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Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
1Greg OdenFR2006-07COhio StateBig Ten3292528.
2Geary ClaxtonJR2006-07FPenn StateBig Ten2688434.05.613.24.810.
3Shaun PruittJR2006-07CIllinoisBig Ten3592926.
4Carl LandrySR2006-07FPurdueBig Ten34103530.46.410.86.310.
5D.J. WhiteJR2006-07FIndianaBig Ten32101731.85.310.45.310.
6Jamelle CornleySO2006-07FPenn StateBig Ten30108236.15.611.05.510.
7Goran SutonSO2006-07CMichigan StateBig Ten3594226.
8Courtney SimsSR2006-07FMichiganBig Ten3586024.
9Warren CarterSR2006-07FIllinoisBig Ten34104730.84.910.
10Dan ColemanJR2006-07FMinnesotaBig Ten31100332.45.512.
11Brian ButchJR2006-07FWisconsinBig Ten3058419.
12Brent PetwaySR2006-07FMichiganBig Ten3580823.
13Roderick WilmontSR2006-07GIndianaBig Ten3295029.74.610.
14Marquise GraySO2006-07FMichigan StateBig Ten3565518.
15Alando TuckerSR2006-07GWisconsinBig Ten36118132.
16Kevin CobleFR2006-07FNorthwesternBig Ten2990131.15.410.
17Raymar MorganFR2006-07FMichigan StateBig Ten2877127.
18David TeagueSR2006-07GPurdueBig Ten34106631.
19Tyler SmithFR2006-07FIowaBig Ten31104533.75.612.
20Gordon WattSO2006-07FPurdueBig Ten3482824.
Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
21Joe KrabbenhoftSO2006-07FWisconsinBig Ten3672420.
22Adam HaluskaSR2006-07GIowaBig Ten31107034.
23Kurt LoobyJR2006-07FIowaBig Ten3157418.
24Chester FrazierSO2006-07GIllinoisBig Ten33103831.
25Othello HunterJR2006-07FOhio StateBig Ten3968017.
26Cyrus TateSO2006-07FIowaBig Ten3160419.
27Daequan CookFR2006-07GOhio StateBig Ten3977019.
28Brandon HassellJR2006-07FPenn StateBig Ten2960720.
29Lance StemlerJR2006-07FIndianaBig Ten3071423.
30Ekpe UdohFR2006-07CMichiganBig Ten3571020.
31Michael FlowersJR2006-07GWisconsinBig Ten36105029.
32Drew NaymickJR2006-07CMichigan StateBig Ten3574421.
33Lester AbramSR2006-07FMichiganBig Ten35100128.
34Seth GorneyJR2006-07CIowaBig Ten3161019.
35Calvin BrockSO2006-07GIllinoisBig Ten3567119.
36Ron LewisSR2006-07GOhio StateBig Ten39112428.
37Jonathan WilliamsSO2006-07CMinnesotaBig Ten3043714.
38Mike ConleyFR2006-07GOhio StateBig Ten39123131.
39Lawrence McKenzieJR2006-07GMinnesotaBig Ten31107134.
40Tim DoyleSR2006-07GNorthwesternBig Ten31108735.
Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
41Ivan HarrisSR2006-07FOhio StateBig Ten3978020.
42Earl CallowaySR2006-07GIndianaBig Ten2980927.
43Marcus LandrySO2006-07FWisconsinBig Ten3669219.
44Jamal Abu-ShamalaSO2006-07GMinnesotaBig Ten3173523.
45Ron ColemanJR2006-07FMichiganBig Ten3580423.
46David JacksonSR2006-07GPenn StateBig Ten3074524.
47Milos BogeticSO2006-07FPenn StateBig Ten3051217.
48Tony FreemanSO2006-07GIowaBig Ten3178025.
49Chris KramerFR2006-07GPurdueBig Ten3082827.
