* Indicates NCAA Tournament team

AP Polls

AP Polls Table
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
10Final1Bradley *1    -MVC
10Final2Ohio State *2    -Big Ten
10Final3Kentucky4   1SEC
10Final4Holy Cross *3   1Ind
10Final5North Carolina State *8   3Southern
10Final6Duquesne5   1Ind
10Final7UCLA *6   1PCC
10Final8Western Kentucky7   1OVC
10Final9St. John's (NY)10   1Metro NY
10Final10La Salle9   1Ind
10Final11Villanova11    -Ind
10Final12San Francisco13   1Ind
10Final13Long Island University14   1Ind
10Final14Kansas State12   2Big 7
10Final15Arizona15    -BIAA
10Final16WisconsinBig Ten
10Final17San Jose State19   2Ind
10Final18Washington StatePCC
10Final19KansasBig 7
10Final20IndianaBig Ten
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
91950-02-281Bradley *1    -MVC
91950-02-282Ohio State *3   1Big Ten
91950-02-283Holy Cross *2   1Ind
91950-02-284Kentucky5   1SEC
91950-02-285Duquesne4   1Ind
91950-02-286UCLA *7   1PCC
91950-02-287Western Kentucky8   1OVC
91950-02-288North Carolina State *9   1Southern
91950-02-289La Salle12   3Ind
91950-02-2810St. John's (NY)6   4Metro NY
91950-02-2812Kansas State13   1Big 7
91950-02-2813San Francisco11   2Ind
91950-02-2814Long Island University10   4Ind
91950-02-2815Arizona19   4BIAA
91950-02-2816NebraskaBig 7
91950-02-2817Toledo14   3Ind
91950-02-2819San Jose State18   1Ind
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
81950-02-211Bradley *2   1MVC
81950-02-212Holy Cross *1   1Ind
81950-02-213Ohio State *3    -Big Ten
81950-02-214Duquesne7   3Ind
81950-02-215Kentucky5    -SEC
81950-02-216St. John's (NY)4   2Metro NY
81950-02-217UCLA *10   3PCC
81950-02-218Western Kentucky9   1OVC
81950-02-219North Carolina State *8   1Southern
81950-02-2110Long Island University6   4Ind
81950-02-2111San Francisco12   1Ind
81950-02-2112La Salle11   1Ind
81950-02-2113Kansas State14   1Big 7
81950-02-2115Saint Louis18   3MVC
81950-02-2116Southern California19   3PCC
81950-02-2117IndianaBig Ten
81950-02-2118San Jose StateInd
81950-02-2119Arizona17   2BIAA
81950-02-2120City College of New York *13   7Metro NY
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
71950-02-141Holy Cross *1    -Ind
71950-02-142Bradley *2    -MVC
71950-02-143Ohio State *4   1Big Ten
71950-02-144St. John's (NY)4    -Metro NY
71950-02-145Kentucky7   2SEC
71950-02-146Long Island University6    -Ind
71950-02-147Duquesne3   4Ind
71950-02-148North Carolina State *8    -Southern
71950-02-149Western Kentucky11   2OVC
71950-02-1410UCLA *12   2PCC
71950-02-1411La Salle9   2Ind
71950-02-1412San Francisco15   3Ind
71950-02-1413City College of New York *14   1Metro NY
71950-02-1414Kansas State10   4Big 7
71950-02-1416Washington State17   1PCC
71950-02-1417Arizona18   1BIAA
71950-02-1418Saint Louis19   1MVC
71950-02-1419Southern CaliforniaPCC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
61950-02-071Holy Cross *1    -Ind
61950-02-072Bradley *3   1MVC
61950-02-073Duquesne2   1Ind
61950-02-074Ohio State *7   3Big Ten
61950-02-074St. John's (NY)5   1Metro NY
61950-02-076Long Island University4   2Ind
61950-02-077Kentucky6   1SEC
61950-02-078North Carolina State *9   1Southern
61950-02-079La Salle8   1Ind
61950-02-0710Kansas State11   1Big 7
61950-02-0711Western Kentucky14   3OVC
61950-02-0712UCLA *13   1PCC
61950-02-0713Louisville15   2Ind
61950-02-0714City College of New York *10   4Metro NY
61950-02-0715San FranciscoInd
61950-02-0716Indiana12   4Big Ten
