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AP Polls

AP Polls Table
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
15Final1UCLA1    -Pac-8
15Final2La Salle3   1Mid-Atl
15Final3Santa Clara4   1WCAC
15Final4North Carolina2   2ACC
15Final5Davidson5    -Southern
15Final6Purdue9   3Big Ten
15Final7Kentucky6   1SEC
15Final8St. John's (NY)7   1Ind
15Final9Duquesne10   1Ind
15Final10Villanova12   2Ind
15Final12New Mexico State16   4Ind
15Final13South Carolina8   5ACC
15Final14Marquette18   4Ind
15Final15Louisville11   4MVC
15Final16Boston College20   4Ind
15Final17Notre DameInd
15Final18ColoradoBig 8
15Final19Kansas13   6Big 8
15Final20Illinois15   5Big Ten
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
141969-02-251UCLA1    -Pac-8
141969-02-252North Carolina3   1ACC
141969-02-253La Salle4   1Mid-Atl
141969-02-254Santa Clara2   2WCAC
141969-02-255Davidson5    -Southern
141969-02-256Kentucky6    -SEC
141969-02-257St. John's (NY)7    -Ind
141969-02-258South Carolina12   4ACC
141969-02-259Purdue9    -Big Ten
141969-02-2510Duquesne8   2Ind
141969-02-2511Louisville13   2MVC
141969-02-2512Villanova11   1Ind
141969-02-2513Kansas16   3Big 8
141969-02-2514Ohio State10   4Big Ten
141969-02-2515Illinois19   4Big Ten
141969-02-2516New Mexico State15   1Ind
141969-02-2517Tennessee17    -SEC
141969-02-2518Marquette20   2Ind
141969-02-2519Tulsa14   5MVC
141969-02-2520Boston CollegeInd
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
131969-02-181UCLA1    -Pac-8
131969-02-182Santa Clara3   1WCAC
131969-02-183North Carolina2   1ACC
131969-02-184La Salle5   1Mid-Atl
131969-02-185Davidson6   1Southern
131969-02-186Kentucky4   2SEC
131969-02-187St. John's (NY)9   2Ind
131969-02-188Duquesne13   5Ind
131969-02-189Purdue8   1Big Ten
131969-02-1810Ohio State16   6Big Ten
131969-02-1811Villanova11    -Ind
131969-02-1812South CarolinaACC
131969-02-1813Louisville20   7MVC
131969-02-1814Tulsa7   7MVC
131969-02-1815New Mexico State15    -Ind
131969-02-1816Kansas12   4Big 8
131969-02-1818Colorado14   4Big 8
131969-02-1819Illinois10   9Big Ten
131969-02-1820Marquette18   2Ind
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
121969-02-111UCLA1    -Pac-8
121969-02-112North Carolina2    -ACC
121969-02-113Santa Clara3    -WCAC
121969-02-114Kentucky4    -SEC
121969-02-115La Salle7   2Mid-Atl
121969-02-116Davidson6    -Southern
121969-02-117Tulsa11   4MVC
121969-02-118Purdue9   1Big Ten
121969-02-119St. John's (NY)5   4Ind
121969-02-1110Illinois10    -Big Ten
121969-02-1111Villanova8   3Ind
121969-02-1112Kansas13   1Big 8
121969-02-1113Duquesne15   2Ind
121969-02-1114Colorado20   6Big 8
121969-02-1115New Mexico State16   1Ind
121969-02-1116Ohio State12   4Big Ten
121969-02-1117Dayton19   2Ind
121969-02-1118Marquette17   1Ind
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
111969-02-041UCLA1    -Pac-8
111969-02-042North Carolina2    -ACC
111969-02-043Santa Clara3    -WCAC
111969-02-044Kentucky5   1SEC
111969-02-045St. John's (NY)6   1Ind
111969-02-046Davidson4   2Southern
111969-02-047La Salle9   2Mid-Atl
111969-02-048Villanova10   2Ind
111969-02-049Purdue14   5Big Ten
111969-02-0410Illinois7   3Big Ten
111969-02-0411Tulsa13   2MVC
111969-02-0412Ohio State12    -Big Ten
111969-02-0413Kansas15   2Big 8
111969-02-0414Columbia18   4Ivy
111969-02-0415Duquesne11   4Ind
