2023-02-10: Play Index Update.

We are in the process of moving all of the CBB Play Index content to Stathead.com/Basketball. Sometime soon after the season, we will be removing the tools on this page. We don't have a firm timeline for the launch of CBB on Stathead, but we fully intend to have it available well before the start of the 2023-24 season for both men's and women's basketball.

Because we will soon be taking down this page, we have not added coverage for women's stats to these tools. We apologize for this omission, but the additional development time required would likely take us well into the NCAA tourney making it of dubious value to our users given we are already planning to sunset these tools after the tournament.

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For single seasons; in 2015-16; playing in the Pacific-12 Conference; requiring 3-Point Field Goal Attempts >= 150; sorted by descending 3-Point Field Goal Percentage

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Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP FG FGA FG% 2P 2PA 3P 3PA 3P% FT FTA FT% ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS FG% 2P% 3P% FT%
1Gabe YorkSR2015-16GArizonaPac-12341133177419.4227918698233.4215978.7561990109763097170511.422.425.421.756
2Jordan MathewsJR2015-16GCaliforniaPac-12341011143339.4225412589214.41683104.7982589114421604573458.422.432.416.798
3Tyler DorseyFR2015-16GOregonPac-12361083153347.4418618267165.406111156.71248107155712976976484.441.473.406.712
4Jordan LoveridgeSR2015-16FUtahPac-12361108125319.392359690223.4047696.79214124138622154474416.392.365.404.792
5Andrew AndrewsSR2015-16GWashingtonPac-12341150181461.39310426977192.401273321.850501451951654719596712.393.387.401.850
6Kodi JusticeSO2015-16GArizona StatePac-123279284213.394246360150.4002533.758125769763055378253.394.381.400.758
7Isaac HamiltonJR2015-16GUCLAPac-12321129206436.47214627760159.3776682.805311041351063327669538.472.527.377.805
8Katin ReinhardtJR2015-16GSouthern CaliforniaPac-1234913146329.4448616860161.3733646.783227395483554834388.444.512.373.783
9Bryce AlfordJR2015-16GUCLAPac-12321159157408.3858420973199.367128154.83191131221672306341515.385.402.367.831
10Bennie BoatwrightFR2015-16FSouthern CaliforniaPac-1233805121307.3946114060167.35976103.7385012117134132645105378.394.436.359.738
11Rosco AllenSR2015-16FStanfordPac-12301018142335.4248616956166.337127172.73848146194503556084467.424.509.337.738
12Brandon TaylorSR2015-16GUtahPac-12361184115291.3955110064191.3355567.821876841406117951349.395.510.335.821
13Gerry BlakesSR2015-16GArizona StatePac-1232962128332.3868118247150.3135069.72534136170763456694353.386.445.313.725
14David CrispFR2015-16GWashingtonPac-123472882253.324318451169.3023045.667235982562844162245.324.369.302.667
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