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Query Results Table
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
12022March 18, 2022MidwestFirst RoundLSU5411 Iowa State59-5Milwaukee, WI
22021March 22, 2021EastSecond RoundLSU78Michigan86-8Indianapolis, IN
32021March 20, 2021EastFirst RoundLSU76St. Bonaventure61+15Bloomington, IN
42019March 29, 2019EastRegional SemifinalLSU63Michigan State80-17Washington, DC
52019March 23, 2019EastSecond RoundLSU69Maryland67+2Jacksonville, FL
62019March 21, 2019EastFirst RoundLSU7914 Yale74+5Jacksonville, FL
72015March 19, 2015EastSecond RoundLSU65NC State66-1Pittsburgh, PA
82009March 21, 2009SouthSecond RoundLSU70UNC84-14Greensboro, NC
92009March 19, 2009SouthFirst RoundLSU75Butler71+4Greensboro, NC
102006April 1, 2006NationalNational SemifinalLSU45UCLA59-14Indianapolis, IN
112006March 25, 2006AtlantaRegional FinalLSU70Texas60OT+10Atlanta, GA
122006March 23, 2006AtlantaRegional SemifinalLSU62Duke54+8Atlanta, GA
132006March 18, 2006AtlantaSecond RoundLSU5812 Texas A&M57+1Jacksonville, FL
142006March 16, 2006AtlantaFirst RoundLSU8013 Iona64+16Jacksonville, FL
152005March 17, 2005ChicagoFirst RoundLSU6811 UAB82-14Boise, ID
162003March 21, 2003SouthFirst RoundLSU56Purdue80-24Birmingham, AL
172000March 23, 2000WestRegional SemifinalLSU48Wisconsin61-13Albuquerque, NM
182000March 18, 2000WestSecond RoundLSU72Texas67+5Tucson, AZ
192000March 16, 2000WestFirst RoundLSU6413 Southeast Missouri State61+3Tucson, AZ
201993March 18, 1993MidwestFirst Round11 LSU64California66-2Rosemont, IL
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
211992March 21, 1992WestSecond RoundLSU79Indiana89-10Boise, ID
221992March 19, 1992WestFirst RoundLSU9410 BYU83+11Boise, ID
231991March 14, 1991MidwestFirst RoundLSU6211 UConn79-17Minneapolis, MN
241990March 17, 1990SoutheastSecond RoundLSU91Georgia Tech94-3Knoxville, TN
251990March 15, 1990SoutheastFirst RoundLSU7012 Villanova63+7Knoxville, TN
261989March 17, 1989WestFirst Round10 LSU74UTEP85-11Tucson, AZ
271988March 18, 1988EastFirst RoundLSU63Georgetown66-3Hartford, CT
281987March 22, 1987MidwestRegional Final10 LSU76Indiana77-1Cincinnati, OH
291987March 20, 1987MidwestRegional Semifinal10 LSU63DePaul58+5Cincinnati, OH
301987March 15, 1987MidwestSecond Round10 LSU72Temple62+10Chicago, IL
311987March 13, 1987MidwestFirst Round10 LSU85Georgia Tech79+6Chicago, IL
321986March 29, 1986NationalNational Semifinal11 LSU77Louisville88-11Dallas, TX
331986March 22, 1986SoutheastRegional Final11 LSU59Kentucky57+2Atlanta, GA
341986March 20, 1986SoutheastRegional Semifinal11 LSU70Georgia Tech64+6Atlanta, GA
351986March 15, 1986SoutheastSecond Round11 LSU83Memphis81+2Baton Rouge, LA
361986March 13, 1986SoutheastFirst Round11 LSU94Purdue872OT+7Baton Rouge, LA
371985March 15, 1985SoutheastFirst RoundLSU5513 Navy78-23Dayton, OH
381984March 15, 1984WestFirst RoundLSU6610 Dayton74-8Salt Lake City, UT
391981March 30, 1981NationalNational Third PlaceLSU74Virginia78-4Philadelphia, PA
401981March 28, 1981NationalNational SemifinalLSU49Indiana67-18Philadelphia, PA
Rk Year Date Region Round School PTS Opponent PTS OT Diff Location
411981March 22, 1981MidwestRegional FinalLSU96Wichita State85+11New Orleans, LA
421981March 20, 1981MidwestRegional SemifinalLSU72Arkansas56+16New Orleans, LA
431981March 14, 1981MidwestSecond RoundLSU100Lamar78+22Austin, TX
441980March 16, 1980MidwestRegional FinalLSU66Louisville86-20Houston, TX
451980March 14, 1980MidwestRegional SemifinalLSU68Missouri63+5Houston, TX
461980March 9, 1980MidwestSecond RoundLSU98Alcorn State88+10Denton, TX
471979March 16, 1979MideastRegional SemifinalLSU71Michigan State87-16Indianapolis, IN
481979March 10, 1979MideastSecond RoundLSU71Appalachian State57+14Bloomington, IN
491954March 13, 1954EastRegional Third PlaceLSU62Indiana73-11Iowa City, IA
501954March 12, 1954EastRegional SemifinalLSU70Penn State78-8Iowa City, IA
511953March 18, 1953NationalNational Third PlaceLSU69Washington88-19Kansas City, MO
521953March 17, 1953EastNational SemifinalLSU67Indiana80-13Kansas City, MO
531953March 14, 1953EastRegional FinalLSU81Holy Cross73+8Raleigh, NC
541953March 13, 1953EastRegional SemifinalLSU89Lebanon Valley76+13Raleigh, NC
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