111969-02-0416New Mexico State8   8Ind
111969-02-0417Marquette16   1Ind
111969-02-0418New MexicoWAC
111969-02-0419Dayton20   1Ind
111969-02-0420Colorado17   3Big 8
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
101969-01-281UCLA1    -Pac-8
101969-01-282North Carolina2    -ACC
101969-01-283Santa Clara3    -WCAC
101969-01-284Davidson4    -Southern
101969-01-285Kentucky5    -SEC
101969-01-286St. John's (NY)6    -Ind
101969-01-287Illinois8   1Big Ten
101969-01-288New Mexico State7   1Ind
101969-01-289La Salle9    -Mid-Atl
101969-01-2810Villanova11   1Ind
101969-01-2811Duquesne10   1Ind
101969-01-2812Ohio State12    -Big Ten
101969-01-2813Tulsa14   1MVC
101969-01-2814Purdue18   4Big Ten
101969-01-2815Kansas13   2Big 8
101969-01-2816Marquette16    -Ind
101969-01-2817Colorado17    -Big 8
101969-01-2818Columbia19   1Ivy
101969-01-2819South CarolinaACC
101969-01-2820Dayton20    -Ind
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
91969-01-211UCLA1    -Pac-8
91969-01-212North Carolina2    -ACC
91969-01-213Santa Clara3    -WCAC
91969-01-214Davidson4    -Southern
91969-01-215Kentucky5    -SEC
91969-01-216St. John's (NY)6    -Ind
91969-01-217New Mexico State7    -Ind
91969-01-218Illinois8    -Big Ten
91969-01-219La Salle11   2Mid-Atl
91969-01-2110Duquesne12   2Ind
91969-01-2111Villanova9   2Ind
91969-01-2112Ohio State13   1Big Ten
91969-01-2113Kansas10   3Big 8
91969-01-2114Tulsa14    -MVC
91969-01-2115Notre Dame16   1Ind
91969-01-2116Marquette15   1Ind
91969-01-2117Colorado20   3Big 8
91969-01-2118PurdueBig Ten
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
81969-01-141UCLA1    -Pac-8
81969-01-142North Carolina2    -ACC
81969-01-143Santa Clara3    -WCAC
81969-01-144Davidson6   2Southern
81969-01-145Kentucky7   2SEC
81969-01-146St. John's (NY)8   2Ind
81969-01-147New Mexico State10   3Ind
81969-01-148Illinois4   4Big Ten
81969-01-149Villanova9    -Ind
81969-01-1410Kansas5   5Big 8
81969-01-1411La Salle11    -Mid-Atl
81969-01-1412Duquesne15   3Ind
81969-01-1413Ohio State16   3Big Ten
81969-01-1415Marquette20   5Ind
81969-01-1416Notre Dame17   1Ind
81969-01-1417Northwestern12   5Big Ten
81969-01-1419Cincinnati19    -MVC
81969-01-1420ColoradoBig 8
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
71969-01-071UCLA1    -Pac-8
71969-01-072North Carolina4   2ACC
71969-01-073Santa Clara6   3WCAC
71969-01-074Illinois8   4Big Ten
71969-01-075Kansas5    -Big 8
71969-01-076Davidson2   4Southern
71969-01-077Kentucky3   4SEC
71969-01-078St. John's (NY)17   9Ind
71969-01-079Villanova9    -Ind
71969-01-0710New Mexico State12   2Ind
71969-01-0711La Salle11    -Mid-Atl
71969-01-0712Northwestern19   7Big Ten
71969-01-0713Detroit Mercy7   6Ind
71969-01-0714Louisville14    -MVC
71969-01-0715Duquesne15    -Ind
71969-01-0716Ohio State13   3Big Ten
71969-01-0717Notre Dame16   1Ind
71969-01-0719Cincinnati10   9MVC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
61968-12-311UCLA1    -Pac-8
61968-12-312Davidson3   1Southern
61968-12-313Kentucky4   1SEC
61968-12-314North Carolina2   2ACC
61968-12-315Kansas8   3Big 8
61968-12-316Santa Clara9   3WCAC
61968-12-317Detroit Mercy11   4Ind
61968-12-318Illinois12   4Big Ten
61968-12-319Villanova5   4Ind
61968-12-3110Cincinnati10    -MVC
61968-12-3111La Salle17   6Mid-Atl
61968-12-3112New Mexico State15   3Ind
