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Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
12018March 13, 2018EastFirst Four11 UCLA5811 St. Bonaventure65-7Dayton, OH
22017March 24, 2017SouthRegional SemifinalUCLA75Kentucky86-11Memphis, TN
32017March 19, 2017SouthSecond RoundUCLA79Cincinnati67+12Sacramento, CA
42017March 17, 2017SouthFirst RoundUCLA9714 Kent State80+17Sacramento, CA
52015March 27, 2015SouthRegional Semifinal11 UCLA62Gonzaga74-12Houston, TX
62015March 21, 2015SouthThird Round11 UCLA9214 Alabama-Birmingham75+17Louisville, KY
72015March 19, 2015SouthSecond Round11 UCLA60SMU59+1Louisville, KY
82014March 27, 2014SouthRegional SemifinalUCLA68Florida79-11Memphis, TN
92014March 23, 2014SouthThird RoundUCLA7712 Stephen F. Austin60+17San Diego, CA
102014March 21, 2014SouthSecond RoundUCLA7613 Tulsa59+17San Diego, CA
112013March 22, 2013SouthSecond RoundUCLA6311 Minnesota83-20Austin, TX
122011March 19, 2011SoutheastThird RoundUCLA65Florida73-8Tampa, FL
132011March 17, 2011SoutheastSecond RoundUCLA7810 Michigan State76+2Tampa, FL
142009March 21, 2009EastSecond RoundUCLA69Villanova89-20Philadelphia, PA
152009March 19, 2009EastFirst RoundUCLA6511 VCU64+1Philadelphia, PA
162008April 5, 2008NationalNational SemifinalUCLA63Memphis78-15San Antonio, TX
172008March 29, 2008WestRegional FinalUCLA76Xavier57+19Phoenix, AZ
182008March 27, 2008WestRegional SemifinalUCLA8812 Western Kentucky78+10Phoenix, AZ
192008March 22, 2008WestSecond RoundUCLA51Texas A&M49+2Anaheim, CA
202008March 20, 2008WestFirst RoundUCLA7016 Mississippi Valley State29+41Anaheim, CA
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
212007March 31, 2007NationalNational SemifinalUCLA66Florida76-10Atlanta, GA
222007March 24, 2007WestRegional FinalUCLA68Kansas55+13San Jose, CA
232007March 22, 2007WestRegional SemifinalUCLA64Pitt55+9San Jose, CA
242007March 17, 2007WestSecond RoundUCLA54Indiana49+5Sacramento, CA
252007March 15, 2007WestFirst RoundUCLA7015 Weber State42+28Sacramento, CA
262006April 3, 2006NationalNational FinalUCLA57Florida73-16Indianapolis, IN
272006April 1, 2006NationalNational SemifinalUCLA59LSU45+14Indianapolis, IN
282006March 25, 2006OaklandRegional FinalUCLA50Memphis45+5Oakland, CA
292006March 23, 2006OaklandRegional SemifinalUCLA73Gonzaga71+2Oakland, CA
302006March 18, 2006OaklandSecond RoundUCLA6210 Alabama59+3San Diego, CA
312006March 16, 2006OaklandFirst RoundUCLA7815 Belmont44+34San Diego, CA
322005March 17, 2005AlbuquerqueFirst Round11 UCLA66Texas Tech78-12Tucson, AZ
332002March 21, 2002WestRegional SemifinalUCLA7312 Missouri82-9San Jose, CA
342002March 17, 2002WestSecond RoundUCLA105Cincinnati1012OT+4Pittsburgh, PA
352002March 15, 2002WestFirst RoundUCLA80Ole Miss58+22Pittsburgh, PA
362001March 22, 2001EastRegional SemifinalUCLA63Duke76-13Philadelphia, PA
372001March 17, 2001EastSecond RoundUCLA7512 Utah State50+25Greensboro, NC
382001March 15, 2001EastFirst RoundUCLA6113 Hofstra48+13Greensboro, NC
392000March 23, 2000MidwestRegional SemifinalUCLA56Iowa State80-24Auburn Hills, MI
402000March 18, 2000MidwestSecond RoundUCLA105Maryland70+35Minneapolis, MN
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
412000March 16, 2000MidwestFirst RoundUCLA6511 Ball State57+8Minneapolis, MN
421999March 11, 1999SouthFirst RoundUCLA5312 Detroit56-3Indianapolis, IN
431998March 20, 1998SouthRegional SemifinalUCLA68Kentucky94-26St. Petersburg, FL
441998March 15, 1998SouthSecond RoundUCLA85Michigan82+3Atlanta, GA
451998March 13, 1998SouthFirst RoundUCLA6511 Miami (FL)62+3Atlanta, GA
461997March 22, 1997MidwestRegional FinalUCLA72Minnesota80-8San Antonio, TX
471997March 20, 1997MidwestRegional SemifinalUCLA74Iowa State73OT+1San Antonio, TX
481997March 15, 1997MidwestSecond RoundUCLA96Xavier83+13Auburn Hills, MI
491997March 13, 1997MidwestFirst RoundUCLA10915 Charleston Southern75+34Auburn Hills, MI
