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Seasons where the school was classified as a major school (i.e., Division I or equivalent).

* Indicates season for which the school's overall and/or conference record has been adjusted by penalty. See our database of forfeits and vacated games.

46 Seasons

  • SRS back to 1949-50
46 Seasons Table
  Overall Conference  
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Seed Coach(es)
11945-46Big Ten614.300012.000Nelson Norgren (6-14)
21944-45Big Ten78.46700Nelson Norgren (7-8)
31943-44Big Ten119.05008.000Kyle Anderson (1-19)
41942-43Big Ten021.00009.000Kyle Anderson (0-21)
51941-42Big Ten120.048015.000Nelson Norgren (1-20)
61940-41Big Ten416.200012.000Nelson Norgren (4-16)
71939-40Big Ten515.250111.083Nelson Norgren (5-15)
81938-39Big Ten911.45048.333Nelson Norgren (9-11)
91937-38Big Ten612.333210.167Nelson Norgren (6-12)
101936-37Big Ten416.200012.000Nelson Norgren (4-16)
111935-36Big Ten614.300012.000Nelson Norgren (6-14)
121934-35Big Ten218.100111.083Nelson Norgren (2-18)
131933-34Big Ten515.250210.167Nelson Norgren (5-15)
141932-33Big Ten216.111111.083Nelson Norgren (2-16)
151931-32Big Ten215.118111.083Nelson Norgren (2-15)
161930-31Big Ten89.47148.333Nelson Norgren (8-9)
171929-30Big Ten512.294210.167Nelson Norgren (5-12)
181928-29Big Ten511.313210.167Nelson Norgren (5-11)
191927-28Big Ten89.47157.417Nelson Norgren (8-9)
201926-27Big Ten611.35339.250Nelson Norgren (6-11)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Seed Coach(es)
211925-26Big Ten511.31348.333Nelson Norgren (5-11)
221924-25Big Ten314.176111.083Nelson Norgren (3-14)
231923-24Big Ten116.64784.667Nelson Norgren (11-6)
241922-23Big Ten69.40066.500Nelson Norgren (6-9)
251921-22Big Ten1515.50057.417Nelson Norgren (15-15)
261920-21Big Ten146.70066.500Amos Alonzo Stagg (14-6)
271919-20Big Ten278.771102.833Pat Page (27-8)
281918-19Big Ten216.778102.833Pat Page (21-6)
291917-18Big Ten1410.58366.500Pat Page (14-10)
301916-17Western1315.46448.333Pat Page (13-15)
311915-16Western1511.57748.333Pat Page (15-11)
321914-15Western205.80093.750Pat Page (20-5)
331913-14Western199.67984.667Pat Page (19-9)
341912-13Western206.76984.667Pat Page (20-6)
351911-12Western126.66775.583Pat Page (12-6)
361910-11Western135.72275.583John Schommer (13-5)
371909-10Western103.76993.750Joseph Raycroft (10-3)
381908-09Western1201.0001201.000Joseph Raycroft (12-0)
391907-08Western242.92371.875Joseph Raycroft (24-2)
401906-07Western212.91362.750Joseph Raycroft (21-2)
Rk Season Conf W L W-L% W L W-L% SRS SOS PTS PTS AP Pre AP High AP Final NCAA Tournament Seed Coach(es)
411905-06Western55.50035.375Wilfred Childs (5-5)
421904-05Western93.750Wilfred Childs (9-3)
431903-04Western701.000Wilfred Childs (7-0)