61968-12-3113Ohio State16   3Big Ten
61968-12-3114Louisville14    -MVC
61968-12-3116Notre Dame7   9Ind
61968-12-3117St. John's (NY)Ind
61968-12-3118New Mexico6   12WAC
61968-12-3119NorthwesternBig Ten
61968-12-3120St. Bonaventure13   7Ind
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
51968-12-241UCLA1    -Pac-8
51968-12-242North Carolina2    -ACC
51968-12-243Davidson3    -Southern
51968-12-244Kentucky4    -SEC
51968-12-245Villanova8   3Ind
51968-12-246New Mexico5   1WAC
51968-12-247Notre Dame7    -Ind
51968-12-248Kansas11   3Big 8
51968-12-249Santa Clara10   1WCAC
51968-12-2410Cincinnati6   4MVC
51968-12-2411Detroit Mercy13   2Ind
51968-12-2412IllinoisBig Ten
51968-12-2413St. Bonaventure9   4Ind
51968-12-2414Louisville19   5MVC
51968-12-2415New Mexico State14   1Ind
51968-12-2416Ohio State17   1Big Ten
51968-12-2417La Salle16   1Mid-Atl
51968-12-2418Purdue12   6Big Ten
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
41968-12-171UCLA1    -Pac-8
41968-12-172North Carolina2    -ACC
41968-12-173Davidson3    -Southern
41968-12-174Kentucky4    -SEC
41968-12-175New Mexico5    -WAC
41968-12-176Cincinnati6    -MVC
41968-12-177Notre Dame7    -Ind
41968-12-178Villanova8    -Ind
41968-12-179St. Bonaventure10   1Ind
41968-12-1710Santa Clara16   6WCAC
41968-12-1711Kansas11    -Big 8
41968-12-1712Purdue13   1Big Ten
41968-12-1713Detroit Mercy14   1Ind
41968-12-1714New Mexico StateInd
41968-12-1715University of California18   3Pac-8
41968-12-1716La Salle20   4Mid-Atl
41968-12-1717Ohio State17    -Big Ten
41968-12-1718Western Kentucky15   3OVC
41968-12-1720Houston12   8Ind
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
31968-12-101UCLA1    -Pac-8
31968-12-102North Carolina2    -ACC
31968-12-103Davidson6   3Southern
31968-12-104Kentucky3   1SEC
31968-12-105New Mexico8   3WAC
31968-12-106Cincinnati9   3MVC
31968-12-107Notre Dame5   2Ind
31968-12-108Villanova10   2Ind
31968-12-109Duke16   7ACC
31968-12-1010St. Bonaventure11   1Ind
31968-12-1011Kansas4   7Big 8
31968-12-1012Houston6   6Ind
31968-12-1013Purdue14   1Big Ten
31968-12-1014Detroit Mercy15   1Ind
31968-12-1015Western Kentucky17   2OVC
31968-12-1016Santa Clara18   2WCAC
31968-12-1017Ohio State13   4Big Ten
31968-12-1018University of California19   1Pac-8
31968-12-1019Iowa20   1Big Ten
31968-12-1020La SalleMid-Atl
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
21968-12-031UCLA1    -Pac-8
21968-12-032North Carolina2    -ACC
21968-12-033Kentucky3    -SEC
21968-12-034Kansas5   1Big 8
21968-12-035Notre Dame4   1Ind
21968-12-036Davidson6    -Southern
21968-12-036Houston8   2Ind
21968-12-038New Mexico9   1WAC
21968-12-039Cincinnati14   5MVC
21968-12-0310Villanova11   1Ind
21968-12-0311St. Bonaventure7   4Ind
21968-12-0312Vanderbilt13   1SEC
21968-12-0313Ohio State12   1Big Ten
21968-12-0314Purdue10   4Big Ten
21968-12-0315Detroit Mercy18   3Ind
21968-12-0316Duke17   1ACC
21968-12-0317Western Kentucky16   1OVC
21968-12-0318Santa ClaraWCAC
21968-12-0319University of CaliforniaPac-8
21968-12-0320IowaBig Ten
21968-12-0320Marquette15   5Ind
21968-12-0320Tennessee20    -SEC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
1Preseason2North CarolinaNAACC
1Preseason4Notre DameNAInd
1Preseason5KansasNABig 8
1Preseason7St. BonaventureNAInd
1Preseason9New MexicoNAWAC
1Preseason10PurdueNABig Ten
