSO2002-03GChicago StateMid-Cont2584733.94.911.
37Kevin GallowaySR2010-11FTexas SouthernSWAC32119437.
38Shaheen HollowayFR1996-97GSeton HallBig East28104737.45.715.
39Chatney HowardSR1997-98FJames MadisonCAA517835.65.812.
40Ahlon LewisSR1997-98GArizona StatePac-1032114635.
Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
41Napoleon LightningFR1981-82GSaint Francis (PA)ECACM2680230.
42Dwight MoodySR1985-86FNorthwestern StateGSC2597439.
43Josh SharkeyJR2018-19GSamfordSouthern33116835.45.311.
44Trant SimpsonFR2006-07GAlabama A&MSWAC2895134.
45Tracy BerganSR1993-94GLoyola (MD)MAAC2586834.75.613.
46Derrick DunlapJR1995-96GCentral Connecticut StateMid-Cont2665125.
47Jayon JamesJR2012-13FLouisiana-MonroeSun Belt2789233.
48Ray JohnsonSO1990-91GSam HoustonSouthland2479533.14.411.
49Mike JosephSO1987-88GBucknellECC2888531.
50Curtis McCantsSO1994-95GGeorge MasonCAA2778729.
51Andrew MilesFR1991-92GDelaware StateMEAC2885330.
52Don NewmanSR1979-80GIdahoBig Sky2795935.56.813.
53David OverstreetJR1987-88FDelaware StateMEAC170.
54Nate PondexterSR1999-00GQuinnipiacNEC2895234.05.914.04.811.
55Nate PondexterJR1998-99GQuinnipiacNEC2791433.94.910.
56Tim SmithSR2005-06GEast Tennessee StateA-Sun28105637.78.518.
57Eric TurnerSO1982-83GMichiganBig Ten2798236.
58George TurnerJR1982-83GUC IrvinePCAA2895634.15.811.
59Roderick AndersonSR1994-95GTexasSWC30102334.16.514.
60Kyle BaileyJR2002-03GSanta ClaraWCC618530.83.311.
Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
61Pee Wee BarberJR1985-86GFlorida StateMetro2993332.
62Eddie BentonFR1992-93GVermontNAC2696237.06.816.
63Eddie BentonSO1993-94GVermontNAC2693035.87.920.55.312.
64Wayne BernardSR2002-03GDavidsonSouthern2783430.
65Kevin BoothJR1991-92GMount St. Mary'sNEC2799136.75.914.
66Nate BrownSR2001-02GSaint Peter'sMAAC2895834.
67Sam CrawfordSR1992-93GNew Mexico StateBig West34117634.
68Phillip DownsFR1991-92GMorgan StateMEAC2355824.
69Alex FrancisSO2011-12FBryantNEC3097932.
70Jay GoodmanSR1992-93GUtah StateBig West2797936.35.313.
71Larry JohnsonJR1994-95GMurray StateOVC510521.
72Tim LawSR1998-99GCentenary (LA)TAAC2893933.
73Wes MatthewsJR1979-80GWisconsinBig Ten2895534.17.514.
74Mike MilliganSO1979-80FFloridaSEC2683232.04.810.
75Tim SmithJR2004-05GEast Tennessee StateSouthern29104035.98.420.06.414.
76C.J. ThompkinsSO1994-95GColumbiaIvy1347336.44.511.
77Richard WoodsSO1992-93FTennessee-MartinOVC2689034.24.811.
78Terry AdolphJR1979-80GWest Texas A&MMVC30114138.07.816.
79Tajuan AgeeSR2019-20FIonaMAAC2992932.
80Andre AlridgeJR1994-95GPittsburghBig East27105239.03.410.
Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
81J.J. BareaSR2005-06GNortheasternCAA2997433.
82Jomaru BrownSO2019-20GEastern KentuckyOVC3294429.
83Tyrone BuckmonSR1991-92GIdaho StateBig Sky2989730.
84Anthony CarterJR1996-97GHawaiiWAC29100534.77.314.
85Clifton CookJR1998-99GTexas A&MBig 122797536.15.415.
86Matt CowardSO2004-05GVirginia Military InstituteBig South2784231.
87Enoch DixFR1994-95GCal PolyAWC615525.
88Reggie ElliottSR1995-96GMercerTAAC29102535.37.819.15.912.
89Jimmy FieldsSR1999-00GMorgan StateMEAC2898935.
90Keith GailesJR1989-90FLoyola (IL)MW Coll29112538.89.422.
91Jamont GordonFR2005-06GMississippi StateSEC3098832.94.611.
92Greg GuyJR1992-93GTexas-Rio Grande ValleySun Belt1969536.69.924.26.414.
93William HobdyJR1981-82GGramblingSWAC29108637.
94Tyrone KentJR2007-08GToledoMAC30106435.55.314.
95Vince LangstonSR1993-94GMorgan StateMEAC2998534.04.711.
96Ron MitchellSR1991-92FHarvardIvy2682331.
97Kevin MorrisSO1998-99GGeorgia StateTAAC2489337.25.813.
98Elliott Prasse-FreemanJR2001-02GHarvardIvy2682431.
99Elliott Prasse-FreemanFR1999-00GHarvardIvy2786031.
100Larry SkinnerJR1981-82GTexas-Rio Grande ValleyInd2588135.26.916.

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