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Query Results Table
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
12023April 3, 2023NationalNational FinalSan Diego State59UConn76-17Houston, TX
22023April 1, 2023NationalNational SemifinalSan Diego State72Florida Atlantic71+1Houston, TX
32023March 26, 2023SouthRegional FinalSan Diego State57Creighton56+1Louisville, KY
42023March 24, 2023SouthRegional SemifinalSan Diego State71Alabama64+7Louisville, KY
52023March 18, 2023SouthSecond RoundSan Diego State7513 Furman52+23Orlando, FL
62023March 16, 2023SouthFirst Round10 Utah State65Missouri76-11Sacramento, CA
72023March 16, 2023SouthFirst RoundSan Diego State6312 College of Charleston57+6Orlando, FL
82023March 16, 2023WestFirst Round10 Boise State67Northwestern75-8Sacramento, CA
92023March 15, 2023WestFirst Four11 Nevada7311 Arizona State98-25Dayton, OH
102022March 17, 2022MidwestFirst RoundSan Diego State69Creighton72OT-3,
112022March 17, 2022WestFirst RoundBoise State53Memphis64-11Portland, OR
122022March 17, 2022SouthFirst RoundColorado State6311 Michigan75-12Indianapolis, IN
132022March 15, 2022EastFirst Four12 Wyoming5812 Indiana66-8Dayton, OH
142021March 19, 2021SouthFirst Round11 Utah State53Texas Tech65-12Bloomington, IN
152021March 19, 2021MidwestFirst RoundSan Diego State6211 Syracuse78-16Indianapolis, IN
162019March 22, 2019MidwestFirst RoundUtah State61Washington78-17Columbus, OH
172019March 21, 2019WestFirst RoundNevada6110 Florida70-9Des Moines, IA
182018March 22, 2018SouthRegional SemifinalNevada6811 Loyola (IL)69-1Atlanta, GA
192018March 18, 2018SouthSecond RoundNevada75Cincinnati73+2Nashville, TN
202018March 16, 2018SouthFirst RoundNevada8710 Texas83OT+4Nashville, TN
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
212018March 15, 2018WestFirst Round11 San Diego State65Houston67-2Wichita, KS
222017March 16, 2017MidwestFirst Round12 Nevada73Iowa State84-11Milwaukee, WI
232016March 17, 2016MidwestFirst Round14 Fresno State69Utah80-11Denver, CO
242015March 22, 2015SouthThird RoundSan Diego State49Duke68-19Charlotte, NC
252015March 20, 2015EastSecond Round12 Wyoming54Northern Iowa71-17Seattle, WA
262015March 20, 2015SouthSecond RoundSan Diego State76St. John's (NY)64+12Charlotte, NC
272015March 18, 2015EastFirst Round11 Boise State5511 Dayton56-1Dayton, OH
282014March 27, 2014WestRegional SemifinalSan Diego State64Arizona70-6Anaheim, CA
292014March 22, 2014WestThird RoundSan Diego State6312 North Dakota State44+19Spokane, WA
302014March 21, 2014SouthSecond RoundNew Mexico5310 Stanford58-5St. Louis, MO
312014March 20, 2014WestSecond RoundSan Diego State7313 New Mexico State69OT+4Spokane, WA
322013March 24, 2013SouthThird RoundSan Diego State7115 Florida Gulf Coast81-10Philadelphia, PA
332013March 23, 2013MidwestThird RoundColorado State56Louisville82-26Lexington, KY
342013March 22, 2013SouthSecond RoundSan Diego State7010 Oklahoma55+15Philadelphia, PA
352013March 21, 2013WestSecond RoundNew Mexico6214 Harvard68-6Salt Lake City, UT
362013March 21, 2013EastSecond RoundUNLV6112 California64-3San Jose, CA
372013March 21, 2013MidwestSecond RoundColorado State84Missouri72+12Lexington, KY
382013March 20, 2013WestFirst Round13 Boise State7113 La Salle80-9Dayton, OH
392012March 17, 2012WestThird RoundNew Mexico56Louisville59-3Portland, OR
402012March 16, 2012MidwestSecond RoundSan Diego State6511 NC State79-14Columbus, OH
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
412012March 15, 2012WestSecond Round11 Colorado State41Murray State58-17Louisville, KY