1Preseason12Ohio StateNABig Ten
1Preseason16Western KentuckyNAOVC
1Preseason18Detroit MercyNAInd

Coaches Polls

Coaches Polls Table
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
15Final1UCLA1    -Pac-8
15Final2North Carolina3   1ACC
15Final3Davidson4   1Southern
15Final4Santa Clara2   2WCAC
15Final5Kentucky7   2SEC
15Final6La Salle5   1Mid-Atl
15Final7Purdue6   1Big Ten
15Final8St. John's (NY)8    -Ind
15Final9New Mexico State12   3Ind
15Final10Duquesne9   1Ind
15Final11Drake11    -MVC
15Final12Colorado14   2Big 8
15Final14Marquette17   3Ind
15Final15Boston College19   4Ind
15Final15Villanova10   5Ind
15Final17Weber StateBig Sky
15Final17Wyoming12   5WAC
15Final19Colorado StateInd
15Final20Kansas18   2Big 8
15Final20South Carolina16   4ACC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
141969-03-041UCLA1    -Pac-8
141969-03-042Santa Clara3   1WCAC
141969-03-043North Carolina2   1ACC
141969-03-044Davidson5   1Southern
141969-03-045La Salle4   1Mid-Atl
141969-03-046Purdue7   1Big Ten
141969-03-047Kentucky6   1SEC
141969-03-048St. John's (NY)8    -Ind
141969-03-049Duquesne10   1Ind
141969-03-0410Villanova9   1Ind
141969-03-0411Drake17   6MVC
141969-03-0412New Mexico State13   1Ind
141969-03-0412Wyoming16   4WAC
141969-03-0414ColoradoBig 8
141969-03-0414Notre DameInd
141969-03-0416South Carolina12   4ACC
141969-03-0418Kansas14   4Big 8
141969-03-0419Boston College18   1Ind
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
131969-02-251UCLA1    -Pac-8
131969-02-252North Carolina3   1ACC
131969-02-253Santa Clara2   1WCAC
131969-02-254La Salle5   1Mid-Atl
131969-02-255Davidson4   1Southern
131969-02-256Kentucky6    -SEC
131969-02-257Purdue8   1Big Ten
131969-02-258St. John's (NY)7   1Ind
131969-02-259Villanova9    -Ind
131969-02-2510Duquesne10    -Ind
131969-02-2511Louisville14   3MVC
131969-02-2512South Carolina11   1ACC
131969-02-2513New Mexico State13    -Ind
131969-02-2514Kansas19   5Big 8
131969-02-2515Ohio State15    -Big Ten
131969-02-2516Wyoming17   1WAC
131969-02-2518Boston CollegeInd
131969-02-2518New Mexico17   1WAC
131969-02-2520Tulsa12   8MVC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
121969-02-181UCLA1    -Pac-8
121969-02-182Santa Clara3   1WCAC
121969-02-183North Carolina2   1ACC
121969-02-184Davidson5   1Southern
121969-02-185La Salle7   2Mid-Atl
121969-02-186Kentucky4   2SEC
121969-02-187St. John's (NY)6   1Ind
121969-02-188Purdue8    -Big Ten
121969-02-189Villanova10   1Ind
121969-02-1810Duquesne15   5Ind
121969-02-1811South Carolina18   7ACC
121969-02-1812Tulsa11   1MVC
121969-02-1813New Mexico StateInd
121969-02-1814Louisville16   2MVC
121969-02-1815Ohio StateBig Ten
121969-02-1816Illinois9   7Big Ten
121969-02-1817New Mexico14   3WAC
121969-02-1817Wyoming16   1WAC
121969-02-1819Columbia18   1Ivy
121969-02-1819Kansas12   7Big 8
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
111969-02-111UCLA1    -Pac-8
111969-02-112North Carolina2    -ACC
111969-02-113Santa Clara3    -WCAC
111969-02-114Kentucky4    -SEC
111969-02-115Davidson6   1Southern
111969-02-116St. John's (NY)5   1Ind
111969-02-117La Salle9   2Mid-Atl
111969-02-118Purdue12   4Big Ten
111969-02-119Illinois8   1Big Ten
111969-02-1110Villanova7   3Ind
111969-02-1111Tulsa11    -MVC
111969-02-1112Kansas10   2Big 8
111969-02-1113Colorado20   7Big 8