50Vince ScottSR2006-07CNorthwesternBig Ten3186728.
51Jason ChappellSR2006-07CWisconsinBig Ten3653514.
52Danny MorrisseySO2006-07GPenn StateBig Ten3074624.
53Drew NeitzelJR2006-07GMichigan StateBig Ten35124935.75.713.
54Marcus GreenSO2006-07GPurdueBig Ten3453115.
55Jerret SmithSO2006-07GMichiganBig Ten3378823.
56Travis WaltonSO2006-07GMichigan StateBig Ten35114432.
57Sterling WilliamsSO2006-07GNorthwesternBig Ten3167821.
58Armon BassettFR2006-07GIndianaBig Ten3288127.
59Dion HarrisSR2006-07GMichiganBig Ten35114732.
60Idong IbokSO2006-07CMichigan StateBig Ten3435110.
Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
61Justin JohnsonJR2006-07GIowaBig Ten3161319.
62David LightyFR2006-07GOhio StateBig Ten3963716.
63A.J. RatliffJR2006-07GIndianaBig Ten3066122.
64DeShawn SimsFR2006-07FMichiganBig Ten333119.
65Kammron TaylorSR2006-07GWisconsinBig Ten36118232.
66Keaton GrantFR2006-07GPurdueBig Ten3469020.
67Kevin PaytonFR2006-07FMinnesotaBig Ten3163120.
68Jeff RyanFR2006-07GNorthwesternBig Ten3065021.
69Brandon SmithSO2006-07GMinnesotaBig Ten2634413.
70Mike WhiteJR2006-07FIndianaBig Ten2933311.
71Jamar ButlerJR2006-07GOhio StateBig Ten39123031.
72Limar WilsonJR2006-07GMinnesotaBig Ten2661323.
73Rich McBrideSR2006-07GIllinoisBig Ten3199232.
74Joey ShawFR2006-07FIndianaBig Ten3140012.
75Ben LuberSR2006-07GPenn StateBig Ten2564725.
76Craig MooreSO2006-07GNorthwesternBig Ten3185127.
77Matt TerwilligerJR2006-07FOhio StateBig Ten3941510.
78Maurice JosephSO2006-07GMichigan StateBig Ten3152016.
79Bryce WebsterFR2006-07CMinnesotaBig Ten282619.
80Tarrance CrumpJR2006-07GPurdueBig Ten3465119.
Per Game
Rk Player Class Season Pos School Conf G MP MP FG FGA 2P 2PA 3P 3PA FT FTA ORB DRB TRB AST STL BLK TOV PF PTS
81Chris LutzSO2006-07GPurdueBig Ten3474421.
82Jevohn ShepherdSO2006-07FMichiganBig Ten292458.
83Greg StiemsmaJR2006-07CWisconsinBig Ten343369.
84Ben AllenSO2006-07FIndianaBig Ten242128.
85Jason BohannonFR2006-07GWisconsinBig Ten3349515.
86Mike HendersonSR2006-07GIowaBig Ten2457624.
87Damian JohnsonFR2006-07FMinnesotaBig Ten282759.
88Marcus ArnoldSR2006-07FIllinoisBig Ten343179.
89Ivan TolicJR2006-07CNorthwesternBig Ten292719.
90Jason OkrzesikJR2006-07GNorthwesternBig Ten3156218.
91Jeremy NashFR2006-07GNorthwesternBig Ten2626610.
92Mike WalkerJR2006-07GPenn StateBig Ten3058419.
93J.R. AngleSO2006-07GIowaBig Ten282067.
94Trevon HughesFR2006-07GWisconsinBig Ten312407.
95Trent MeachamSO2006-07GIllinoisBig Ten3562217.
96Errek SuhrSR2006-07GIndianaBig Ten272509.
97Johnathan UchenduFR2006-07FPurdueBig Ten271646.
98Reed BakerFR2006-07GMichiganBig Ten282358.
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