422012March 15, 2012WestSecond RoundNew Mexico7512 Long Beach State68+7Portland, OR
432012March 15, 2012SouthSecond RoundUNLV6411 Colorado68-4Albuquerque, NM
442011March 24, 2011WestRegional SemifinalSan Diego State67UConn74-7Anaheim, CA
452011March 24, 2011SoutheastRegional SemifinalBYU74Florida83OT-9New Orleans, LA
462011March 19, 2011WestThird RoundSan Diego State71Temple642OT+7Tucson, AZ
472011March 19, 2011SoutheastThird RoundBYU8911 Gonzaga67+22Denver, CO
482011March 18, 2011SouthwestSecond RoundUNLV62Illinois73-11Tulsa, OK
492011March 17, 2011WestSecond RoundSan Diego State6815 Northern Colorado50+18Tucson, AZ
502011March 17, 2011SoutheastSecond RoundBYU7414 Wofford66+8Denver, CO
512010March 20, 2010EastSecond RoundNew Mexico6411 Washington82-18San Jose, CA
522010March 20, 2010WestSecond RoundBYU72Kansas State84-12Oklahoma City, OK
532010March 18, 2010MidwestFirst Round11 San Diego State59Tennessee62-3Providence, RI
542010March 18, 2010WestFirst RoundBYU9910 Florida922OT+7Oklahoma City, OK
552010March 18, 2010MidwestFirst RoundUNLV66Northern Iowa69-3Oklahoma City, OK
562010March 18, 2010EastFirst RoundNew Mexico6214 Montana57+5San Jose, CA
572009March 20, 2009MidwestFirst RoundUtah7112 Arizona84-13Miami, FL
582009March 19, 2009WestFirst RoundBYU66Texas A&M79-13Philadelphia, PA
592008March 22, 2008MidwestSecond RoundUNLV56Kansas75-19Omaha, NE
602008March 20, 2008MidwestFirst RoundUNLV71Kent State58+13Omaha, NE
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
612008March 20, 2008WestFirst RoundBYU62Texas A&M67-5Anaheim, CA
622007March 23, 2007MidwestRegional SemifinalUNLV72Oregon76-4St. Louis, MO
632007March 18, 2007MidwestSecond RoundUNLV74Wisconsin68+6Chicago, IL
642007March 16, 2007MidwestFirst RoundUNLV6710 Georgia Tech63+4Chicago, IL
652007March 15, 2007SouthFirst RoundBYU77Xavier79-2Lexington, KY
662006March 16, 2006OaklandFirst Round11 San Diego State83Indiana87-4Salt Lake City, UT
672006March 16, 2006WashingtonFirst Round13 Air Force69Illinois78-9San Diego, CA
682005March 25, 2005AustinRegional SemifinalUtah52Kentucky62-10Austin, TX
692005March 19, 2005AustinSecond RoundUtah67Oklahoma58+9Tucson, AZ
702005March 18, 2005SyracuseFirst Round12 New Mexico47Villanova55-8Nashville, TN
712005March 17, 2005AustinFirst RoundUtah6011 UTEP54+6Tucson, AZ
722004March 19, 2004St. LouisFirst Round11 Utah51Boston College58-7Milwaukee, WI
732004March 18, 2004PhoenixFirst Round12 BYU75Syracuse80-5Denver, CO
742004March 18, 2004AtlantaFirst Round11 Air Force52UNC63-11Denver, CO
752003March 23, 2003MidwestSecond RoundUtah54Kentucky74-20Nashville, TN
762003March 21, 2003MidwestFirst RoundUtah60Oregon58+2Nashville, TN
772003March 20, 2003WestFirst Round14 Colorado State57Duke67-10Salt Lake City, UT
782003March 20, 2003SouthFirst Round12 BYU53UConn58-5Spokane, WA
792002March 16, 2002WestSecond Round11 Wyoming60Arizona68-8Albuquerque, NM
802002March 15, 2002MidwestFirst Round13 San Diego State64Illinois93-29Chicago, IL
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
812002March 14, 2002WestFirst Round11 Wyoming73Gonzaga66+7Albuquerque, NM
822002March 14, 2002SouthFirst Round12 Utah56Indiana75-19Sacramento, CA
832001March 15, 2001WestFirst Round12 BYU59Cincinnati84-25San Diego, CA
842000March 18, 2000MidwestSecond RoundUtah61Michigan State73-12Cleveland, OH
852000March 17, 2000SouthFirst Round10 UNLV62Tulsa89-27Nashville, TN
862000March 16, 2000MidwestFirst RoundUtah48Saint Louis45+3Cleveland, OH
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