111969-02-1114New Mexico15   1WAC
111969-02-1115Duquesne16   1Ind
111969-02-1118Columbia14   4Ivy
111969-02-1118South CarolinaACC
111969-02-1120Boston CollegeInd
111969-02-1120Notre DameInd
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
101969-02-041UCLA1    -Pac-8
101969-02-042North Carolina2    -ACC
101969-02-043Santa Clara3    -WCAC
101969-02-044Kentucky5   1SEC
101969-02-045St. John's (NY)7   2Ind
101969-02-046Davidson4   2Southern
101969-02-047Villanova9   2Ind
101969-02-048Illinois8    -Big Ten
101969-02-049La Salle10   1Mid-Atl
101969-02-0410Kansas13   3Big 8
101969-02-0411Tulsa12   1MVC
101969-02-0412Purdue20   8Big Ten
101969-02-0413New Mexico State6   7Ind
101969-02-0414Columbia15   1Ivy
101969-02-0415New Mexico18   3WAC
101969-02-0416Duquesne11   5Ind
101969-02-0417IowaBig Ten
101969-02-0418Ohio State17   1Big Ten
101969-02-0420Colorado14   6Big 8
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
91969-01-281UCLA1    -Pac-8
91969-01-282North Carolina2    -ACC
91969-01-283Santa Clara3    -WCAC
91969-01-284Davidson4    -Southern
91969-01-285Kentucky5    -SEC
91969-01-286New Mexico State6    -Ind
91969-01-287St. John's (NY)7    -Ind
91969-01-288Illinois8    -Big Ten
91969-01-289Villanova9    -Ind
91969-01-2810La Salle16   6Mid-Atl
91969-01-2811Duquesne13   2Ind
91969-01-2812Tulsa10   2MVC
91969-01-2813Kansas11   2Big 8
91969-01-2814Colorado12   2Big 8
91969-01-2815Columbia17   2Ivy
91969-01-2816Notre Dame13   3Ind
91969-01-2817Ohio State15   2Big Ten
91969-01-2818Dayton19   1Ind
91969-01-2818New Mexico19   1WAC
91969-01-2820PurdueBig Ten
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
81969-01-211UCLA1    -Pac-8
81969-01-212North Carolina2    -ACC
81969-01-213Santa Clara3    -WCAC
81969-01-214Davidson4    -Southern
81969-01-215Kentucky6   1SEC
81969-01-216New Mexico State7   1Ind
81969-01-217St. John's (NY)8   1Ind
81969-01-218Illinois5   3Big Ten
81969-01-219Villanova10   1Ind
81969-01-2110Tulsa11   1MVC
81969-01-2111Kansas9   2Big 8
81969-01-2112Colorado17   5Big 8
81969-01-2113Duquesne14   1Ind
81969-01-2113Notre Dame13    -Ind
81969-01-2115Ohio StateBig Ten
81969-01-2116La SalleMid-Atl
81969-01-2117Columbia19   2Ivy
81969-01-2118St. Bonaventure17   1Ind
81969-01-2119New Mexico12   7WAC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
71969-01-141UCLA1    -Pac-8
71969-01-142North Carolina2    -ACC
71969-01-143Santa Clara3    -WCAC
71969-01-144Davidson4    -Southern
71969-01-145Illinois5    -Big Ten
71969-01-146Kentucky7   1SEC
71969-01-147New Mexico State10   3Ind
71969-01-148St. John's (NY)8    -Ind
71969-01-149Kansas6   3Big 8
71969-01-1410Villanova9   1Ind
71969-01-1411Tulsa18   7MVC
71969-01-1412New Mexico11   1WAC
71969-01-1413Notre Dame12   1Ind
71969-01-1414Duquesne14    -Ind
71969-01-1416Purdue13   3Big Ten
71969-01-1417ColoradoBig 8
71969-01-1417St. BonaventureInd
71969-01-1419Columbia15   4Ivy
71969-01-1419Louisville16   3MVC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
61969-01-071UCLA1    -Pac-8
61969-01-072North Carolina2    -ACC
61969-01-073Santa Clara5   2WCAC
61969-01-074Davidson3   1Southern
61969-01-075Illinois8   3Big Ten
61969-01-076Kansas6    -Big 8
61969-01-077Kentucky4   3SEC
61969-01-078St. John's (NY)10   2Ind
61969-01-079Villanova7   2Ind
61969-01-0710New Mexico State15   5Ind