61950-02-0717Washington StatePCC
61950-02-0719Saint LouisMVC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
51950-01-311Holy Cross *1    -Ind
51950-01-312Duquesne2    -Ind
51950-01-313Bradley *6   3MVC
51950-01-314Long Island University3   1Ind
51950-01-315St. John's (NY)5    -Metro NY
51950-01-316Kentucky4   2SEC
51950-01-317Ohio State *13   6Big Ten
51950-01-318La Salle7   1Ind
51950-01-319North Carolina State *10   1Southern
51950-01-3110City College of New York *8   2Metro NY
51950-01-3111Kansas State12   1Big 7
51950-01-3112Indiana9   3Big Ten
51950-01-3113UCLA *11   2PCC
51950-01-3114Western Kentucky17   3OVC
51950-01-3116Notre DameInd
51950-01-3117Wisconsin15   2Big Ten
51950-01-3119Oklahoma StateMVC
51950-01-3120Wyoming14   6MSAC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
41950-01-241Holy Cross *1    -Ind
41950-01-242Duquesne6   4Ind
41950-01-243Long Island University3    -Ind
41950-01-244Kentucky5   1SEC
41950-01-245St. John's (NY)2   3Metro NY
41950-01-246Bradley *4   2MVC
41950-01-247La Salle10   3Ind
41950-01-248City College of New York *7   1Metro NY
41950-01-249Indiana8   1Big Ten
41950-01-2410North Carolina State *12   2Southern
41950-01-2411UCLA *9   2PCC
41950-01-2412Kansas State13   1Big 7
41950-01-2413Ohio State *11   2Big Ten
41950-01-2415WisconsinBig Ten
41950-01-2417Western Kentucky14   3OVC
41950-01-2418Minnesota16   2Big Ten
41950-01-2419Villanova18   1Ind
41950-01-2420IllinoisBig Ten
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
31950-01-171Holy Cross *5   4Ind
31950-01-172St. John's (NY)1   1Metro NY
31950-01-173Long Island University3    -Ind
31950-01-174Bradley *6   2MVC
31950-01-175Kentucky2   3SEC
31950-01-176Duquesne8   2Ind
31950-01-177City College of New York *7    -Metro NY
31950-01-178Indiana4   4Big Ten
31950-01-179UCLA *10   1PCC
31950-01-1710La Salle13   3Ind
31950-01-1711Ohio State *15   4Big Ten
31950-01-1712North Carolina State *9   3Southern
31950-01-1713Kansas StateBig 7
31950-01-1714Western Kentucky14    -OVC
31950-01-1716Minnesota11   5Big Ten
31950-01-1718Villanova17   1Ind
31950-01-1720Cincinnati12   8MAC
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
21950-01-101St. John's (NY)1    -Metro NY
21950-01-102Kentucky2    -SEC
21950-01-103Long Island University4   1Ind
21950-01-104Indiana5   1Big Ten
21950-01-105Holy Cross *6   1Ind
21950-01-106Bradley *3   3MVC
21950-01-107City College of New York *14   7Metro NY
21950-01-108Duquesne8    -Ind
21950-01-109North Carolina State *7   2Southern
21950-01-1010UCLA *9   1PCC
21950-01-1011Minnesota10   1Big Ten
21950-01-1013La Salle18   5Ind
21950-01-1014Western KentuckyOVC
21950-01-1015Ohio State *Big Ten
21950-01-1016Missouri12   4Big 7
21950-01-1017Villanova13   4Ind
21950-01-1019Oklahoma17   2Big 7
Wk Date Rk School Prev Chng Conf
11950-01-051St. John's (NY)NAMetro NY
11950-01-053Bradley *NAMVC
11950-01-054Long Island UniversityNAInd
11950-01-055IndianaNABig Ten
11950-01-056Holy Cross *NAInd
11950-01-057North Carolina State *NASouthern
11950-01-059UCLA *NAPCC
11950-01-0510MinnesotaNABig Ten
11950-01-0511Saint LouisNAMVC
11950-01-0512MissouriNABig 7
11950-01-0514City College of New York *NAMetro NY
11950-01-0515WisconsinNABig Ten
11950-01-0516IllinoisNABig Ten
11950-01-0517OklahomaNABig 7
11950-01-0518La SalleNAInd
11950-01-0519Bowling Green StateNAInd
11950-01-0520Kansas StateNABig 7

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