501996March 14, 1996SoutheastFirst RoundUCLA4113 Princeton43-2Indianapolis, IN
511995April 3, 1995NationalNational FinalUCLA89Arkansas78+11Seattle, WA
521995April 1, 1995NationalNational SemifinalUCLA74Oklahoma State61+13Seattle, WA
531995March 25, 1995WestRegional FinalUCLA102UConn96+6Oakland, CA
541995March 23, 1995WestRegional SemifinalUCLA86Mississippi State67+19Oakland, CA
551995March 19, 1995WestSecond RoundUCLA75Missouri74+1Boise, ID
561995March 17, 1995WestFirst RoundUCLA9216 Florida International56+36Boise, ID
571994March 18, 1994MidwestFirst RoundUCLA10212 Tulsa112-10Oklahoma City, OK
581993March 21, 1993WestSecond RoundUCLA84Michigan86OT-2Tucson, AZ
591993March 19, 1993WestFirst RoundUCLA81Iowa State70+11Tucson, AZ
601992March 28, 1992WestRegional FinalUCLA79Indiana106-27Albuquerque, NM
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
611992March 26, 1992WestRegional SemifinalUCLA8512 New Mexico State78+7Albuquerque, NM
621992March 22, 1992WestSecond RoundUCLA85Louisville69+16Tempe, AZ
631992March 20, 1992WestFirst RoundUCLA7316 Robert Morris53+20Tempe, AZ
641991March 15, 1991EastFirst RoundUCLA6913 Penn State74-5Syracuse, NY
651990March 22, 1990EastRegional SemifinalUCLA81Duke90-9East Rutherford, NJ
661990March 18, 1990EastSecond RoundUCLA71Kansas70+1Atlanta, GA
671990March 16, 1990EastFirst RoundUCLA6810 Alabama-Birmingham56+12Atlanta, GA
681989March 19, 1989SoutheastSecond RoundUCLA81UNC88-7Atlanta, GA
691989March 17, 1989SoutheastFirst RoundUCLA8410 Iowa State74+10Atlanta, GA
701987March 14, 1987WestSecond RoundUCLA6812 Wyoming78-10Salt Lake City, UT
711987March 12, 1987WestFirst RoundUCLA9213 Central Michigan73+19Salt Lake City, UT
721983March 19, 1983WestSecond RoundUCLA6110 Utah67-6Boise, ID
731981March 14, 1981EastSecond RoundUCLA55BYU78-23Providence, RI
741980March 24, 1980NationalNational FinalUCLA54Louisville59-5Indianapolis, IN
751980March 22, 1980NationalNational SemifinalUCLA67Purdue62+5Indianapolis, IN
761980March 15, 1980WestRegional FinalUCLA85Clemson74+11Tucson, AZ
771980March 13, 1980WestRegional SemifinalUCLA72Ohio State68+4Tucson, AZ
781980March 9, 1980WestSecond RoundUCLA77DePaul71+6Tempe, AZ
791980March 7, 1980WestFirst RoundUCLA87Old Dominion74+13Tempe, AZ
801979March 17, 1979WestRegional FinalUCLA91DePaul95-4Provo, UT
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
811979March 15, 1979WestRegional SemifinalUCLA99San Francisco81+18Provo, UT
821979March 11, 1979WestSecond RoundUCLA76Pepperdine71+5Los Angeles, CA
831978March 16, 1978WestRegional SemifinalUCLA70Arkansas74-4Albuquerque, NM
841978March 11, 1978WestFirst RoundUCLA83Kansas76+7Eugene, OR
851977March 17, 1977WestRegional SemifinalUCLA75Idaho State76-1Provo, UT
861977March 12, 1977WestFirst RoundUCLA87Louisville79+8Pocatello, ID
871976March 29, 1976NationalNational Third PlaceUCLA106Rutgers92+14Philadelphia, PA
881976March 27, 1976NationalNational SemifinalUCLA51Indiana65-14Philadelphia, PA
891976March 20, 1976WestRegional FinalUCLA82Arizona66+16Los Angeles, CA
901976March 18, 1976WestRegional SemifinalUCLA70Pepperdine61+9Los Angeles, CA
911976March 13, 1976WestFirst RoundUCLA74San Diego State64+10Eugene, OR
921975March 31, 1975NationalNational FinalUCLA92Kentucky85+7San Diego, CA
931975March 29, 1975NationalNational SemifinalUCLA75Louisville74OT+1San Diego, CA
941975March 22, 1975WestRegional FinalUCLA89Arizona State75+14Portland, OR
951975March 20, 1975WestRegional SemifinalUCLA67Montana64+3Portland, OR
961975March 15, 1975WestFirst RoundUCLA103Michigan91OT+12Pullman, WA
971974March 25, 1974NationalNational Third PlaceUCLA78Kansas61+17Greensboro, NC
981974March 23, 1974NationalNational SemifinalUCLA77NC State80OT-3Greensboro, NC
991974March 16, 1974WestRegional FinalUCLA83San Francisco60+23Tucson, AZ
1001974March 14, 1974WestRegional SemifinalUCLA111Dayton1003OT+11Tucson, AZ

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