61969-01-0711New Mexico12   1WAC
61969-01-0712Notre DameInd
61969-01-0713Purdue17   4Big Ten
61969-01-0714Duquesne11   3Ind
61969-01-0715Columbia14   1Ivy
61969-01-0716Louisville18   2MVC
61969-01-0719Detroit Mercy13   6Ind
61969-01-0719NorthwesternBig Ten
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
51968-12-311UCLA1    -Pac-8
51968-12-312North Carolina2    -ACC
51968-12-313Davidson3    -Southern
51968-12-314Kentucky4    -SEC
51968-12-315Santa Clara6   1WCAC
51968-12-316Kansas9   3Big 8
51968-12-317Villanova5   2Ind
51968-12-318Illinois11   3Big Ten
51968-12-319Cincinnati10   1MVC
51968-12-3110St. John's (NY)Ind
51968-12-3112New Mexico8   4WAC
51968-12-3113Detroit Mercy15   2Ind
51968-12-3115New Mexico State12   3Ind
51968-12-3116La SalleMid-Atl
51968-12-3117Purdue19   2Big Ten
51968-12-3118Louisville16   2MVC
51968-12-3118Wyoming14   4WAC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
41968-12-241UCLA1    -Pac-8
41968-12-242North Carolina2    -ACC
41968-12-243Davidson3    -Southern
41968-12-244Kentucky5   1SEC
41968-12-245Villanova7   2Ind
41968-12-246Santa Clara10   4WCAC
41968-12-247Notre Dame8   1Ind
41968-12-248New Mexico6   2WAC
41968-12-249Kansas9    -Big 8
41968-12-2410Cincinnati4   6MVC
41968-12-2411Illinois16   5Big Ten
41968-12-2412New Mexico State13   1Ind
41968-12-2413St. Bonaventure11   2Ind
41968-12-2415Detroit MercyInd
41968-12-2418Ohio StateBig Ten
41968-12-2419Purdue12   7Big Ten
41968-12-2420Southern California20    -Pac-8
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
31968-12-171UCLA1    -Pac-8
31968-12-172North Carolina2    -ACC
31968-12-173Davidson3    -Southern
31968-12-174Cincinnati8   4MVC
31968-12-175Kentucky4   1SEC
31968-12-176New Mexico5   1WAC
31968-12-177Villanova6   1Ind
31968-12-178Notre Dame7   1Ind
31968-12-179Kansas10   1Big 8
31968-12-1710Santa Clara15   5WCAC
31968-12-1711St. Bonaventure11    -Ind
31968-12-1712Purdue9   3Big Ten
31968-12-1713New Mexico State16   3Ind
31968-12-1714La SalleMid-Atl
31968-12-1715Houston13   2Ind
31968-12-1716IllinoisBig Ten
31968-12-1719Western Kentucky14   5OVC
31968-12-1720Southern California20    -Pac-8
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
21968-12-101UCLA1    -Pac-8
21968-12-102North Carolina2    -ACC
21968-12-103Davidson7   4Southern
21968-12-104Kentucky3   1SEC
21968-12-105New Mexico8   3WAC
21968-12-106Villanova9   3Ind
21968-12-107Notre Dame4   3Ind
21968-12-108Cincinnati10   2MVC
21968-12-109Purdue11   2Big Ten
21968-12-1010Kansas5   5Big 8
21968-12-1011St. Bonaventure12   1Ind
21968-12-1012Duke15   3ACC
21968-12-1013Houston6   7Ind
21968-12-1014Western Kentucky15   1OVC
21968-12-1015Santa Clara17   2WCAC
21968-12-1016New Mexico State13   3Ind
21968-12-1017Detroit MercyInd
21968-12-1018Ohio State14   4Big Ten
21968-12-1020Southern California18   2Pac-8
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
11968-12-032North CarolinaNAACC
11968-12-034Notre DameNAInd
11968-12-035KansasNABig 8
11968-12-038New MexicoNAWAC
11968-12-0311PurdueNABig Ten
11968-12-0312St. BonaventureNAInd
11968-12-0313New Mexico StateNAInd
11968-12-0314Ohio StateNABig Ten
11968-12-0315Western KentuckyNAOVC
11968-12-0317Santa ClaraNAWCAC
11968-12-0318Southern CaliforniaNAPac-8
11968-12-0320University of CaliforniaNAPac-8
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