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Shooting Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP FG% 2P% 3P% FT% MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
1Isaiah RiderSR1992-93GNevada-Las VegasBig West28992.515.552.401.82635.410.
2Doug McDermottSR2013-14FCreightonBig East351181.526.567.449.86433.79.417.96.711.
3Bubba WellsJR1995-96FAustin PeayOVC301083.549.567.436.75736.110.418.99.316.
4Mike DaumSO2016-17FSouth Dakota StateSummit351143.514.567.418.86932.77.815.
5Lee NailonJR1997-98FTexas ChristianWAC32.554.554.500.74510.318.610.318.
6Raymond TuttJR1996-97GUC-Santa BarbaraBig West27.515.534.466.8008.
7Tony DunkinSR1992-93FCoastal CarolinaBig South32.520.538.471.7828.
8Doug McDermottJR2012-13FCreightonMVC361138.548.573.490.87531.67.914.45.810.
9Gary CollierSR1993-94FTulsaMVC31.518.557.463.7738.
10Doug McDermottSO2011-12FCreightonMVC351117.601.633.486.79631.98.814.
11Michael HartSR1995-96FTennessee-MartinOVC27.564.5631.000.7159.
12Ike DioguJR2004-05FArizona StatePac-10321164.575.598.400.79736.
13Calbert CheaneySR1992-93GIndianaBig Ten351181.549.579.427.79533.78.715.87.312.
14Monty WilliamsSR1993-94FNotre DameInd291000.511.531.410.69834.
15Antawn JamisonJR1997-98FNorth CarolinaACC37.579.584.400.6678.514.88.414.
16Luke BabbittSO2009-10FNevadaWAC341260.500.521.416.91737.17.414.
17Marcus MannSR1995-96CMississippi Valley StateSWAC29.605.605.500.6408.714.38.614.
18Gerard KingSR1994-95FNicholls StateSouthland28860.563.5621.000.70330.78.515.18.515.
19George HillJR2007-08GIUPUISummit321179.545.580.450.81236.86.912.
20Kerry KittlesJR1994-95GVillanovaBig East331218.524.603.411.76736.
Shooting Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP FG% 2P% 3P% FT% MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
21Keith Van HornJR1995-96FUtahWAC32990.538.593.409.85130.97.413.
22Jaycee CarrollJR2006-07GUtah StateWAC35.527.588.432.8887.313.
23Leon RodgersSR2001-02FNorthern IllinoisMAC28.508.523.446.7977.013.75.811.
24Jimmy DeGraffenriedSR1995-96FWeber StateBig Sky30.572.609.470.8627.
25Jermaine HallJR2001-02FWagnerNEC29.600.604.444.7598.313.
26Dylan PageSR2003-04FMilwaukeeHorizon31.507.556.404.7757.314.
27Joe SmithSO1994-95CMarylandACC341110.578.586.429.74132.
28Brandon WolframJR1999-00FTexas-El PasoWAC28.553.565.400.8317.713.97.312.
29Omar ThomasSR2004-05FTexas-El PasoWAC35.512.520.406.8457.113.86.712.
30Nick FazekasSR2006-07FNevadaWAC32969.568.591.431.84830.37.813.76.911.
31Tim KemptonSR2016-17CLehighPatriot321012.547.568.411.76031.
32Chris MillsSR1992-93FArizonaPac-1028870.520.534.483.83631.17.514.55.510.
33Ed O'BannonSR1994-95FUCLAPac-10331130.533.571.433.78534.27.514.05.810.
34Jacob WileySR2016-17FEastern WashingtonBig Sky341165.642.641.714.82834.37.812.17.611.
35Darrell BarleySR1995-96FCanisiusMAAC24.512.535.404.6817.
36Richard BartonSR1992-93CSouthern UtahInd27.566.577.469.7677.012.36.411.
37Will FlemmonsSR1992-93FTexas TechSWC30.622.633.500.7377.111.56.710.
38Brian HeinleSR2000-01CCal State NorthridgeBig Sky32.500.525.430.6577.214.35.510.
39Fred HoibergJR1993-94GIowa StateBig 827971.535.590.450.86436.06.612.
40Lamayn WilsonSR2001-02FTroyA-Sun28.501.540.421.7087.715.35.610.
Shooting Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP FG% 2P% 3P% FT% MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
41Evan BraddsSR2016-17FBelmontOVC29925.625.629.444.75031.
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