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Seasons where the school was classified as a major school (i.e., Division I or equivalent).

* Indicates season for which the school's overall and/or conference record has been adjusted by penalty. See our database of forfeits and vacated games.

33 Seasons

  • SRS back to 1949-50
33 Seasons Table
  Overall Conference  
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Seed Coach(es)
12019-20Big Sky1012.45546.400-2.94-1.7977.274.7Barret Peery (10-12)
22018-19Big Sky1616.500119.550-8.95-5.7877.375.1Barret Peery (16-16)
32017-18Big Sky2014.58899.500-0.14-1.0585.279.4Barret Peery (20-14)
42016-17Big Sky1516.484711.389-7.06-6.6385.381.8Tyler Geving (15-16)
52015-16Big Sky1318.419810.444-8.15-5.9477.777.7Tyler Geving (13-18)
62014-15Big Sky1514.51799.500-7.75-4.8671.872.3Tyler Geving (15-14)
72013-14Big Sky1715.531119.550-7.59-5.5972.572.2Tyler Geving (17-15)
82012-13Big Sky820.286515.250-10.84-5.5468.972.8Tyler Geving (8-20)
92011-12Big Sky1715.531106.625-4.04-4.0776.273.3Tyler Geving (17-15)
102010-11Big Sky1416.467511.313-7.74-4.4772.374.3Tyler Geving (14-16)
112009-10Big Sky1319.40679.438-3.49-1.2178.079.3Tyler Geving (13-19)
122008-09Big Sky2310.697115.6881.14-3.1673.268.5Lost First Round13Ken Bone (23-10)
132007-08Big Sky2310.697142.8751.72-3.0173.968.0Lost First Round16Ken Bone (23-10)
142006-07Big Sky1913.59497.563-5.95-4.5778.275.3Ken Bone (19-13)
152005-06Big Sky1216.42959.357-2.40-1.2172.071.9Ken Bone (12-16)
162004-05Big Sky199.679113.786-4.61-8.1973.168.6Heath Schroyer (19-9)
172003-04Big Sky1116.40759.357-5.24-3.1267.067.5Heath Schroyer (11-16)
182002-03Big Sky522.185311.214-9.32-0.2858.466.3Heath Schroyer (5-22)
192001-02Big Sky1216.42968.429-7.99-1.0372.979.0Joel Sobotka (12-16)
202000-01Big Sky918.333610.375-9.50-1.2270.777.5Joel Sobotka (9-18)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Seed Coach(es)
211999-00Big Sky1514.51779.438-0.39-0.0974.472.4Joel Sobotka (15-14)
221998-99Big Sky1711.60797.563-0.91-2.8479.174.1Joel Sobotka (17-11)
231997-98-nmBig Sky1512.556106.625Ritchie McKay (15-12)
241996-97-nmBig Sky917.346610.37565.269.2Ritchie McKay (9-17)
251980-81Ind720.259-13.18-2.9468.978.5Glen Kinney (7-20)
261979-80Ind521.192-14.530.0372.883.2Glen Kinney (5-21)
271978-79Ind621.222-13.44-0.2174.584.0Glen Kinney (6-21)
281977-78Ind1413.519-3.930.3582.178.8Ken Edwards (14-13)
291976-77Ind1610.615-1.131.0889.981.2Ken Edwards (16-10)
301975-76Ind17*10*.630-3.58-1.0588.483.4Ken Edwards (17-10)
311974-75Ind188.6920.15-4.2388.378.2Ken Edwards (18-8)
321973-74Ind1611.593-5.73-2.26Ken Edwards (16-11)
331972-73Ind1212.500-15.89-4.9775.078.3Ken Edwards (12-12)
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